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Tamar Braxton BLASTS Nicki Minaj & REVEALS Her Pregnancy Cravings On "Anderson Live"

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Tamar Braxton acted as guest co-host on "Anderson Live" today where she dished on being pregnant, revealed her cravings and gave Nicki Minaj a read about her late self.   Watch Tamar inside and listen to the Braxton sisters perform "The Toilet Paper" song.....

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As "Braxton Family Values" kicks off a third season, series star Tamar Braxton appeared on "Anderson Live" today as a guest co-host (with Jane Velez-Mitchell) where she talked about her pregnancy and revealed her food cravings.   "I do, I do have a lot of food cravings but my favorite right now is potato chips and cheddar cheese. I like sharp cheddar, so you take the chip and then you bite the cheddar."

And when the subject of Nicki Minaj arrving late to the set of "American Idol" came up, Tamar had a few choice words for the diva saying,  "I don't know, all I know is if Mariah is on time and J. Lo was never late, you don't be late. "American Idol" has started at the same time for ten years. You don't be late. It's live television. Period."

When Tamar was later joined by her sisters, the beautiful ladies reflected on their love of singing and how that can turn just about anything into a song...even toilet paper. 

Watch Tamar discuss her pregnancy cravings:

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Watch Tamar diss Nicki for being tardy:

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The Braxtons sing "The Toilet Paper" song.....

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Many of the comments I have

Many of the comments I have read on relating to this article shows just wants wrong with the black community today. We spend way too much time putting each other down and not enough time building each other up. I love all the BRAXTONS...and I enjoy watching them interact with one another....they seem to have a really close bond that comes across as genuine love, concern, and support for one another....As for the comments about Nicki...I agree with Tamar...what gives her the right to be late...Show some respect for the show and the people signing your check....I think being late shows a lack of concern or respect for others...We need to DO BETTER!!!!
mscatshell2004@aol.com's picture

I love the Braxton sisters

I love the Braxton sisters Lol Im glad the new season started last night. They have nice voices and seem to have a nice, close bond. Their Mom is a pretty older woman too. Its funny/cute when they turned the littlest things into songs Lol
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

every last one of these

every last one of these ladies are just unattractive and I think they realize that..hence all the makeup.
ZenLea's picture

Ugh, Tamar has too much to

Ugh, Tamar has too much to say, shut up and go have that damn baby. I can't wait to see what it looks like. #takingbets
SkeeWee's picture

Awww, why must we talk about

Awww, why must we talk about the unborn? Let that child enter the world innocent, pure, and without his/her parents' faults.
C2C's picture

Tamar looked so much better

Tamar looked so much better pre-botox. Girl, GET YOUR FACE!
DreadfulBeauty's picture

AI is getting exactly what

AI is getting exactly what they paid for, an overpaid overhyped gimmick.
Realist's picture

Heyyyyy!!! Where all my

Heyyyyy!!! Where all my Libra's at?? If your Zodiac Sign is a (LIBRA) then you guy's are all personally invited to a great new page on Facebook called (Oh you're a Libra? No Wonder Why I thought you were so Brilliant) Come Like the page and be apart of the Libra experience.

I love the Braxtons but they

I love the Braxtons but they look like muppet babies in this pic. Some ppl just shouldn't make ugly faces... I don't feel bad at all for AI, when you hire a clown you get played for a JOKE.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I luv Tamar she is sooo

I luv Tamar she is sooo pretty!! Congrats to her and Vince!
NikoleRay's picture

U are funny...lmao....I know

U are funny...lmao....I know this must b Tamar or one of her unattractive sisters....
star's picture

Nicki is a disgrace and

Nicki is a disgrace and embarrassment. Idol is paying her $8MM and she is showing her ass. Hope they don't bring her back. SMH
PacificGirl's picture

i love tamar ten times more.

i love tamar ten times more.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Tamar, you look like you're

Tamar, you look like you're glowing! Congratulations, but...ssshh! Don't get into anymore drama. Remember K. Michele? Ok, I rest my case.
C2C's picture

Them sistas look

Them sistas look artificial...
LetsGetIt's picture

-_- Can anyone really meet

-_- Can anyone really meet your standards of black beauty?
C2C's picture

You implying to me that this

You implying to me that this is black beauty???
LetsGetIt's picture

Nicki is trifling and

Nicki is trifling and unprofessional. Period. That's AI's fault for hiring someone that is not dependable.
TheMrs's picture

Tamar probably could've kept

Tamar probably could've kept the comment to herself, but Nicki needs to be reprimanded like a little girl for showing up late!!! She's the first judge that showed up late - smh!
Happy Lady's picture

Hey, err'body. I just

Hey, err'body. I just waltzed in to say that everyone of those Braxton sisters look nasty as hell in their faces, like vaginas, in that first picture. Oooh...that looks so gross and nasty. Tamar FINALLY just got a record deal, now she decides to get knocked up by that ugly ass,, fat, sloppy ass husband of her's solely as a backup security blanket undoubtedly. She looks terrible in the face as a pregnant woman. Damn. The sisters can sing and most of them have good looks, but Tamar and that dark sister...oooh. That is all.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

WOW--and yet you LOOOOVE Kim

WOW--and yet you LOOOOVE Kim Kardashian & were UBER-EXCITED about their baby. SMH...and don't get me wrong, to each his own bu you read these comments that are SO critical of our own--on a *ybf* site and then ppl wonder what's wrong with people. We love to tear each other down don't we?? And just to clarify: I LOVE The Braxtons show because they're all attractive in their own way, they focus on being a family and they don't cuss & fight like black-folk on other shows. I'm not a fan of the excessive wigs & makeup but aside from that they seem like decent ppl. *To me*-not everyone likes them of course, but the critiques of this family and of MARRIED, established black folk versus the blinding love & admiration some have for Kimye's fake, superficial arses turns my stomach.

@Godiva-Diva, normally I

@Godiva-Diva, normally I agree w/ you and what I like about you is the fact that you know how to agree to disagree in a very civil manner but still get your point across! Here's where I disagree w/ you about the Braxton's they are some VERY FOOLISH BLACK WOMEN , starting w/ the mom on down, and TRUST ME I don't care for of watch the Kardashians either. Putting aside their looks for the moment. You have their mom who in my opinion is where they get their foolishness from, she never give's them good advise because they watched her for years try to hold on to that NO-GOOD HUSBAND of her's and still to this day she still melts when she see's that man. HE had a MISSTRESS FOR YEARS and she just sat there! He left her and she is a BITTER BITER WOMAN! THEIR MOM WAS NO EXAMPLE FOR THEM! They never saw a STRONG WOMEN in their mom she love's too FUSS but really don't offer any GOOD ADVISE! Tawaanda- Is married to a men that has a degree and refuses to work IN OTHER WORDS SHE TAKES CARE OF HER HUSBAND. Who does that? Someone w/ no self esteem! How embarassing for her and her family to have to live w/ Toni and Trina! I have NO RESPECT for women like that! Trina- Stays w/ a cheating dirty man that could give her a disease or something! Trina stays because he does have a descent job but he PUBLICLY EMBARASSED HER, again I don't RESPECT women like her! Tracey- No need to even discuss they treat her like the black sheep anyway even their mom do! Toni- Where do I even begin! After all the failed relationships she ends up with Keri Lewis this reject walked away from Mint Condition thinking he was gonna make it BIG of being w/ Toni! Toni ends up filing bankruptcy twice because she also was taking care of the family! 2 incomes is better than 1! Toni B fell off she should be considered a LEGEND like Mariah Carey but she's NOT because of BAD DECISIONS in her CAREER and PERSONAL LIKE! I remember when she had told out concerts in Russia and Germany people who did'nt speak english were singing "UNBREAK MY HEART" she FUCKED UP BIG TIME! Tamar- Yes she married a man that brought her up but she's the most underseving of them all, she's SO OVER THE TOP for NO REASON WHAT- SO- EVER! This women don't have a HUMBLE BONE IN HER ENTIRE BODY! Toni's success got them all where they are NOT HER'S, she has never had a SUCESSFUL CAREER! The way she acts it's like she's the GRAMMY AWARD WINNER AND THE FAMOUS ONE BUT she's NOT! Tamar is messy she got JEALOUS of Mary Mary's following on We Tweeting for people to watch "SCANDLE" because they were on at the same time. Tamar is delusional always fixing her mouth to speak about issues she has nothing to do with! Tamar is MAD because she never had or will have a SUCCESSFUL MUSIC CAREER! This chick needs to accept what God did bless her with and stop the JEALOUS MESSINESS! I don't even listen to Mary Mary's music NEVER bought any of their albums but I like their show and UNLIKE THE BRAXTON'S I RESPECT THEM AS BLACK WOMEN MORE! #1 They have a SUCESSFUL CAREER and they don't have to make things up to keep the show interesting, THEY HAVE THINGS GOING ON ! #2 They have MEN WHO CONTRIBUTE TO THE HOUSEHOLD, THEY HAVE MEN THAT WORK! This is why I don't like or watch the Braxton's any more! Now their looks and BIG FEATURE'S is for another time and place! I don't ADMIRE OR SUPPORT THE BRAXTON'S SHOW AT ALL! I HAVE 0 RESPECT FOR WOMEN LIKE THEM!
Shay's picture

Hi Shay. Responding per your

Hi Shay. Responding per your suggestion on the JT story (smile)...in short order, I agree with you & hear what you're saying. Now don't misunderstand me: I don't condone everything the Braxtons do or what they represent. I find it SICKENING that they are all perfectly okay with having trifling men and big wigs, blonde wigs at that. etc...SO yes I hear you!! I don't like alot of Tamar's ways either but, BUT--she has always been steadfast in her career aspirations and she's been vocal about wanting success--with or without Vince. But none of them are perfect: what I like about them and their show--as compared to other shows is that they represent themselves well as a FAMILY with struggles & difficulties. They don't cuss each other out & roll around on the ground and carry on like BBW's and things like that. So let me clarify--I'm WITCHA!!! I don't like everything about The Braxtons or their sorry a$$ men--but I like their show--as compared to others.

@Godiva-Diva I do see your

@Godiva-Diva I do see your point, I use to watch them but they started ANNOYING ME BIG TIME! Like you said they do have close family ties and don't fight or curse one-another. They do have their good points but on the other hand I'm just so over them. Now I don't watch The Kardashians at all since their very first season, I can't take their mom. They learned everything they do from her, she PIMPS HER DAUGHTERS I have no respect for her at all!
Shay's picture

how was that a diss? I dont

how was that a diss? I dont think in the history of American Idol any judge showed up late to a live show lol Even Ryan Seacrest was clowing Nicki last night for being late.

Its because the media doesn't

Its because the media doesn't 'think' anyone will click on the story if they don't sensationalize every headline
Money First's picture

Love the Braxtons!! this

Love the Braxtons!! this reality show has actual talent along with Tia and Tamara. Tamar look pretty preggos.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Aww damn I can't front, Tamar

Aww damn I can't front, Tamar looks like Janice from The Muppets in that first pic. Love her though. I love Ms. Evelyn, even trying to make a silly face you can clearly see what a beautiful woman she truly is. So that's how Trina does them "oral transactions" huh? no wonder Gabe doesn't want her to leave.
PeaceSilas's picture

tamar bye! everyone is late

tamar bye! everyone is late just because you love Mariah dont mean you have to take up for her boring ass!
BritJackson's picture

I just want Tamar to stop

I just want Tamar to stop talking....and looking like a pregnant muppet.
Keys's picture

you dont say, "you dont BE

you dont say, "you dont BE late" on tv either....lol....jus sayin.org
shuga's picture

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