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Mike & Kijafa Vick, T.I. & Tiny And Allen Iverson Party It Up In ATL

 photo pinkti3_zps16e0c59d.jpg

The Vicks made it a date night as they partied it up with 49er's QB Colin Kaepernick, Allen Iverson and T.I. & Tiny last night.  Check out the celebs having some fun inside...

Former Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick returned to Atlanta last night to party at Mansion Elan.  And he brought his wife Kijafa along with him.  The NFL baller recently cancelled his Finally Free autobiography book signings due to violent threats.  But he was all good with the clubgoers.  And the book tour is now back on--in a different way he says-- as of yesterday.  He visited an ATL church to sign books, instead of the bookstore appearance in the city that was previously cancelled.

All the profits from Saturday's signings were donated to a charity that works with young males serving time in detention centers.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-17at32542PM_zpsd137a923.png  photo ScreenShot2013-03-17at32602PM_zps3c869fba.png

Kijafa posted pics of her all white Alexander McQueen and Louboutin look. 


 photo pinkti1_zps04530a1d.jpg

 photo pinkti5_zps3c0b3721.jpg

The Harrises popped up ready to party after celebrating son Domani's 12th birthday earlier in the day.


 photo pinktai_zps2b9f69cc.jpg

Mike kicked it with his homie Allen Iverson.  Guess Allen's not too upset about losing his Georgia mansion recently.

 photo pinkti6_zps0465353e.jpg 

Philly radio host Kendra G was spotted at the party.

 photo pinkti4_zps739cb488.jpg 

And Colin repped his frat Kappa Alpha Psi.  Fun times all around.

Pics: ATLPics.net




Mike Vicks wife has on the

Mike Vicks wife has on the most out dated, unstylish outfit. She has absolutely no fashion sense. And tiny looks like she is retarded. I'm serious. Her face looks like she is mentally retarded.
sianna1's picture

Michael Vick is such a fine

Michael Vick is such a fine hunk of chocolate but why didn’t he dress for this occasion? Dew rags are for the bedroom my dear! Nooooo. Mrs. Vick is working that dress and her face is beat! Sophisticated Sister Yesss! This is by far the best I have ever seen Mrs. Tiny looking!! That dress is splendiferous Yesss!
PinkyFish's picture

All that money and zero

All that money and zero taste...Awful, every single one of them.


T.I. ~ PULEEEEEEZ [sic] STOP telling your wife she's hot when she's Not. Looking at Tiny reminds me of a horror story ~ the little people coming out from under the stairs.
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ZJIIONEE's picture

Damn, i thought i was the

Damn, i thought i was the only person who thought his BM look like one of his aunties. Mike could have done sooooooo much better. She look like she babysitting "her" husband (probably was.... we all know his "heart" is in the A). Btw, MV don't look too enthused about king kijafi-jofa being there. Try harder!
Ookie_stillwantit's picture

toya looks nice...i cant

toya looks nice...i cant believe beyonce was acting so silly..i mean just google kelsnetwork
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tom022's picture

A do-rag still Vick? Really?

A do-rag still Vick? Really? Mrs Vick is not paying attention, no way in hell Im all dressed up and my man represents in a do-rag. Im now a 49ers fan is all Im saying.
Realist's picture

Collin is gorgeous! Tiny

Collin is gorgeous! Tiny needs a stylist because she looks a MESS!
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fytfgfty's picture

Colin is making me

Colin is making me drool...oh, the Superbowl was good times. Looking forward to football season..yessirrrrrr....
Laia's picture

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MARGARET's picture

Love the all white! I don't

Love the all white! I don't look good in white so I always give props. Tiny looks cute, and who is Colin? No really -.-
cutethatsall56's picture

49ers starting QB

49ers starting QB
holmesa925's picture

Colin in FIONE. It seemed

Colin in FIONE. It seemed like throughout the entire Super Bowl, the camera was panned on him and I didn't mind in the least bit. Ole girl in the orange is in the thick of it, tryna catch her a baller, LMAO!!
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Mrs. Vick looked sensational.

Mrs. Vick looked sensational. The hair, makeup and outfit were all fab!
Denise2007's picture

His wife does look a lot

His wife does look a lot older than him but she isn't. Glad to see him getting ATL love when his book signing was threatened. Check out my blog http://submergedlife.com
Blee's picture

I want to say something nice

I want to say something nice about Kijafa. Truly, I do but...[*moves on]. Who is Kendra G or J or whatever her name is? And, how much money did her P.R. team pay you guys to shout her out?
Sabs4Prez's picture

Beyonce's track just

Beyonce's track just dropped!!!!!!!!!!! I't called Bow Down. Then it goes into another track called "I been On" She is thuggin lol. Don't even comment negatively, because as soon as Natasha posts it (tonight or tomorrow).....EVERYONE is gonna listen. lol
Classic87's picture

Colin is SO sexy! Umph!!!!

Colin is SO sexy! Umph!!!! And that's Mike Vick's brother, Marcus in that pic with A.I.
Katonya's picture

Colin can get it. Yum. IJS.

Colin can get it. Yum. IJS.
PacificGirl's picture

Its nice to see these married

Its nice to see these married couples out-n-about, having a good time. I like that Vick's wife got rid of her weave because now its easier to see her facial features. I actually like Tiny's shoes. The 49ers QB is sexy to me...

Everyone looked nice. Well I

Everyone looked nice. Well I could have dealt with Vick not wearing that durag while his wife is looking fly. But can someone help Allen Iverson get a new look? He is too old to still don that 90s wannabee thug look. No sir.
JJFad's picture

Everyone looked like they had

Everyone looked like they had a ball. Colin=yummy. Geez even with heels Tiny is shorter than her husband lol. I saw him in person and I thought he was very very short (I'm 5'10 1/2) so she really must be small in height. I adore them as a couple and am glad their reality show is getting picked up for a 3rd season. Kijafa's dress: ummm I don't know. I feel like there is way too much purposeful white going on for this not to be an all-white affair. And I love Alexander McQueen...but not that outfit (too white and too busy). I would have liked to see it without the jacket. She looks like she had fun though.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Kijafa's outfit is white hot

Kijafa's outfit is white hot I love it. I need those shoes in my life like STAT. It is not fair that Allen Iverson (and Nas for that matter) are not sharing hogging the fountain of youth for themselves. They're damn near in they're forties and STILL look like they did when they first stepped in the scene. So sexy! Colin is a cutie pie too. "Hey there young man. I'm not a Niners fan but I stay in The Bay." ;)
PeaceSilas's picture

I don't know if it's her make

I don't know if it's her make up or what but Vick's wife always look like his auntie. I know the stress of being with him all these years has probably prematurely aged her.
Somerknight's picture

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