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VIDEO FAB: French Montana & Nicki Minaj's "Freaks"

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Nothing like a FREAKY Thursday afternoon. Check out the brand new explicit video for "Freaks" from French Montana & Nicki Minaj inside....

Bad Boy French Monatana has had a busy month.  From getting questioned by the cops in a fatal shooting after his concert in Philly, to folks exposing his relationship with Trina, to now releasing his brand new extra freaky video for "Freaks", the Moroccan born rapper is soaking up his shine.

The Rico Love-produced dancehall track, off French's upcoming debut Excuse My French album (May 21), is set to Eif Rivera-directed visuals that reflect a big ass underground multi-room freaky dance party.  And Nicki Mnaj pops up spitting her verses in tight leopard Alexander McQueen leggings, Louboutins, gold tape over her nipples and a tiny gold Jeremy Scott jacket covering pretty much nothing.

Check out the video below:





Nicki looks nice, i guess but

Nicki looks nice, i guess but her butt does not move at all Lol I am not feeling the song, and I do not feel French Montana much either. Can we hear some original beats from him instead of samples? Wheres Mike Will when ya need him? Lol I dont listen to his songs, so maybe French doesnt sample alot. Who knows, but not feeling it! #ThatIsAll
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

she had too come out like

she had too come out like that with all them bad bicthes popping moving thier body like she cant i hope they taught her some new moves with her stiff one move ass and that not hate its the truth it not how much you got it what you can do with what you have ijs
bre's picture

This is a waste of life.

This is a waste of life.
cutethatsall56's picture

Y'all need to shut the heck

Y'all need to shut the heck up and stop hating......You cnt make nothing like this and she is definitely not gon read your hater comments....so keep it to yourself....

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freddenham's picture

dm boobs are sexy af...i cant

dm boobs are sexy af...i cant believe nicki minaj actually got booty implants..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

The dancers made & saved this

The dancers made & saved this video. Nicki minaj also did good when it comes to "DanceHall" French Monunu have several!!!!! Real reggae artists should have done Frenchie Martini part because he sound terrible!!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

She's a little overexposed

She's a little overexposed but ppl need to raise their own kids, teach them to be individuals and Nicki being half naked wouldn't be a big issue. Its not hard for kids/young women/ppl to get access to porn and shit so what she's doing is amateur
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echo's picture

Nicki played herself...she

Nicki played herself...she gets no RESPECT for this crap.
sweet_honey's picture

Please can someone explain

Please can someone explain why French Montana is covered up? ..yet Nicki Had to expose herself.....Nicki the hoodrats worship you...why cant you be a strong woman for them ..instead of enforcing the idea that Girls are sex toys..and boys should have no respect ?...its a big shame
HAPPY's picture

Who is French Montana?

Who is French Montana? Non-rapping factor.. Next post please!

One word: TRASH

One word: TRASH
precioustx's picture

duuhh its a dancehall tune

duuhh its a dancehall tune she's gonna dress up like that, she does have dignity look at female rapper's back in the day lil kim had them nipple stickers and no one commented so why nicki minaj, does her success really piss you off that bad

please go have a seat dummy.

please go have a seat dummy.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

+1 hahaha

+1 hahaha
gogreen's picture

That was awful

That was awful
LaFord's picture

thought it was just me

thought it was just me
Tren's picture

Nope, in MJ voice "You are

Nope, in MJ voice "You are not alone"
precioustx's picture

The song was a great concept

The song was a great concept just wish instead of french someone else made it Nicki is doing nicki in the video nothing new!
clove19's picture

ummm......the beat was nice

ummm......the beat was nice but uh.....can she have her tits all out like that with her being an American Idol Judge? I'm just wondering if they have standards & rules for these judges.
DivineBeauty's picture

This is the worst! Nicki

This is the worst! Nicki Minaj, where is your dignity? You are doing too much. You really need a hug! I hope you don't think the mother's of your little barbies is going to keep letting them buy your products. Smarten up, your brand is going down the drain as each day passes. You will not be around for long if you keep up this type of foolery!

She has absolutely no

She has absolutely no dignity.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

The video does the song no

The video does the song no justice...and can't a female rapper be ft in a video without being half naked? :/
Mitcka4's picture

Not since MC Lyte

Not since MC Lyte
Mouse's picture

I agree, ruined a good sample

I agree, ruined a good sample from a classic song.
ohwow123's picture

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