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Willow Smith Shuts Down Cyber Thugs With DELETE Campaign + Jada Pinkett Smith Gets To Work With Queen Latifah

 photo ashley-benson-willow-smith-delete-cyberbullying-end-digital-drama-19_zpsac5a64fc.jpg

Pre-teen Willow Smith has had her fair share of social media meltdowns and drama.  So it's only right she's one of the faces of SEVENTEEN Magazine's new Delete Digital Drama campaign.  Check out what she's up to, plus her mom getting her producing on, inside...

12-year-old Willow Smith has signed on to help end cyberbullying for good.  Fashion designer Nanette Lepore teamed up with Seventeen Magazine to design a multicolored DELETE tee that celeb supporters will be rocking.  And they're on sale for the public as well.

The campaign serves to empower young women to disengage from cyberbullying by deleting hurtful comments they see about themselves or others online. 

Other celeb faces supporting the cause--"Pretty Little Liars" stars Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale, as well as Kendall & Kylie Jenner and plenty more.


 photo 300306_10151575119071320_1810885670_n_zpsa4e79bbf.jpg

Meanwhile, Willow's mom Jada Pinkett Smith is getting to work.  She posted the above pic today of her and her good friend Queen Latifah preparing for Queen's upcoming talk show. 

Jada is serving as an Executive Producer on the project as she said, "Wearing my Executive Producer hat, standing beside the next daytime talk show superstar. Starting September 16, 2013, you will be able to kick it with Queen Latifah everyday."

Get ready for a fall premiere of Queen's show as she takes another stab at daytime TV.


Photos: Seventeen/Facebook




I guess its safe to say the

I guess its safe to say the Cyber Thugs ruined Willow's career...the campaign is cute, but the best way is to just ignore them....

If Jada Pinkett believes in

If Jada Pinkett believes in being alternative why does she always look so normal and let's her daughter look so half past dead?
cutethatsall56's picture

Willow is trying to shut down

Willow is trying to shut down cyber thugs but yet we have some commenting on this post. i'm pretty sure ya'll are adults, that's the sad part.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you said. Willow is doing something positive. Tired of people asking the same damn questions over and over again as to whether she attends school or not. Why are you all worried about what She does with her life. When Willow and Jaden are at home, they attend school with the rest of the celebrity children. When they travel, they have a tutor. FYI People (This isn't directed towards you Caribbean), kids can now go to school online. They can also be home schooled. LOOK IT UP! Use your damn brains. I know common sense and knowledge is buried under ignorance and stupidity, but dig that shit out of the rubble and put it to the forefront. Grades K-12 can now attend school online. It's accredited and everything. Google Online Schools for grades K-12. They even have online Charter Schools.
Iridescent One's picture

Does this child even go to

Does this child even go to school???? I really feel bad for her cause it's very apparent she has NO parental guidance. She is too young to understand the effects of social media & obvioulsly others in her life don't care
Somerknight's picture

Willow's hair!!!!!

Willow's hair!!!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

I just think it's funny when

I just think it's funny when young celebs like Willow and Justin Bieber act all crazy and do outlandish things to get attention and then when it backfires and they get called on it, they whine and whine about being bullied by the media and "hater" fans! They want/crave the attention, but only when it's from butt-kissers and gullible fans.
Coffy's picture

That child is an emotional

That child is an emotional wreck already!!!! The problem is.....she thinks she has to do something and make a major statement about every little situation. (Memo to Willow: you are not that important to society!!!!! Just be a little kid for now) ..............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

ok, this is more up Willows

ok, this is more up Willows alley. I think its cool.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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