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SXSW FAB: Solange, T.I., Kendrick Lamar & More Take Over The Stage In Austin

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-15at84232AM_zpsfb46092a.png

Solange Knowles was one of many artists who hit the stage at SXSW in Austin, TX last night.  Check the pics and video of the artists inside...

Over at the Fader tent at SXSW last night, Solange hit the stage to rock out with a 30 minute set in a pantsuit full of leaves.

 photo BFXXCk8CMAMwfjcjpg_large_zpsdbaeba21.jpg  photo BFXG_RnCIAED6a8jpg_large_zps342a4dde.jpg

The print-loving chick performed her new True EP tracks and a few of her past hits. 

For the BET sets, T.I. hit the stage and brought out Kendrick Lamar:

 photo BFYb63pCAAADWffjpg_large_zps9d2398e1.jpg

 photo KendrickLamarperformsduringtheBETMusicMattersShowcaseatBrazosHallonMarch142013inAustinTexasPhotobyDanielBoczarski-GettyImage_zps37991b07.png

Peep the video of the two performing "Swimming Pools":

T.I. also brought out Pharrell:


Trinidad James also hit the Fader tent:

  photo BFW6YsCCIAAAl0Kjpg_large_zps4901f8bd.jpg  photo ScreenShot2013-03-15at84248AM_zpsc7806f77.png 

This guy....

More pics of who came out last night for the ASCAP/BET Music Matters stage at Brazos Hall:

 photo PharrellWilliams3rdLTI4thLandUsher6thLandguestsattendtheBETMusicMattersShowcaseatSXSWatBrazosHallonMarch142013inAustinTexasP_zpsc54dc597.png

Jonathan Jones (ASCAP), Nicole George Middleton (VP of Membership Rhythm & Soul ASCAP), Pharrell Williams, T.I, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, Usher Raymond, Jennifer Drake (Director Membership / Rhythm & Soul ASCAP).

 photo BridgetKelly2performsduringtheBETMusicMattersShowcaseatBrazosHallonMarch142013inAustinTexasPhotobyDanielBoczarski-GettyImage_zps0eaeffb8.png

 photo ChrisetteMichelle2performsduringtheBETMusicMattersShowcaseatBrazosHallonMarch142013inAustinTexasPhotobyDanielBoczarski-Getty_zps09310a57.png

And Chrisette Michele and Bridget Kelly rocked the stage a well.


And earlier this week, Schoolboy Q brought out his homie Kendrick for another performance at the Fader tent:

 photo BFVy1FTCQAMYzTCjpg_large_zpsbd9f4f83.jpg

Fab music times.

Pics: Twitter



Do your thang Kendrick

Do your thang Kendrick Lamar!!!
Logan's picture

Damn all these niggas in the

Damn all these niggas in the industry are in the closet and I love when I c them together like the 3 famous ones here
star's picture

OMG Solange, that hairline,

OMG Solange, that hairline, not a good look AT ALL. Hereby officially declared the uggly daughter. Beyonce took all the beauty she could find when she was in their mothers womb and left Solange nothing.
Tannygirl's picture

Hahaha OMG you just killed me

Hahaha OMG you just killed me with that one *dead*
nikki6's picture

Solange's hair looks like she

Solange's hair looks like she just washed it.
sweetpea1989's picture

Solange is....Orlando Jones

Solange is....Orlando Jones <------ Hahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahha
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Hahahaha OMG you guys are

Hahahaha OMG you guys are killing me softly with these comments hahahaha
nikki6's picture

Isn't that the band director

Isn't that the band director frm DrumLine?!...*sigh 
Like Really's picture

Hey YBF, Lecrae was there

Hey YBF, Lecrae was there too. What happened to his pics???
queenkyc's picture

word? I love Lecrae!!!

word? I love Lecrae!!! Cosign....where is his pics?
sexybrownpyt's picture

I love Solange natural hair,

I love Solange natural hair, she looks pretty and young in the first pic.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Trinidad James looks like he

Trinidad James looks like he smells SOOOO FOUUUUL!!!!!!! I gag looking at him!
Girl's picture

I wish Trinidad didn't look

I wish Trinidad didn't look like a walking parody. Also, he needs a person who tells him what to say in public.
Ethel Mertz's picture

I see Solange is growing up

I see Solange is growing up to be quite the young man, and Trinidad please close your mouth all the way in public.
cutethatsall56's picture

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