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Rihanna CANCELS Baltimore Tour Stop + Lil Kim Claps Back At Wendy Williams About Her Appearance & Alleges Wendy Sexed It Up With Biggie!

 photo RihannaRihannaOutLateinLAxa3HO89jh10l_zps0b2f6515.jpg

Rihanna cancelled another tour stop tonight.  Check out why she won't be performing in Baltimore tonight, plus Lil Kim's war of words on Wendy Williams where she accuses the talk show host of sexing Biggie!

After cancelling the second night of her Diamonds World Tour on Sunday night in Boston, Rihanna's cancelled her third night as well.  She lost her voice due to Laryngitis and apologized on Twitter to her Boston fans Sunday.  And she hasn't popped up on her social media since.

Tonight, Live Nation issued another statement saying she is still recovering from flu and laryngitis.  So her performance tonight in Baltimore will also be rescheduled.

The AP reports that the concert promoter said fans "are instructed to retain their tickets pending rescheduling show date information."


 photo A37_nm5CEAA4QR4jpg_large_zps3a08ffec.jpg

Meanwhile, Lil Kim is going off on Wendy Williams after Wendy spoke her piece on her show this week abut Kim's lashing out at media.  Wendy said Kim wasn't photoshopped like Kim claimed in these pics, and it was an off angle.

Kim went off, and took a dig at her about Biggie:

 photo image_zpsb0b00bde.jpg




lol, poor lil kim even if the

lol, poor lil kim even if the pics wasnt photoshopped ur face is still very different! like youve had work done...she need to have a seat! Rih wtf? her teams needs to tell to stop smoking and shit!
BritJackson's picture

Damn!!! Lil Kim is still

Damn!!! Lil Kim is still putting "Biggie" in her mouth!!! He dead and buried boo, get over him and stop saying his name!!! No one cares!!! She need to start focusing on loving herself #that.is.the.problem!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Her side by side comparison

Her side by side comparison that she tweeted wasn't even the same pic!!! She has a fat neck and when you push your head back, it smashes the fat. Kim, run on the treadmill with some seran wrap on your neck...or a hoodie and quit making excuses and/or calling people liars.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Kim, you are ugly and you

Kim, you are ugly and you know it. P. Diddy really messed you up and now you are not doing anything because of the way you look. He meant to do that. hahahahaha!

Love me some Kim but this

Love me some Kim but this bitch is delusional. She shouldn't be mad at anyone except herself for going to a bootleg Dr. to get plastic surgery. She's a walking wax figure now, she looks crazy! Ain't that much photoshop in the world! She looked bloated in that one picture but other than that, that's pretty much how she looks. She needs help to deal with whatever self esteem issues she has going on. Now she wanna go in on Wendy, who has no room to talk either IMO. So Wendy sucked Big's dick and he wanted nothing to do with her after??? Ok Kim, I'm pretty sure that's sums up your relationshit with Big also. Pot, meet kettle.
Mrs_B_35's picture

#1 Sign of a Drug Problem:

#1 Sign of a Drug Problem: Not showing up for work. Unreliable
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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poli's picture

Um, Rihanna. You got the

Um, Rihanna. You got the nerve. All that weed smoking and drug use has got your immune system so messed up, your team wants to call it the flu? Yeah right. It's time for you to have a seat little girl. Nourish your body and stop all the partying and hanging at every club. You are starting to take advantage of your blessings. Now, as for Wendy Williams, she out of anybody shouldn't comment on anybody's face. She has had her share of surgeries as well. It does not matter what lilkim did to her face. Sometimes everyone is not entitled to an opinion. Why kick her down like everybody else. Wendy get it together you amazon!

Riri just need to get her

Riri just need to get her stomach pumped and a couple of IV's in her system. Then she will be back to abusing her body and "being cool"
sexybrownpyt's picture

(Smh Rihanna Bye) … Wendy

(Smh Rihanna Bye) … Wendy Williams was going in on “Kim” (Just to be a bitch!) and all that fake laughing she was doing on her “Show” was unnecessary.. Wendy needs to look the man in the mirror! And get her life..
REd™'s picture

Dang Rihanna is mucking up

Dang Rihanna is mucking up for real. Baltimore is a strong supporter of her and I know this didn't go over well with her fans. She is not hitting Mariah notes, and she's not singing and dancing at the same time like Bey so what in the world is wrong? She better stop all the drugs and alcohol because its weakening her immune system and she needs her body to be touring non-stop like that.
cutethatsall56's picture

Rih better not be somewhere

Rih better not be somewhere nursing a busted lip or bruised rib on the low. ^_- IJS... boy gotta temper. Kim-hunty, stop working BIG into every conversation and insinuating every woman that crossed his path slept with him for a come up just coz you did. SMH
PeaceSilas's picture

Kim hasn't learned after the

Kim hasn't learned after the years in the industry....Shut up and keep it moving. She should have just came out the next day and let the pops get a better shot. #simple.
Classic87's picture

Wendy is right. Lil Kim have

Wendy is right. Lil Kim have a seat.
brooklyn11226's picture

Wendy is just saying what

Wendy is just saying what everybody says about Lil Kims messed up face/plastic surgery lol and I saw the show and to be fair even Wendy said that the paps got Kim at a bad angle and showed a different picture of her

Exactly! I thought Wendy gave

Exactly! I thought Wendy gave her a pass by saying it was a bad angle.
SweetDivaT's picture

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