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FIRST LOOK: Nia Long Rocks The Cover Of JET, Dishes On Her Engagement Ring Search

 photo 01_040813_JetCoverUPC_zps716f4222.jpg

Best Man Holiday actress Nia Long is gracing the cover of the latest JET Magazine.  And TheYBF.com has the first look.  We're getting the dish on her search for an engagement ring with boyfriend Ime Udoka and how she's mastered the art of balancing success in all parts of life...


Nia Long, who's looking fresh faced and effortlessly gorge in her brand new photoshoot for JET, talks exclusively to the mag about the harsh reality that pushed her into the industry. And she tells all about dodging career damaging scandals to finessing time to how she dotes on the men in her life.

With original cover art and exclusive & never before seen family photos (provided by Nia herself), the 42-year-old mom of two boys talks about marriage, choosing her career path and reviving her character Jordan in The Best Man Holiday ("I don't wanna hear about no g****** peas!"). Here's a few excerpts...

Nia on dream career:

“I wanted to be a pediatrician…I promised that I’d give myself one year from the day I graduated from high school to make movies in the business…I really wanted to help my mom, who was struggling.

Nia on marriage:

“Last time I visited San Antonio we looked at rings, but I’m not in any rush.”

The issue hits newsstands March 18.  Check out more about the upcoming content over at JetMag.com.




She looks Just like her

She looks Just like her eldest son in this pic.
star's picture

This pic stopped me in my

This pic stopped me in my tracks. She is just INCREDIBLY beautiful.
sianna1's picture


Realist's picture

Wow! Nia Long can ROCK a

Wow! Nia Long can ROCK a cover! Forget Rih and Nicki's covers...yep, I said it. Nicki looked like a wet poodle. Rih looked like...who cares?
C2C's picture

Nia is flawless.

Nia is flawless.
Happy Lady's picture

What a beauty ~ ;-) ☼♥☼

What a beauty ~ ;-) ☼♥☼
GetUrLife's picture

That's a GORGEOUS picture of

That's a GORGEOUS picture of her; otherwise I wish she'd shutup with all her 'pearls of wisdom' *after* the fact, still just a baby-momma after all this time. If her child's father wanted to marry her he would have already. Boom.

Beautiful face.

Beautiful face.
Denise2007's picture

She really needs to leave the

She really needs to leave the botox alone and I wish for once she talks about something other than her children or fiance..before it was her first son and then ex-husband..yadda yadda yadda..
ZenLea's picture

I wish they wouldnt ask Nia

I wish they wouldnt ask Nia these marriage questions so she wouldnt feel pressured to make up answers.
shuga's picture

Nia is gorgeous and that's

Nia is gorgeous and that's all I have to say.
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