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The Braxtons Celebrate Season 3 Premiere Party With Lil Kim, Jennifer Williams & More

 photo webr5_zps0c017171.jpg

The Braxtons are everywhere this week as they promote the new season of "Braxton Family Values" kicking off tonight.  We've got lots of pics from their big premiere party last night in NYC that TheYBF.com hit up, Trina & Gabe having a mini makeout session (so things must be going much better there) and more pics of Tamar's baby bump. 


Plus, what the ladies told us about their lives...

 photo 023_zps868c1c94.jpg

Our fave sisters are back for a new season on WeTV.  The ladies--including Mama Evelyn--all headed to STK in Manhattan for the season 3 premiere party last night.

 photo webr4_zps18446a4f.jpg

 photo 030_zpsb07babdd.jpg

Tamar was front and center with her hubby Vince and the new baby bump!


 photo webe5_zpse6a52e42.jpg 

And she's still rocking her Guiseppe stilettos.


 photo brax49_zps3979d98d.jpg

Toni Braxton put on a red hot jumpsuit for the occasion.

 photo braxtonsj12_zpsaf8080a1.jpg

 photo brazton5_zps604ab25c.jpg

Traci and Trina had some fun on the carpet.  Traci's dress is super cute but we wish she would have left off that belt.  We asked the fun loving Taci about her recent weight loss, and she told us, "I cut out all carbs! I feel good!"

She also confirmed she's no longer working on getting her own hair shop, but she is having a good time riding motorcycles and other fun adventures.

 photo braxt4_zps2b0eec8a.jpg

Toni showed where she gets her good genes from--Mama Ev.

 photo webr3_zps0fdf16e8.jpg

 photo webre6_zps52086b24.jpg

Lil Kim showed up tot he premiere still pissy about the alleged "photoshopping" she says every single "blog site" is doing.  Guess she still hasn't contacted the paparazzi agency (SPLASH) who shot the pics.  She would find those very pics are in their raw image database....

 photo webt1_zps3a0a5340.jpg

Angela Simmons kept it simple in black and army green and nude pumps.  Nice look.

 photo webr2_zps4dd2f2b3.jpg 

Jen Williams and her perfect bun hit the red carpet as well to support her girls.

And if you're wondering how Trina and Gabe's marriage is going, we asked them.  And Trina responded by throwing her arms and lips around her hubby and said, "This is how we are doing!"

 photo braxtonsi2_zps72af6409.jpg  photo braztonve2_zps720dba78.jpg

Looks like that haircut and makeover of his is working some wonders. 

 photo ebrx2_zps75a289e2.jpg

And the media caught up with Tamar outside about how this pregnancy is going so far.  As for who's given her the most advice so far on being a mom..."Toni Braxton, chile!"


Photo credit: Splash/WENN/Aaron J. of RedCarpetImages.net/TheYBF.com




Toni is kinda looking like

Toni is kinda looking like Coretta Scott King...(lol)...And the rest of the sisters with their facial prcedures look Jacked
star's picture

Tamar is carrying her

Tamar is carrying her pregnancy nicely so far. I love to see Moms still dressing up and looking cute while pregnant. Lil Kim..*sigh* ..Everyone else looks nice..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Kim probably shocks herself

Kim probably shocks herself daily just washing her face and brushing her teeth... she' don't even know what she looks like anymore...

Can someone tell Tamar

Can someone tell Tamar mission accomplised, she acted the fool got her own show now its time to stop trying so hard to hog the spotlight. She gets on my everlasting nerve!!
Realist's picture

Kim does lookafoo but her

Kim does lookafoo but her boots! I wish I could see all the way because those do look hawt!
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Tamar: This is your moment to

Tamar: This is your moment to shine! Enjoy pregnancy! (I see you Vincent Thee Herbert!) Trina: Have fun with Gabe...I hope his haircut can change his cheating ways. Toni: The red jumpsuit is nice, but it looks a little to long. Adjust that hem, ma'am...(I see you sweating) Traci: What is that wrapped around your waist? Trying to suck it in? Towanda...didn't even see you! I'm glad that you're being more vocal! Mrs. Evelyn: You are proving that the 60s can bring true beauty and elegance!
C2C's picture

I don't know who Traci is

I don't know who Traci is fooling cause she did not lose any weight...talking about "weight loss." Girl, bye! And I really wish Toni would just lose the wig. Her short hair is best
queenkyc's picture

I love mama Braxton she looks

I love mama Braxton she looks damn good and always seem to have a positive sprit. Now to the bad news... Kim Blanco i just can't i don't know what the hell to say anymore I cant keep taking up for your ass girl. Like some one else posted you need to take several seats for a while. Yet, i will always be a fan of yours even though you went over board with the surgery.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

where did Lil Kim's ass come

where did Lil Kim's ass come from? I'm just tired of seeing her. She needs to have several seats...out of the limelight.
SassyFace11's picture

Congrats Tamar & Vince. Lil

Congrats Tamar & Vince. Lil Kim has fallen waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay the phuck off. I've seen more life coming from the face of a Madame Tussaud's wax figure.
GetUrLife's picture

Everyone looks a little off

Everyone looks a little off besides The Braxton's lol
cutethatsall56's picture

ooo i cant wait! I jusr love

ooo i cant wait! I jusr love them! they always look like they are having fun! they all soo pretty! and lil kim..you look the same as the "photoshopped" pic
BritJackson's picture

Can't wait for the

Can't wait for the premiere.!! Oh and LMAO @ Lil' Kim Ahahahahahaha
Blessed020509's picture

Is Kim's face permantely a

Is Kim's face permantely a pucker face? Or is she purposely making the pucker up face? OMG lmao... But I was watching u got served yesterday and Kim looked really pretty in the movie...smh. She should have just stopped there. I love Toni's jumpsuit and I see where that pregnancy going Tamar... In those thighs :-)
Jersey here's picture

I love the Braxtons and will

I love the Braxtons and will be tuning in!!! Momma Evelyn is looking like she can hang out with her daughters and not miss a beat - Go on Momma Evelyn wit cho bad self!!! Lil Kim looks a mess! Angela's skin looks a mess! Maybe it's the lighting.
Happy Lady's picture

Angela Simmons look like she

Angela Simmons look like she just got out of bed lol & traci's dress reminds me of pumpkin pie O_O

I love them...they are

I love them...they are beautiful people!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Kim what have you done.

Kim what have you done.
TeaNicole's picture

Love the Braxton sisters but

Love the Braxton sisters but I do wish they'd wear less wigs. Did Angela just wake up? Lil Kim ...Yikes! Sweat stains are the pits. I heard that celebs get botox injections in their arm pits so they don't perspire under their arms on the red carpet.
Denise2007's picture

Lil Kim would make a good

Lil Kim would make a good Halloween costume.
Synsation's picture

Cant wait to watch the show

Cant wait to watch the show tonight!! Lil' Kim, EEEEEW!!! She need to take that face off and start all over.
shylibra's picture

I like Trina's shoes. I hate

I like Trina's shoes. I hate Toni's sweaty pits. I wonder if there's any secret to avoiding that. Angela looks greasy and drunk.....lol. Poor lil kim. what age is she going to drop the "lil" and just be Kimberly Jones? Jenn said fugg dat Im not getting dressed for this....lol...not mad at you, I dont watch the show either. why is traci wearing a weight lifting belt???
shuga's picture

Omg I just

Omg I just __________________________________________ @ weigh-lifting belt. Oh laaawwwd help!!! LOLOLOLOLOL
GG Boo 4 U's picture

OMG, I literally LOL @ Traci

OMG, I literally LOL @ Traci wearing a weight lifting belt. Hilarious!
Mrs_B_35's picture

LOL-totally agree with

LOL-totally agree with everything you said EXCEPT that I DO watch the show-luvs it. I just wish they weren't SO wiggy all the time. And this fascination black women have with blonde hair-ugh!! Trina's better than me--Gabe's tamale eating a$$ would never kiss me again after all that cheating. Ewwww...

I thought Toni was Lil Kim.

I thought Toni was Lil Kim. She has put on some serious weight
Just Me102's picture

I can't wait. I love this

I can't wait. I love this show. Lil Kim looks horrible and I like how Traci threw on a tablecloth and showed up.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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