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SPEAK ON IT: Jada Pinkett Smith Asks Why Women Turn To Other Women For Intimacy...

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Jada Pinkett Smith took to her Facebook page this week to pose an interesting question.  And there's nothing like a good Friday discussion sparked by a celeb. Speak on what Jada has to say about women turning to other women for intimate relationships....as a last resort.


Speak on it inside....

The Women actress Jada Pinkett Smith raised a few eyebrows and caused quite the commotion on her Facebook page with a question about women turning to other women for intimacy. 

Jada, who's been the subject of rumors regarding her possibly having secret romantic relationships with other women herself, asked her fans if there was a reason heterosexual people look to the same sex as a last resort for intimacy.

Check out her statement and pic she posted below, and speak on it.


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Before I begin...I want to make one thing clear. It's important that you know that I believe love comes in ALL forms. I believe a person should love WHOMEVER...HOWEVER they choose. But...I do have a question.

In the last month, three women, in their 40s, coming out of long term relationships with men have confided in me that they now feel that their last resort for companionship is that with a woman. These are women who have never engaged in or even desired to be in intimate relationships with other women. Now these women feel as though they have no other option. It seems as if there is a spike in same sex love all around. What is changing in which how men and women are relating to one another, that is creating same sex love as a LAST RESORT for heterosexual women?



Pic: Pacific Coast News




I agree there is a lot of

I agree there is a lot of same sex everywhere but I think it contributes to today's society. I mean sex is everywhere around us somehow and I believe that definitely needs to change. I'm really worried for my son growing up in this society because he will be exposed to a lot things I never was at an early age. Period!!! My blog is http://submergedlife.com please come visit.
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All the bible quoting needs

All the bible quoting needs to stop...I'm going to do what I want with whoever I want... especially if I'm the only one paying my bills...life is too short. So you bible quote-rs need to get lost.
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

I agree to a point; our

I agree to a point; our actions and thoughts are not vacuous, effecting others a great deal of the time. As far as the bible goes many of its teachings are corrupt to the core. I don't believe in a morality governed by a supernatural intelligence no more than i believe in fairies.

There will be Consequence and

There will be Consequence and it will hurt you; Believe it! We all don't belong to ourselves; We belong to god:)
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You are nuts, can you

You are nuts, can you demonstrate this claim , this claim we belong to a god ?

I have to ask - If it is "who

I have to ask - If it is "who you are" and "you're born this way," please explain to me why so many self-proclaimed lesbians who have made that choice YEARS ago, still turning up with 5 & 6 kids with different fathers too sometimes, and NOT through in-vitro??? Like for me, I KNOW I'm heterosexual, so I would NEVER entertain sex with my gender, so why are you entertaining so many penises if that's NOT what you like? I could not & would not make that choice - even in prison, bc I like men. Period. There just seems to be strange choices that do not fit what you state you are, even YEARS after you are publicly proclaiming such! Just explain it to me, cause I do not get it.

Like I figured - NO ONE WILL

Like I figured - NO ONE WILL ADDRESS IT, but I'm supposed to believe it's not a choice.

MyMoniker & Kamalia - Tell

MyMoniker & Kamalia - Tell it!!!! Tell It!!!!!! Str!ckly D!ckly!!!!!!

if you are turning to the

if you are turning to the same sex as a "last resort" that wouldn't be the right reason...and why play around?
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Religion is the only thing

Religion is the only thing that turns a nice person into a judgmental ,bigoted and delusion fool. Why, because they firmly believe god is on their side . A deity that can't be proved or disproved no less. Half of you can't think for yourselves, instead you rely on 2000 year old texts which you cherry pick for your moral satisfaction and only follow when its convenient. Sexuality is a spectrum and not cast in stone.

@Toure Coffey: Why does God

@Toure Coffey: Why does God have to be made out of flesh, bones, and blood in order for you to believe that he’s real?...God is an invisible Living Spirit, and would never create himself out of anything that’s perishable because it would help to eliminate him…think about it, if you had the Opportunity to design yourself from something, so that, you could live forever, would you choose some perishable materials like flesh and blood?...ok, the Theory is that “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God: and the Perishable cannot inherit what lasts forever”…And the Spirit is non-perishable…Oh, and one more thing, the “Richard Dawkins” Theories on Religion is pure ignorant.
rebellious soul's picture

Have you read the OT, The

Have you read the OT, The Dawkins quote is spot on... I take it you dont believe in Santa Claus or Superman do you? Can you actively demonstrate this god , outside of fiction? These are all faith/gulliblity assertions which fly in the face of common sense, reason and science. I have a personal relationship with reality and thats all i need.

I disagree with you, there

I disagree with you, there are people that have no sense of religion, and they are still judgmental, bigoted and delusional. People like you will go along with anything, compromise with anybody, just to fit in. Interesting that you would judge The Bible, and anyone's faith in God. How would you describe the statement you made about ones ability to think for themselves. I would say you are judgmental, I would say you are a bigot,and I would also say you are the fool. Maybe if you relied on the Word of God, you would have a better understanding of what morals are. Just because two individuals are attracted to the same sex as in a homosexual / Lesbian relationship, it does not make it right in the eyes of God. Man has been perverted from the beginning of the world. So what else is new?
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i believe that there is a

i believe that there is a god, and that jesus christ is real,however i dont believe everything in the bible. jesus christ was documented in both the koran and the bible. i also believe in spirits and people that can communicate with the other side, that is proven by science to be fact. so why is it so hard to believe that there is a higher being ,a higher power that created earth. i believe that man has a history of trying to use religion as a tool to control people, or to move a large group of people against another, so is it so hard to believe that maybe not everthing written in the bible is true
mybigboy1979's picture

Yes however, christians tend

Yes however, christians tend to peddle love as there primary tenant when too many of them behave and act to the contrary. Using characters of fiction to bolster you ignorance again is foolish. Further how am i a bigot? at last check homosexuals in this country are not trying to make being a christian illegal, jailed or beaten , barred from employment or seen as a third class citizens. I have more respect for a man who says he abhors an action without using a fake god/gods to legitimize his opinions. The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic and a capriciously malevolent bully. So dont talk to me about morals when your god seems to be bereft of any.

you wont get any agruement

you wont get any agruement from me when it comes to the old testment , especially when it comes to slaves and homosexuality. i beleive in religon with a dose of common sense and morality. i dont believe god would create a group of people to feel sexually or emotional toward the same sex just to have them treated like shit their entire lives. even some animals are gay. i always wondered why do people care whom is sleeping with whom, people need to just mind their beez wax. lastly . i think it would be crazy not to beleive in god . do you honestly think that all this is by mistake ?
mybigboy1979's picture

Come On People (WAKE UP)! I

Come On People (WAKE UP)! I smell Bullshit: Now all of sudden “Jada” wants to ask “Us” a Question Lmao … Jada Boo you’re family is what it is everybody sees it . Don’t do this to yourself seriously you have a “Beautiful Family” leave it like that…
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I find it hilarious that

I find it hilarious that people ---themselves committing fornication resulting in the births of MULTIPLE bastard kids, speak ill of others, live off a welfare system, smoke, curse, lie, cheat, steal, et al but have the temerity to look down their noses at gays, comparing homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia. I leave those people to ponder Matthew 7:5, and for something a bit more secular: most child molestations are committed, not by gays and lesbians, but heterosexuals!
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Wise and smart comment.

Wise and smart comment. Religion is the only thing that turns a nice person into a judgmental ,bigoted and delusion fool. Why, because they firmly believe god is on their side . A deity that can't be proved or disproved no less.

I know people don't like it

I know people don't like it when others point them to scripture, but that is where you will find all the answers. The bible predicted that men and women will start turning to the same sex in the last days. For those who believe in the Most High this is something we should be praying about. Homosexuals, God loves you, he just hates the sin. He is more than able to heal you. Rom 1:26 For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their WOMEN exchanged the natural use for what is AGAINST NATURE. Rom 1:27 Likewise also the MEN, leaving the NATURAL USE of the woman, BURNED in their LUST for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due.
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I've a few for you: Ephesians

I've a few for you: Ephesians 6:9, Colossians 3:22 and Titus 2:9: these were taken from the same Bible and used to justify the subjugation of Africans by their white slave masters for CENTURIES. Why don't you consider the irony of those scriptures before you use the Bible to bash other people over their heads with the it.
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Jada is just trying to

Jada is just trying to promote homosexuality. I mean her and her husband are practically out of the closet. US Weekly exposed Will's relationship with Duane Martin and then you later catch the two men sharing a room on a romantic vacation with Kim K and Kanye. Open your eyes people. She's preying on the lonely and confused. Her daughter will be used to get the young girls.
MasterClass's picture

LOL at Willow getting the

LOL at Willow getting the young girls....Actually Willow is already licking (lol)...Jaden is now struggling w/ his sexuality
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star's picture


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I cannot ever imagine being

I cannot ever imagine being attracted to another woman like I am a man. The thought of being with a woman is weird because I like the strong hands and feel of a man's body against mine. Me and another woman are walking around with the same shit, both bleeding every month, both feminine and soft. What am going to do with another vagina, one is enough. A strap on dick could never do the job of a real one, but HEY, to each her own.
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I hear you!!!!

I hear you!!!!
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outside of critizing her

outside of critizing her personal life, which we can only judge from the outside in, I feel as though she is asking a very interesting question. This is something I have noticed alot of as well within the black community ( only say this because 90% of the people I associated with are black). That is something that I have pondered on as well. I have had friends in serious relationships with man, even had kids, then end up falling in love a woman. IDK
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I see it's a lot of carpet

I see it's a lot of carpet munchers on this post. It's a simple question. I had a friend that turned to women for a while and I asked her why. She just told me that she was just confused and lonely. She said she figured that women would somehow be much better than guys and she was wrong because, one: she don't like women, two: she has low self-esteem, three: daddy issues. Now if half of you trollops would just admit to the truth you would be ok.
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Right homosexuality is not a

Right homosexuality is not a fad it's who you are, some of these women are just like you said lonely confused or scorned let's be for real.
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"You...tell...me." LOLOLOL I

"You...tell...me." LOLOLOL I guess saying things slowly makes them more profound?
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Jada I need you to turn to

Jada I need you to turn to other women for Parenting Skills. How you raising them demons called kids is ridiculous
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This is just a theory, Jada

This is just a theory, Jada and Wills children are confused because their parents are trying to introduce them to a new way of life. Mommy and daddy started out in a heterosexual life, now mommy likes women and daddy likes men. How does a child at an impressionable age digest a major change such as that in their parents. Guess what, they start to dress weird, act out, and the parents reward them with material possessions that will not fill the void and confusion in their lives.
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I don't know Jada, you tell

I don't know Jada, you tell me. And while you're at it, ask Will why men feel the need to turn to men for intimacy as well?
Username's picture

Yas Ask

Yas Ask Will........................CRACKING UP!
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Jada, ask your friends.

Jada, ask your friends. They're the ones who would know. I don't know why they want to be intimate with another female - lol. smh!
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All the Smiths are annoying

All the Smiths are annoying as hell. So why didn't Jada ask the women who confided in her that question? I personally think defining your wants, needs, curiosity in the same sex after a "bad relationship' is a croc of shit. Just say you're curious, nothing wrong with that. I’m straight, always have been, but if I did have a bad relationship for ME there is nothing in the world that would make me want to see, smell or taste another woman.
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Women have been screwing each

Women have been screwing each other for centuries, nowadays we just have more rights & freedom to do it freely! I wish people would get over this LGBT & act like its bran new. Silly sheeps.

Read my book "Giving It To

Read my book "Giving It To You Blood Raw, Nothing But The Blood", for the BEST cause as to why women are turning to other women and men to other mem. #Yolanda M. Smothers, www.Amazon.com and www.BarnesandNoble.com (if you want the real real)

Jada should be asking the

Jada should be asking the world "Why are my children so damn annoying and bratty?"
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THANK U!!!! JADA WORRIED BOUT THE WRONG DAMN THANG. Everyone who grew up with J back in Baltimore knew she was gay.
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Extreme wealth has made Jada

Extreme wealth has made Jada crazy. She thinks she's 'deep' and philosophical when all she is --is annoying. So what...a few women she knows have turned to same-sex relationships. That's THEIR business. If they share such personal info with her they're obviously close friends. So why not ask THEM about their choices?? Why post it on FB just to have something to say? You better concern yourself with Jaden becoming the Kardashian's next mandingo warrior--not who's playing for Team Vajayjay.

Cosign! @Godiva-Diva Seems a

Cosign! @Godiva-Diva Seems a little suspect to me, why post this question? and why not ask your dear friends about it? Stop being so Hollywood and worry about the gay rumors on your own man and stop letting your kids be such unlikable kids. Eddie Murphy kids grew up in Hollywood they were home schooled and they seem very normal and likable, unlike your kids! Hawthorne's gone so I guess she needs something to vent about! Smh.
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OMG so true!

OMG so true!
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Personally, I view these

Personally, I view these women as bisexual and have just come to that realization later in life (it's not a spike). As far as that last resort thing...that's just doesn't make sense, 'cause what happens when your relationships with women don't pan out??? (women aren't perfect either), so what's the last resort then??? I have yet to find someone answer that.
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The last resort would be to

The last resort would be to seek help and deliverance, because that individual is truly confused and has no idea what he or she wants. So they blame the man, then they blame the women, but will never admit they have a problem within their own mind.
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