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Is THIS Trinidad James' Son & Baby's Mama?

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-12at32330PM_zps819ebdb7.png

An interesting pic popped up on rapper Trinidad James' Instagram recently.  And it has folks thinking this is his son and baby moms that no one knew about....

He may look like Jerome reincarnated....but apparently, there's at least one chick out there who possibly had sex with him and procreated.

The "All Gold Everything" rapper Instagrammed the above pic a little while after Valentine's Day saying, "Shout out to my homie and son my Patna !!! @kimpossible_7 x Junior!!! Thanks for being great friends"

He calls the little boy in the pic his son, and @'s the woman in the pic as well.  He may call them "friends," but it may be way more than that as chick deleted her Instagram already.  Sounds like someone doesn't want certain things on blast more than they are.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-12at32611PM_zps593008c2.png

If this is actually his son and baby's mom....it's living proof ANYTHING can happen....especially for rappers.


Pics: Instagram



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abcoot's picture

Can we possibly stop saying

Can we possibly stop saying Baby's Mama and Daddy? How about Son's Mother? Child's Mother? Daughter's Mother? Son's father? Sounds much nicer and less trashtastical.
Camavery's picture

Why? The act of having kids

Why? The act of having kids out wedlock is as you say "trashtastical" lmao. The out of wedlock birth rate is at 70% among black americans. Sadly, blacks folks are too stupid to see the connection between those births and the rise in crime in our communities. So until they get that thru their thick skulls they will be labelled.
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wait...someone willingly had

wait...someone willingly had sex with him?! hmmm ok

I know right! That's what I

I know right! That's what I thought too. Just goes to show most men will sleep with just about anything and some women will sleep with any man as long as she thinks he's got paper. Low standards and no class.
PeaceSilas's picture

gold all in my mouth...lol i

gold all in my mouth...lol i love that song with all in all of it's ghetto glory LOL
diamond2012's picture

I agree LOL

I agree LOL
I_love_laughing's picture

He didn't actually say it was

He didn't actually say it was his son. My homie and son. Maybe it's just her child.
luvlanda's picture

That was my first thought

That was my first thought also.
srenitamoore's picture

Same thing I said. Must be a

Same thing I said. Must be a slow day for celeb news. Trying to make a story out of nothing *yawn*
Tiff's picture

Despite his look (which is

Despite his look (which is purposely done), he comes off as a very intelligent person in interviews. His title may say "rapper", but he is definitely an actor....and a good one at that! LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

if flava flav can have a

if flava flav can have a whole entire show of women kissing up on him then yes, anything is possible. wouldnt be me tho.
shuga's picture

But since that lil boy looks

But since that lil boy looks at least four or five and James sisnt start rapping until 8 months ago clearly he wasnt rapping when he knocked her up if thats even his child...

He wasn't rapping YET, but

He wasn't rapping YET, but probably was on his way to getting a record deal.
Happy Lady's picture

That little tyke does favor

That little tyke does favor him. And surely, this, this, whatever it is, is just a gimmick. Like a clown get-up a la Nicki Minaj. Surely???
MrsCPA's picture

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