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ON THE SET: Kerry Washington GETS STEAMY With "Scandal" Co-Star Tony Goldwyn For TV GUIDE + Shoots For THR's Stylists Issue

 photo 481284_618576434823822_213173694_n_zps31d6d305.jpg

If you're going through "Scandal" withdrawals like us, this may hold you over.  Kerry Washington just did a steamy photoshoot for TV Guide with President Fitz...aka Tony Goldwyn.  And the chemistry with these two even shows up in photoshoots....


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-13at81006PM_zpsc6872bae.png

Yes.  The Pope who takes over our Thursdays every week--Olivia Pope--just rocked a photoshoot with ehr "Scandal" co-star for the cover of TV GUIDE Magazine.  And they look hot.

If Tony wasn't married....we'd wonder if these two would take their on screen relationship into the real world.

Check out the twosome giving their takes on if Liv & Fitz should be together, what to expect when the show returns March 21st, and more shots from their L.A. shoot.


BONUS: Kerry's fab red carpet looks have gotten the attention of The Hollywood Reporter's 25 Most Powerful Stylists.  And her stylist, Emily Walsh, made the list after working with Kerry for a year.  Kerry said:

"We’re very collaborative. I feel like we were fashion twins separated at birth.  We come up with stories for a particular season or a particular press tour."

 photo Kerry_Washington_Hollywood_Reporter_Top_25_Stylists_2013_h_zpsb01ddd45.jpg  photo Kerry_Washington_Hollywood_Reporter_Top_25_Stylists_2013_s_zps0d1811af.jpg

She rocked a Giambattista Valli dress and Louboutin shoes for the shoot. Emily rocked a Calvin Klein blazer, a Stella McCartney blouse, and a leather ALC skirt.

And here are two of the 4 covers for the upcoming THR Stylists Issue featuring Jennifer Lopez's stylists Mariel Haen & Rob Zangardi and Zoe Saldana's stylist Petra Flannery.

 photo 11cover_jlo_lores_a_p_zpsd7a3e953.jpg

 photo 11cover_zoe_lores_a_p_zps498bca7e.jpg

"Petra and I push each other in a good way.... I now wear pink,” says Saldana, who met the stylist when she moved to Los Angeles to start work on Avatar.





Best show on right now!!!

Best show on right now!!!

Im going through Scandal

Im going through Scandal withdrawal right now & 03/21 cant get here fast enough.
Realist's picture

Tony is married?!! Dang! They

Tony is married?!! Dang! They would've made a cute couple for real. I was so sure he wasn't tho, the way his body language is when he does interviews with her made me think they were really together.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I need a new episode of

I need a new episode of Scandal like right now!!! Love that scandal pic!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

Tony Goldwyn looks to really

Tony Goldwyn looks to really be enjoying his time with Ms. Kerry. Their chemistry is quite fabulous. Can't wait for the new episodes!
Zetagirl's picture

To all those mentioning her

To all those mentioning her dating white men....does it really matter? Why are people so stuck on who people date. She still identifies herself as blacks and doesn't show any type of self hate. She grew up in suburbia which is mostly white and works in an industry which is predominately white...why is it so taboo to date the people you're around? makes sense to me? You see her pictured with black women and friends all the time so why does it matter who she dates or loves. Does it make her less "black". Ignorance is not bliss. you guys are the one who exemplify self-hate. One can date outside his or her race without losing his or her identity.

LOL @ Sadie Jade's comment!!

LOL @ Sadie Jade's comment!! I agree. I googled his wife and she is not that attractive to me. I would not be surprise if Kerry and him were having an affair!!! And please spare me the speech about how dare I say that!! PLEASE!!!!!!! Hell, I would fu*** the shit out of Fitz's fine A$$!!!! LOL LOL

Kerry's hair be a mess a lot,

Kerry's hair be a mess a lot, but she's still a stunning woman!
Happy Lady's picture

hIS sexiness sweated her hair

hIS sexiness sweated her hair out. now that's GAME!lol

Kerry is beautiful, Tony is

Kerry is beautiful, Tony is handsome and sexy. What amazing chemistry these two have. People who would be so sexy together, are never together in real life. Irony of life.

I said it before & I'll say

I said it before & I'll say it again ~ I'll lay it low and spread it wide for Fitz Any damn day!¡ ;-^
GetUrLife's picture



I wasn't checking for Tony

I wasn't checking for Tony Goldwyn back in his "Ghost" days but age has definitely done him good. He is so sexy!

damn i love this show! liv

damn i love this show! liv and fitz chem is of the chain! and they are bothing amazing actors!
BritJackson's picture

Their chemistry is insane!

Their chemistry is insane!
brooklyn11226's picture

That's right...Kerry is in

That's right...Kerry is in her Element when in the arms of a White Man...Actually he's kinda cute..get it Kerry..lol
star's picture

LOL, yeah, she love herself

LOL, yeah, she love herself some white boys LOL
I_love_laughing's picture

Fitz is so damn fine.

Fitz is so damn fine.
Brave's picture

I bet those two have more

I bet those two have more chemistry together than he has with his real wife lol. Seriously in love with that show.
SadieJade's picture

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