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Joan Smalls GET GORGE For Givenchy & GQ Style + Halle Berry Brings "The Call" To #2 At The Box Office

 photo stylej1_zps1692f687.jpg

Joan Smalls, the #1 model in the world (officially), is showcasing Givenchy designs in the new issue of GQ Style.  Check out the gorgeous model goddess inside, plus Halle Berry & Morris Chestnut landing at #2....


Fashion hotness alert!  Joan Smalls is rocking the cover and pages of GQ Style, which is all about Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy designs.  And Joan's probably the best model to showcase the designer deliciousness:

 photo stylej3_zps1813ee58.jpg  photo stylej2_zps77bb5cd0.jpg

In an ethereal style shoot, Joan rocks Givenchy designs and partial nudity alongside other models.  You feelin' it?


 photo HalleBerryCallChicagoPremiereuiokQ8RPdDWl_zps00740cc7.jpg

In other news, Halle Berry had a winning weekend at the box office...finally.  She and Morris Chestnut raked in $17.1 mill for their brand new movie The Call.  While that might not sound like a staggering number, the flick still landed at #2 behind Oz ($42.2 mill for the weekend, $145 mill overall), which is in its second week.  Reportedly, the $17 mill is higher than SONY Pictures expected.

Halle's been plagued with box office slumps after she won an Oscar years ago, but things seem to be turning around.

Looks like the cast's full fledged promo run helped out.  Congrats!

Pics: GQ Style via Fashion Bomb



Wow! Gorgeous photos!! But

Wow! Gorgeous photos!! But she looks a little scary on the second picture! I love Joan Smalls she is my favorite model, she is so pretty on the runway. If you like her you should really see this interview with her on fashiontube, she has a very cute voice! https://www.fashiontube.com/Videos/Exclusive_Interview_with_Joan_Smalls/...
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Halle & Morris are picture

Halle & Morris are picture perfect in that pic. Cant wait to see this flick.
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Can't wait to go see THE CALL

Can't wait to go see THE CALL I'll give a review on my blog. Check out my blog http://submergedlife.com
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I'm happy to hear about The

I'm happy to hear about The Call's success!
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The Call was a good movie

The Call was a good movie
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