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Tamar Braxton Rings In Her Birthday At BET's "Celebration Of Gospel" + Viola Davis, "R&B Divas", & More Hit The Show

 photo TamarBraxtonBETCelebrationGospel2013auDQB2e497zl_zps4d7f6318.jpg

Singer Tamar Braxton turns 36 today.  And the preggers "Love & War" singer brought in her birthday by hitting up BET's "Celebration of Gospel" show last night in L.A.


We've got pics of her performance and the red carpet pics with the "R&B Divas" and more inside....

 photo TamarBraxtonBETCelebrationGospel2013MAc5xMWcHzjl_zpsaf4afae5.jpg

Our fave Braxton sister, Tamar, (well, we love them all) performed onstage during the BET Celebration of Gospel 2013 at the Orpheum Theatre last night.  And she rocked a gorgeous white Marc Bauwer gown as she posed it up with her hubby Vince Herbert.  The two are filming their spinoff show and the new season of "Braxton Family Values" is currently airing.

 photo TamarBraxtonBETCelebrationGospel2013vljsJiDAPjBl_zps9f424108.jpg 

 photo TamarBraxtonBETCelebrationGospel2013crkZ1mj8uq-l_zpsb9cc316b.jpg

She also hit the carpet with her mom Evelyn.  Absolutely loving this white dress for Tamar.

 photo TamarBraxtonBETCelebrationGospel2013FUMqhiUiD3Xl_zps3e660292.jpg  photo TamarBraxtonBETCelebrationGospel2013ZFGfn_Q1TxDl_zps911c92f9.jpg

And was one of the performers of the night, along with Anita Baker.  Tamar belted out "Be Grateful," and other performers were Tamela Mann and Donnie McClurkin.


 photo BETCelebrationGospel2013RedCarpetW9Hs19nqjsAl_zps49a4defb.jpg

Kym Whitley, who has a new show on OWN called "Raising Whitley," hit the carpet looking nice.

 photo BETCelebrationGospel2013RedCarpetOuokDGinWPol_zps47372bec.jpg

"R&B Divas L.A." castmates Kelly Price and Lil Mo both hit the carpet.  Can't wait till that kicks off.

 photo BETCelebrationGospel2013RedCarpetMp7JF8U-dHUl_zps2f9898a4.jpg 

Yolanda Adams sparkled it up in blue on the carpet.

 photo BETCelebrationGospel2013RedCarpet7gU_ZANKl0Dl_zps269127c4.jpg

"The Talk" co-host Sheryl Underwood put on her best church suit and wig.  Sigh.

 photo cog11_zpsb180cb17.jpg

Tamar caught up with "R&B Divas" producer Phill Thornton outside.

 photo cog2_zps740a5bd1.jpg

David Mann and Tamela Mann (also known as "The Browns") popped up at COG.


 photo cog3_zpseea23c2a.jpg

Tyrese, Le'Andria Johnson, (who together performed "A Song For You") & Stephen Hill all snapped a pic inside.

 photo ViolaDavisBETCelebrationGospel2013ShowW-FXXvP7Ccil_zps4c780bfc.jpg

And Viola Davis rocked a risk taker of a white lace dress as she chilled in the audience before presenting.  Chick loves a touch of sex appeal with her dresses doesn't she?

Celebration of Gospel 2013 airs on BET April 7th, and it's hosted by Steve Harvey.

Photo Credit: Malcolm Ali



You better sing Tamar!

You better sing Tamar!
C2C's picture

Sheryl Underwood......must we

Sheryl Underwood......must we see ALL of your gums when you smile? Sheesh. Save that for the dentist!
Roger THAT's picture

every last one of these

every last one of these people look a hot azz mess!!! every last one!! why? is what I want to know? I mean come on black people...I can find better dressed and well kept people in my church of Sunday morning service. smh
peacelovebunny's picture

every last one of these

every last one of these people look a hot azz mess!!! I agree with you!!! i mean every single one of them..what the hell happened? i can find better dressed better looking black folk at my church on Sunday a.m. service!! this is just a shame...just sad...
peacelovebunny's picture

Tamar needs to leave her face

Tamar needs to leave her face alon; guess Vince is still struggling with his weight; wishthem both the best; Kelly no no to dreses above the knees; knees are alittle beat up..Like Kim but she seems to always dress awkard; the colored stockings just make it all wrong; but anway good to see my peeps where is Mary Mary & CeCe??
ladydiinpa's picture

I am not liking the dress

I am not liking the dress Tamar has on for her to be such a diva one would expect a much more divalious dress! Nooooooo Mother Braxton is always flawless !! Yessss Kim, Kim, Kim lets rethink this outfit please .Nooooo Kelly Price is stunning (Yesss) and the glasses are just too much Lo Mo. Nooooo Yolanda Adams Gorgeous! Yessss Sheryl Underwood looking like only she can! Mmmmmm Tamela Mann Beautiful! Yesss Viola could have brought it up a notch! Mmmmmmmm Le'Andria Johnson well I am not feeling that wig on her. Nooooo
PinkyFish's picture

A HOT MESS!!!!! Everybody!

A HOT MESS!!!!! Everybody!
JewelryLover's picture

Damn Tamar is ugly. Girl

Damn Tamar is ugly. Girl ruined her face smdh
tee2's picture

Kym Whitley looks like a

Kym Whitley looks like a wrestler ~ I could just see her body slamming somebody on the red carpet/mat. . . I see Vince has put on some pregnancy pounds.
GetUrLife's picture

Everyone looks a hot mess,

Everyone looks a hot mess, don't people know how to dress according to their body type anymore?? Tamar that sheet you are wearing is so not flattering. Vince- sloppy as usual
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I can't believe she is

I can't believe she is pregnant, Tamar I'm hope the best for you.
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lol@ sheryl underwood..she is

lol@ sheryl underwood..she is so unattrative
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fytfgfty's picture

I wonder if Tamar's child

I wonder if Tamar's child will have her funny face.....lol
star's picture

Why is Tamar y'all favorite?

Why is Tamar y'all favorite? Yuck...and she doesn't look good here at all. Lil Mo, Kelly, and Sheryl...no ma'am!!!
Laia's picture

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MARGARET's picture

Tamar look good pregnant, but

Tamar look good pregnant, but that dress is so not hot.com! In this day and age of embracing the "bump", that schmata is not the business, at all.
Santi114's picture

I really like Lil Mo and

I really like Lil Mo and Yolanda Adam's dresses and wish I could see the rest of Le'Andria Johnson's pants or skirt coz I think might like those too. (Dag, I'm really on YBF shopping today. I think I'm due for some retail therapy. LOL!) Jehovah God is good.☮♥☺
PeaceSilas's picture

Momma Evelyn looks great, but

Momma Evelyn looks great, but it appears like she's had a little work done on her face!

Wow Kelly Price Knees Look

Wow Kelly Price Knees Look Like They Are On Opposite Legs. That Dress Does Nothing For Tamar. Lawwd Sheryl. Why Is Vince Mouth Always Opened? I Am So Convinced That Is Tamar Hubby Did Not Have Status, She Would've Married Him.
Keyths'Girl's picture

That white woman,I mean Tamar

That white woman,I mean Tamar looks great pregnant. Yolanda Adams looks like she lost weight and is looking fab. I'm so ready for the La R&B Divas and hey Cora and Brown.

Tamar and Vince are growing

Tamar and Vince are growing on me as a couple: they actually do look happy & TRULY in love--which is great. I love Viola Davis but I don't know why she'd wear something risque to a *gospel* event. The other womens' outfits look odd & ill-fittting...

Tamar why you hiding your

Tamar why you hiding your belly, nobody is pressed to get pics of you pregnant. Or is this another way for you to follow in your idol, Beyonce, footsteps...#sigh
SkeeWee's picture

what happened to her face?

what happened to her face? Well Im happy her and her husband are finally expecting congrats to them

I love tay tay but all that

I love tay tay but all that botox she put in her face is going to look horrible when she gets bigger its start to show already...
BritJackson's picture

I'm done bashing chix who

I'm done bashing chix who marry 4 money (As long as they PRETEND to be happy, I'll PRETEND to be happy for them........smh) .........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

This Gospel crowd is

This Gospel crowd is weird....I really cant stand this Muppet Tamar and is it me or does anyone else think that Vince is gay....

Why should it matter if hes

Why should it matter if hes gay or not ?


LaFord's picture

Where is my girl CeCe

Where is my girl CeCe Winans??
BaddieBeyFans's picture

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