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Lola Monroe Welcomes BABY BOY With RAPPER King Los!

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Rapper Lola Monroe gave birth to a bouncing baby boy earlier today. Read tweets from her, baby daddy King Los and their friends Cassie and Wiz Khalifa inside...

Earlier this month, Cassie threw rapper Lola Monroe (shown above with baby daddy King Los) a festive baby shower to welcome the arrival of her child...and that day has come.

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The "All Girls Everything" rapper tweeted about the arrival of her son late last night:

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at41830PM.png


Afterwards, Bad Boy artist King Los tweeted about his new son, 

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at41942PM.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at42602PM.png

Also...a few of the couple's famous friends chimed in,

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at41915PM.png  photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at41901PM.png 


Congratulations to the couple on their newborn son.




Congratz to them. They seem

Congratz to them. They seem like a happy couple.
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Can someone please tell me if

Can someone please tell me if this is Lola but I am not sure who the rapper is: In her hometown, this pretty young woman is known for her gold digging ways. When she was younger, while reading the Source and Vibe, she fantasized about being a rap wifey or jumpoff. A few years later, she began latching herself on to local All-American athletes, dope boys and drug kingpins. She never had the ambition of making it on her own, her financial benefits came from well to do men. She was bored in her small town, on a whim, she decided to make a splash in Hollywood. When she arrived, she was disappointed, although she stood out in her small town, she didn’t stand a chance of getting noticed in Hollywood. To solve this dilemma, she made an appointment for butt injections. She garnered more attention. Until she could land a rich sugar daddy, she decided to strip at a local club. She was gay-for-pay to earn money from rich sugar mamas and she was eye candy for rich men who wanted to flaunt her at industry events. She enjoyed this but longed for a more permanent relationship. Her dreams came true, one night, she was summoned by a famous rapper to a private VIP room. Inside, the rapper and another girl sipped champagne. The rapper instructed both women to enjoy each other while he watched. Afterwards, our gold digger decided, she wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away. While groping the rapper, she told him she could blow his mind sexually. He took her up on the offer. Back at the place, she freaked him until dawn. He moved her in the next day. He would later confide to her that he had herpes and they would never have sex during an outbreak. She appreciated his consideration and was too star struck to leave him. She often accompanied him on trips via private jets. She also drove a SLK 350 and used his black card on a regular basis. She couldn’t be happier, until….. She started hearing rumors that he was creeping with other women. When she confronted him about it, he denied it. "An excellent book!" — Paul Wilmott Principles of quantitative development Meanwhile, he lost interest in her and stopped sleeping with her. One day, bored out of her mind, she started cleaning up and came across a stash of medications. When she googled the medications, she was stunned to find out-they belonged to the AIDS cocktail. She mumbled under her breath, that Motherfucker! He can tell me he has herpes but he kept quiet about AIDS? What kind of shit is that? Unknown to her, he’s allegedly a patient of an underground STD clinic (that doesn’t advertise). The same type of clinic that caters to celebrities with confidentiality. Although they had protected sex most of the time, a few times they didn’t and she was petrified. He was due back in two weeks, she made an appointment at a clinic to have a AIDS test. Thankfully, she came back negative. She tried to contact her boyfriend, he wouldn’t even take her calls. She told friends, I’m going to fix this motherfucker. She came up with a devious plan. When he returned home, she said nothing, instead, she slipped him a sedative. While he was sleeping, she pulled down his underwear and was delighted he was having a herpes outbreak. She photographed the sores on his pen**s. And, she took a full length photo of him so people could identify him. Next, she pulled out the AIDS medications and photographed them, his (government name) appeared on the label. Later, she packed her bags and left. A few hours later, she left a voicemail: “I know about your AIDS medications.” After he awoke, he immediately called back, he was scared, according to her. Her terms: Financially support me my entire life or expect photos of your AIDS meds (with your name on the label) and photos of your herpes infested pen** hitting the net. And if you think about having one of your boys intimidating me, you can forget that! Both pics will be kept in a safety deposit box and I’ve told family and friends, if anything happens to me, leak the photos to bloggers. He asked for proof, she happily sent it. After viewing the evidence, he agreed to her terms without hesitation. She continues to receive a monthly allowance. Who is the famous rapper


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still a big booty HOE... lol,

still a big booty HOE... lol, King Los (!? WhoTF is that??!! Signed to Bad Boy?!!!!!!!!) She is going to have to stay showing that booty if she is waiting on Diddy to make dude famous...

I'm like "Who is this dude?

I'm like "Who is this dude? I've never heard of him." Then I saw he was signed to Bad Boy...it makes sense now. P.Diddy is very talented, but WAY too many artists fail on that label.
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LaFord's picture

People like her must line

People like her must line Natasha pockets, becauz I don't kno anyone who is checking for her or even knows what she does or WHO SHE IS? OMG!
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Life is amazing indeed, wish

Life is amazing indeed, wish i had an Ethiopian sista like lola!!!
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Congrats lola....i cant

Congrats lola....i cant believe that lil kim sucking wendy williams rumor...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

He's a cutie!!!

He's a cutie!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

The miracle of life is

The miracle of life is beautiful. Why do yhall care so much about who it is? Worry about whats coming out of your womb, or lack thereof. Congrats to the two on their son. Who woulda thought a rapper from DC & a rapper from Bmore could come together for a blessed union lol

Nobody and nobody....good for

Nobody and nobody....good for y'all. Have a nice life.
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I wish them well.

I wish them well.
Happy Lady's picture

Awww, how sweet! Many

Awww, how sweet! Many blessings to this new family.
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