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Is Kanye West BEGGING Anna Wintour To Put His Baby's Mama On The Cover Of VOGUE?

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Kanye West has been advocating for his baby momma, Kim Kardashian, to have her own American VOGUE cover, but so far, industry insiders don't think Anna Wintour is warm to the suggestion.  More inside....

We've all seen Kanye West being friendly with American VOGUE editor Anna Wintour over the years, and now industry folks are saying that he is trying very hard to secure Kim a VOGUE cover.  So what's the problem?

Though Kim has already proven herself as a bankable face for magazine covers, everyone is NOT a fan. In fact, Star Magazine reports that Anna's disgust with Kim's rise to fame had her stating that Kim would only grace Vogue's cover, "over her dead body."   Ms. Wintour is well known for valuing quality over numbers. 

The mag went on to say that while Anna sings Kanye's praises, she thinks of Kim as 'the worst thing since socks and sandals'.

Though the "alleged" feud between Anna and Kim does not seem to be personal, there have been a number of swipes and jabs on behalf of Ms. Wintour. The most high-profile jab was the alleged banning of Kim from The Met Ball.  The gala, which many celebrity/fashion insiders consider to be the hottest ticket of the year, has NEVER invited Kim.  And Anna Wintour controls who makes the list.  One source told Radar Online, “Anna hates Kim. Why would she be invited to the event? It is all the biggest stars in the world and Kim doesn’t fit that bill at all.”  In fact, last year, Kanye West went to the gala solo....Kim stayed in LA. 

*Cue up the Countess' 'Money Can't Buy You Class'*

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It was also reported that Anna ignored Kim at New York Fashion Week last September.

But there is hope for Kim at last...as far at The Met Ball is concerned.  Kanye is slated to perform at this year's punk-themed gala on May 6, and we're sure Kim won't be "banned" now that she's the mother of the performer's child.  Just as we predicted, this baby will be her ticket to more things than necessary.




Let me start off by saying,

Let me start off by saying, Miss Wintour doesn't go easy on ANYONE. I mean, the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" was a loose depiction of her life (or, rather, the life of someone who works for her). She is a cold woman but EXCELLENT at maintaining her brand. I don't blame her. The magazine industry is already half dead. The only thing that keeps Vogue alive is what it symbolizes: high fashion elitism. Who buys Vogue? Affluent people. Who do affluent people hate more than inner city African Americans? Kim Kardashian! They hate her. She's the new "It" girl to hate (taking the place of Olivia Palermo). Kim better put her big girl panties on because affluent America is a cold, dark, frigid bitch that can't wait to crown her the "fat, middle aged, baby mother of a Black rapper". Especially on the east coast where Miss Wintour resides (NY). The neighborhood association already banned the Kardashians from putting a "Dash" store in Soho. Check out the article in NY Magazine.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Kim is reality TV trash and

Kim is reality TV trash and has no merits other than fucking black men and having a giant silicone ass....I'm so glad Hova and King Bee aren't touching that filth with a ten foot pole. Kanye dude. You are mad dumb for even trying to go there with that faker than a three dollar bill bot. And worst off the bish can't dance for shit. Soulless and wack as fucking hell in the funk department.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

thats a shame! Kim ur not a

thats a shame! Kim ur not a real celeb! you have no talent! if anything she can be on the cover with kanye as his gf nothing more!
BritJackson's picture

Niggas at Essence might put

Niggas at Essence might put her on the front of the magazine , but one thing white people don't do IS PUT THE TRASH OF THEIR RACE on something they value!!!Shit you ask white ppl if Kim white they'll say he'll naww she ARMENIAN!! Black people don't VALUE SHIT, i wouldn't have kim ON ANYTHING BLACK, she's a beautiful woman but only woman gonna be on my magazine IF I HAD ONE is an AFRICAN QUEEN!! Anna Wintour know whats up.... In her mind she's think you niggas can have her, let tyler perry, essence, king , magazine have her ass.
LetsGetIt's picture

You speak truth...this time.

You speak truth...this time.
Zetagirl's picture

I always do sista!!! I ALWAYS

I always do sista!!! I ALWAYS DO
LetsGetIt's picture

This time

This time yeah...........Always?......I don't think so....lol
star's picture


Sabs4Prez's picture

Gotta give credit where

Gotta give credit where credit is due so I have to agree with you!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Lord, I must have smacked my

Lord, I must have smacked my head during lunch but I actually agree with you!
DesignDiva's picture

Probably the only time I'll

Probably the only time I'll ever agree with you on anything. Kim K is TRASH. So is Kanye for that matter.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Other than being marketable

Other than being marketable because Kim's pretty, there's nothing this woman can do! I'm soooo not a hater, but Kim HAS NO TALENT other than being pretty in front of a camera. Wow, there's a bunch of women who can do that. smh!
Happy Lady's picture

Bet Anna Wintour is cringing

Bet Anna Wintour is cringing at the thought of putting KK on the cover...I have a better chance at sexing Denzel!!
lifeisgood's picture

There just isn't anything

There just isn't anything positive about this girl. She's a media whore who craves attention so the Vogue cover would go to her head. She's got the Ray J sex tape, the 72 day marriage, and is now pregnant for Kanye even though she's STILL married to Kris Humphries. Who in their right mind would want all of that mess on a magazine cover?
DesignDiva's picture

Vogue is too above Kim...sad

Vogue is too above Kim...sad but true. Now you know White folks think all that cottage cheese and butt injections is unattractive. You gotta be thin, talented, or a model to be on that cover and Kim is neither. How bout Kanye worry about her divorce, next marrying her, then maybe folks will take him a tad bit more serious. smdh
sexybrownpyt's picture

What is sad about Vogue being

What is sad about Vogue being above Kim? She's no Audrey Hepburn. No Linda Evangelista. Hell, she's barely a Zha Zha Gabor. Her fat ass doesn't belong amongst fashion royalty.
Sabs4Prez's picture

personally i dont see whats

personally i dont see whats so horrible about Kim K. or whats so regal about vogue. doesnt everybody whore their way to the top anyways? *Kanye Shrug*
shuga's picture

Vogue is the high fashion

Vogue is the high fashion bible. Kim is not high fashion. Most people who (as you put it) whore their way to the top have something to offer when they get their besides more whoring. Kim doesn't have a talent besides knowing how to market herself.
SweetDivaT's picture

They might, but its not

They might, but its not usually on camera, and to be in Vogue which is a very high end magazine usually you would have some real talent. That's like putting Jenna Jamison on the cover of Vogue.
cutethatsall56's picture

still not seeing what would

still not seeing what would be wrong with that. I guess a lot of ppl still have puritanical views and think of sex as a dirty thing. for me, its just a weird reason to dislike someone but Anna Wintour has that right. Kim should respect it and move on. If its one thing ive learned its to never beg and never apologize for something you really arent sorry for. she looks good on this months Cosmo anyway. fuk a vogue. its only paper.
shuga's picture

You see, a lot of folks view

You see, a lot of folks view Kim as a self proclaimed porn star and porn stars don't deserve to mingle with regular celebrities who worked hard to get to where they are. All she did was EFF her boyfriend on a video and now she gets to mingle with A-list celebs - please!!! She deserves nothing but an OB/GYN appt.
Happy Lady's picture

right, This "Vogue" /paper is

right, This "Vogue" /paper is obviously important to Kanye or he wouldn't be on his knees begging for Kim to be on the cover. Kayne need to accept the fact that Kim is not Bey or Riri.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Andre Leon Talley has slammed

Andre Leon Talley has slammed Kim K. in the media on SEVERAL occasions! He's basically Anna Wintour's mouthpiece so if he doesn't like her, you better believe that Anna doesn't like her either. They just see Kim as a tacky social climber who has slept her way to the top and is only famous for being famous. Many fashion designers have the same opinion and that's why they won't lend her clothes. They also don't want to incur the wrath of Vogue by associating their brand with Kim.
DesignDiva's picture

I hope Anna uses her good

I hope Anna uses her good sense and says no. Otherwise, she loses ALL credibility.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

LOL Anna has good sense!

LOL Anna has good sense! These actors and singers take their craft serious and to have someone stand on the same level who literally does nothing is an insult.
cutethatsall56's picture

"The worst thing since socks

"The worst thing since socks and sandals???" x___x Read Anna. Read on. Read for filth.
VagabondSpirit's picture


LaFord's picture

It must be true cos most

It must be true cos most designers wouldnt even loan her their designs, a stylist recently revealed she couldnt borrow dresses from these designers for her photo-shoot, no one wants to be associated with her and i believe anna wintour has something to do with it.
lolo's picture

People who take their life

People who take their life and job serious rarely want to be associated with porn stars. It's like making their talents a joke.
cutethatsall56's picture

LOL..she's on point with

LOL..she's on point with fashion? Looking like Orca the like killer whale while pregnant with all the black and white?
ZenLea's picture

It will never happen. Kim is

It will never happen. Kim is not Vogue material. Ever seen a porn star in Vogue? Nope. Ever seen a reality star on it's cover? Nope.
TheMrs's picture

I don't believe all the "she

I don't believe all the "she hates Kim" shit, she may not have a liking for reality stars, but Kim is def on point when it comes to fashion and I doubt Kanye is advocating for her to be on the cover, he wants the damn cover himself. #werk
SkeeWee's picture

Nah I've read a while ago

Nah I've read a while ago that both her and the Editor at large ALT don't consider her worth their magazine as well as actors and entertainers that take their craft serious. She hates her lol
cutethatsall56's picture

Being fashionable and being

Being fashionable and being respected are two different things. Kim dresses well but is not respected by the fashion world enough to be placed on their high end publications or their clothes unless she buys them herself.
Keys's picture

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