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Brandy Grabs Dinner At Katsuya With 'The Game" Cast + Rihanna Returns To Instagram (And Her Tour) By Clapping Back At Haters

 photo brank1_zps73ed88e4.jpg

Brandy was spotted out at dinner last night with her costars from "The Game" while flashing her engagement ring and rocking her curls.  Check the pics inside, plus how Rihanna is slamming her haters while she recovers from being sick....

"Wildest Dreams" singer Brandy was spotted out at a press dinner with her co-stars at Katsuya in Beverly Hills.  Rocking satin polka dotted shorts and a colorful jacket and a white tee, the fresh faced chick kept it young and casual in a Bohemian Chic look, as she called it.

 photo 98004ed68c5e11e2b47222000a1f9e47_7_zps2eafb527.jpg  photo eda874668c5011e28ad722000a9f1498_7_zpsb3139d25.jpg

Lauren London, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Hosea Chanchez and Jason Bell were all in attendance and looking fab.

 photo 6f51a61c8c3411e280ba22000a9f1893_7_zpsac64928f.jpg

 photo brank3_zps7454733d.jpg

 photo brank2_zps17ed749b.jpg

And we're loving the glow Ms. Norwood is flaunting these days.  Cute look.


In other songstress news, Rihanna is coming back swinging after being down for the count (thanks to the flu) and missing two concerts from her Diamonds Tour. 

A few folks on Instagram were attacking her in typical cyber thug fashion about....nothing really.  But when those people attacked Rihanna's fans for kissing her ass, Rih stepped in and sent some messages herself.  Here's a screenshot of all different messages she posted on other people's accounts last night:

 photo dbb747748c9f11e2819022000a1f99d8_7_zpsac03c465.jpg

Guess it's safe to say she's fully recovered.  She tweeted this afternoon, "One of my favorite cities in America #PHILLYnation #DiamondsWorldTour WE BACK!!!!"  She's returning to the stage tonight in Philly.

Photos: Instagram/SPLASH



Lol Rih be shutting heauxs

Lol Rih be shutting heauxs down Lol I know ppl are going to talk all type of shit about this, but ppl fail to realize that she is still a regular, HUMAN 25 yeat old woman, and if ppl are all over your page trying to slander and disrespect you, you might just tell them about themselves. Celebs are no different. They bleed and piss just like we do Lol
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

brandy looks gorgeous...i

brandy looks gorgeous...i cant believe that lil kim dissed wendy williams...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Ri........ you can't get any

Ri........ you can't get any more basic than 2/08/2009...... OK!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I don't see the problem

I don't see the problem confronting cyber bullies. Rihanna is human and young. Y'all act like y'all so perfect & probably got 4 & 5 baby daddies. These self righteous comments blow me. She is actually harassed for no good reason everyday, I doubt that anybody on this planet could continue to turn the other cheek....
KENNEDY78's picture

Thank you! Ppl act like they

Thank you! Ppl act like they live their day to day lives so perfectly and they never cursed anyone out before Lol These ppl do not know her and call her all types of names all of the time, and they expect her to just take it all of the time? Yea right Smh
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Just because people disagree

Just because people disagree with her behavior does not mean they are a stereotype or statistic. That's just a cope out you're using to excuse Rihanna's ignorant behavior. Btw, when I was her age I was not acting a fool like that. So maybe you're on her level and can readily identify with that foolery, but don't get mad because the rest of us see it as plain old ignorance.
Keys's picture

Huh? I think you meant 'cop'

Huh? I think you meant 'cop' out. How do you interpret my comment as being mad? LMAO please hunny I don't get mad and no one cares about you or how you acted at this age, this post was dedicate to Rihanna. I stated my opinion which must have hit a nerve so if the shoe fits.....I don't think she's ignorant. People who take the time to actually stalk celebs and make derogatory comments are the ignorant ones and people who defend that ignorance like you, are, well there are no words for that.....
KENNEDY78's picture

brandy looks pretty! Lauren

brandy looks pretty! Lauren London is gorgeous! rih why respond to basic bitches if you got soo much money? she needs not to respond to haters! you aint see Beyonce responding to people about the lip sync thing? ...what you got to prove rih?
BritJackson's picture

Well that might be because

Well that might be because she is not Beyonce Lol Can it be that Rihanna just has a different personality than Beyonce, and if she feels disrespected she will say something and put that person in their place?
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Brandy looks gorgeous and

Brandy looks gorgeous and doesn't age a bit. Rihanna is as ignorant, immature and ghetto as Chris Brown. A perfect match made in volatile hell.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

Brandy looks gorge with that

Brandy looks gorge with that extra glow. I wish Rihanna could ignore the plebs but she's only human and that snap back is hard to hold back sometimes.
Realist's picture


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These comments are

These comments are everything! Brandys a beauty...Rihanna...well, I guess it's her choice and her image that she's pushing. Or maybe this really is who she is. Either way, good luck with all the crazy.
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Is Brandy copying Kelly

Is Brandy copying Kelly Rowland? Kelly really rocks it...I'm just saying.
C2C's picture

that's why i'll never support

that's why i'll never support her. she's always boasting about having money. seems like she forgot where she came from.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

idk about the boasting

idk about the boasting part..although it does appear that as of late she's been talking bout how much money she has & what she does yada yada #phuckyo this phuckyothat..like really?..im all for enjoying the fruit of your labor..but she is annoying..this Unapologetic stage is ridiculous...i feel like she's trying to prove she's bad ass ..its like what do you want a cookie? im sure all this is for entertainment...but now u have birdbrain grown ass women following what she do bc they think its cool.its like nobody has a mind of their own..i used to defend her when ppl would call her trash & bad names..but thats not my place to do all that..lets see how she is next "era" -.-
KIIIIIIII's picture

Coby Bell is the actor's

Coby Bell is the actor's name, js. Brandy looks great! Everyone looks happy,!
sista2sista's picture

Brandy honestly looks the

Brandy honestly looks the prettiest I've ever seen her. Rihanna, you need to chill....Once you make a certain amount of money you need to learn to find your in inner class and not respond to such pettiness, especially in such an ignorant way. Rihanna better be careful before she loses it all. She no vocalist, or dancer. She better chill.
cutethatsall56's picture

Brandy's hairstyle is

Brandy's hairstyle is everything, love the volume. Rihanna don't try to prove anything, just stay "not giving a f" and don't respond.
vanessa.boo1's picture

Wendy Raquel Robinson looks

Wendy Raquel Robinson looks so beautiful! Oh...was I supposed to be looking at Brandy? -_-
C2C's picture

Why in the HELL do people

Why in the HELL do people i.e. celebrities feel they need to respond to people talking sh** behind a keyboard? Don't waste your time...Miserable people do miserable things!
Money First's picture

Brandy looks bueno! I love

Brandy looks bueno! I love her hair and make-up; Wendy's looks a little thick and cakey and Lauren looks washed out. Stop it Rih. You and Melissa been up to some extra unnecessary lately. Stop it.
PeaceSilas's picture

No to Brandy frumpy shorts,

No to Brandy frumpy shorts, don't know if I'll be tuning into the game. Riri need to give twitter a break.smdh
sexybrownpyt's picture

Brandy looks AMAZING!!!!!

Brandy looks AMAZING!!!!!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Brandy is striking. Hair and

Brandy is striking. Hair and outfit are too cute. Yikes Rihanna probably needs to delete her twitter account.
Denise2007's picture

Without her $$$$, Rihanna

Without her $$$$, Rihanna would be basic too. She is really a low class bitch!
LBA1's picture

Rih need to relax..you 25 yrs

Rih need to relax..you 25 yrs old clapping back at "basics" & "irrelevants" but yet you behave basic also..the difference is you have money & fans...no matter what she does ..she'll always have people defending or encouraging her behavior..but the average [non celebrity] 25 year old cant behave the way she does bc we'd be deemed a hoe or basic or whatever else..smh
KIIIIIIII's picture

i couldn't have said it

i couldn't have said it better
caribbean_dream_girl's picture


BRANDY!!!! LOOOOOVE THAT WOMAN! As for Rihanna, she turned into a lame whore. Go back to your sex acts, sorry tour. "Flu", more like the clinic.
Yas's picture

brandy is looking nice! and

brandy is looking nice! and since when is tasha mack liteskinded?? girrrrlll u know u betta stop. Rihanna betta play nice before her mama fenty signs on. lol!
shuga's picture

I remember Wendy Raquel

I remember Wendy Raquel Robinson when she was an actress on The Steve Harvey Show and she was lightskinned back then. It's probably the lighting that's making her look that way.
Happy Lady's picture

Wendy Robinson has always

Wendy Robinson has always been light skin.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

ok I'll take you guys word

ok I'll take you guys word for it but her face does look different for some odd reason. oh well....thats hollywood for ya.
shuga's picture

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