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LEGAL WARS: Ne-Yo's Ex Girlfriend SUES Him For Defamation + Deion Sanders Wins Primary Custody Of The Kids

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Ne-Yo may be busy on his 6-date UK tour at the moment, but his legal woes are also getting shine back in the states. Check out why his ex-girlfriend Jesseca is officially suing him, plus how Deion just won official primary custody of his kids....

Remember when Ne-Yo's ex-girlfriend...who once lied to him about being the father of her child...threatened to sue him for defamation this past December?  Well, she's gone and officially done it.

Jesseca White filed a lawsuit claiming that Ne-Yo's statement on his VH1 "Behind The Music" was defamatory to her.  She says he called her "an unchaste woman who deliberately tricked him into believing he was the father of her child ... so that she could fraudulently bilk him of 'ungodly amounts of money.'"

Well, she did put his name down as the daddy on the birth certificate of her daughter back in 2005, when she and Ne-Yo were dating.  And the paternity test did prove he was NOT the father.

Jesseca claims she's lost out on business as a graphic designer and photographer because of his statements.  And she's been called all kinds of b*tches and sluts after his episode aired. 

TMZ reports she's suing for unspecified damages.


 photo paEDIT_zpsb9c79ced.jpg

In other legal news, Deion Sanders has won primary custody of all three of his and Pilar's kids.  

Back in December, his estranged wife Pilar lost temporary custody of their two sons (ages 11 and 13).  Now, the court has awarded Deion official primary custody of the kids.  As for their 9-year-old daughter, he and Pilar will share custody.

And Deion has been given the right to make all decisions in regards to where their children live, their health, their education and their well being.

Pilar says that the judge would not allow testimony in regards to that April 2012 domestic dispute that ended with Pilar having visible bruises, and Deion claiming that she hurt HIM.

Deion told the Dallas Morning News while leaving the McKinney courthouse yesterday, “I’m thankful; I’m elated.  In any war, there will be casualties, but I didn’t want the casualties in this case to be my kids.”

Pilar told media, “If that’s not one-sided, you have to be blind, dumb, crazy and stupid.  Unfortunately, my children will suffer, but I raised them well enough to understand what’s what.”

The custody issue has been settled, but Pilar says she will appeal.  They are also still in court about division of the martial assets.

Oh, where have we seen this situation before....

Photos via Pacific Coast News




So he pays over $5K to a

So he pays over $5K to a trick who knowingly tricked him into signing his name to the BC ?? Was the judge her daddy?
Realist's picture

The media lies...Just FYI,

The media lies...Just FYI, Jessica had a boy, not a girl in 2005. I know Jessica (old roommate). Her mom, Beverly Green still lives here in San Diego.
ladyvirgo23's picture

I was just reading about

I was just reading about Jessica & Neyo's case on another site that went into more detail. Neyo really thought that was his baby till his mom stepped up & said hell to the naw. After that he had a DNA test. When it came back negative Jessica stilled sued him for child support cause Neyo's name was on the birth certificate & got $575k....WTF. What kind of wack ass attorney Neyo used....Mike Vick's? Plus there was an agreement for them to never discuss the case. Neyo violated that agreement on VH1 so he may end up giving this trick another $575k. Celebs need to leave these bootleg half educated attorney's alone in Atlanta.
Somerknight's picture

Those kids are older so maybe

Those kids are older so maybe they wanted to live primarily with a certain parent. They were at the age for the court system to question them. *shrug*
Keys's picture

Ummm Jesseca may not be a

Ummm Jesseca may not be a hoe, but she is indeed a liar and a trick....I wonder if that sounds better to her. She's going to lose that case & he should be countersuing for his lawyer fees and time. And I don't know what is going on with family judges these days...makes you wonder if they're being paid off by the rich husband. Pilar did seem a little nutty on that football wives show, so IDK.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I wonder why the judge this

I wonder why the judge this way. The idea would seem that Pilar is not stable or something like that. But then why would he separate the children if she is that unstable?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

You gotta be BatShit Crazy to

You gotta be BatShit Crazy to lose custody of your kids..in America (as a woman)........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

since when is it illegal to

since when is it illegal to call a hoe a hoe? stop doing hoe shit like not knowing who you got pregnant by and you wont have anything to worry about, hoe.
shuga's picture

The fact that her kids were

The fact that her kids were taken away from her says a whole hell of a lot. A woman has to be bastshit crazy to lose custody of the kids. The courts will almost always decide in the mothers favor UNLESS there is some question of their safety when with her. Same thing with Dwayne Wade and his ex. Its good to see that judges can be impartial and rule based on the facts and not just the idea that a mother should raise the kids. Women can definitely be crazy sometimes.
Camavery's picture

ACTUALLY, your information is

ACTUALLY, your information is wrong. Deion won full custody of the 2 boys and will share joint custody of the little girl who will be living with Pilar. Never in my life have I seen a justice system seperate siblings. This right here is some bullshit.
JD's picture

that is why we have a court

that is why we have a court system, I have read many times about siblings being separated and they are plenty documented cases...you are right about one thing, its not often the justice system separates siblings without a good reason, for her to have lost custody she must had some serious problems...thank goodness for our justice system to look out for those kids...

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