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"TEMPTATION" ATLANTA PREMIERE: Lance Gross, Jurnee Smollett, NeNe Leakes, Tika Sumpter & MORE (Plus EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS!)

 photo temptationpremiere_zps269c8e65.jpg

The stars showed up at last night's Temptation premiere in Atlanta.  We've got stars of the movie Lance Gross and his girlfriend, Kim K., Jurnee Smollett and plenty more in their red carpet best inside....

 photo tatio17_zps3faf1a37.jpg

At the premiere of Tyler Perry's Temptation flick at the AMC Parkway Pointe 15 in ATL last night, star Lance Gross brought his stylist girlfriend Rebecca Jefferson, who rocked Alexander Wang, along as his date.  And the couple looked fab as usual.

TheYBF.com was on the red carpet last night and caught up with Lance.  He dished to us why he took on this Tyler Perry film after saying previously he wanted to branch out from the director:

"It was a great script. I was a fan of Jurnee Smollett since Eve's Bayou, I felt like I've grown with her and I also wanted the opportunity to work with her. I also thought it was a great script, working with Tyler Perry is like working with family. So I mean, why not."

And he even gave us his 2 cents about Lil Wayne's health scare saying:

First of all, I think it's very important in times like this to respect the privacy that the artist or whoever wants. But if any of this is true, my prayers are with him, it's in God's hands right now. But I have a feeling he's going to be alright.


 photo tatiton20_zps92af973a.jpg

Star Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who's character is married to Lance Gross' character in the movie, hit the carpet in a purple strapless gown and looked gorge while doing interviews on the carpet. 

On the carpet, Jurnee gave us the low down on her character in the movie:

"My character is a young woman fresh out of college and before she can get her marriage counselor license she takes the only paid internship she can find. She's married to her childhood friend, but unhappy. She meets this guy Harley, played by Robbie Jones, and he starts making her think these thoughts. The film's really about choices and how someone can get in your mind and doubt who you are, make you doubt your lifestyle. And those choices can lead to behavior you never thought you were capable of."

As for her own marriage advice, the actress who married Josiah Bell in 2010, tells TheYBF.com:

"Honesty, communication. You gotta be vulnerable, you gotta be so open, open your chest up and be like 'here's me and all my flaws, if you love me still let's do this'."

And would SHE understand why a woman feels the need to cheat in her marriage?  Jurnee tells us:

"Anything in my life I bring a level of myself to each character I take on. So for me it was hard to imagine what it would be like to cheat on my husband, to go there in my head. I had to interview a lot of people and ask questions. Just to try to understand what it's like. So I had to do a lot research for this character."


 photo 745627622_zps98bfdb10.jpg

Jurnee's co-star Robbie Jones snapped a pic of himself on his way to the red carpet event.

Robbie, who previously stared on "One Tree Hill" gave us the deets on how he landed his fiery Temptation role of "Harley":

"It's kind of a fantastically short story. Tyler Perry saw some of my work, saw a film that I did called Hurricane Season and he called me and really wanted me to be apart of the film. So it was kind of quick. How do you say no to Tyler Perry."

And the biggest lesson we'll learn form this flick:

"People are going to learn, if they haven't already, that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. It's all about loving the one you're with. There's a lot to be learned from this film."

 photo tikasumpter_zpsbe663454.jpg

Actress Tika Sumpter looked gorgeous as she came out to support in a white dress and flaunted her new short pixie cut.   She's starring in Tyler's new show on OWN called "Haves & Have Nots."

 photo tatio4_zpsf8340592.jpg

 photo tatio13_zps79697170.jpg

We're pretty sure it's a wig and not an actual chop....but we're loving it!

 photo tatio16_zps66fa6512.jpg

"RHOA" star CYnthia Bailey hit the carpet of course.

 photo tatio10_zpse23b0f19.jpg  photo tatio11_zps16fc13d6.jpg

Co-star of the movie, Kim Kardashian, showed up in a long black lace robe custom made by R&M.  Kanye West, her baby's daddy, was also there, but skipped out on the carpet to let her "have her shine" sources reported.  The couple showed up togetehr to director Tyler Perry's afterparty dinner at his home.

 photo tatio14_zps7f9914af.jpg

Rocsi snapped a pic with her friend Kim.

 photo tatio9_zps0ea24d9c.jpg

While rocking sequin pants from Phillip Lim and a blazer by Bod & Christensen, Rocsi revealed to TheYBF.com on the carpet that she's been trying to get into a Tyler Perry film for a while now:

"I've auditioned for Tyler many, many, times. One of these days he's going to say yes. I might have to put something in his drink tonight to corerce him a little bit. Like, 'Tyler! Tyler, let me play that role!.' But, you know I'm looking for other big hosting roles, I'm an entertainment girl, I like news."

Maybe this will be your lucky year Rox.

 photo tatio16_zps497c1a0b.jpg

Jasmine Guy popped up on the carpet looking less washed out than usual.

 photo tatio1_zpsa1f9f32e.jpg  photo tatio2_zpsf7c0450b.jpg

"The New Normal" star and "RHOA" star NeNe Leakes put on a colorful dress as she was back home in ATL for the premiere.

 photo tatio15_zps2ff221f7.jpg

 photo tatio3_zps925b0ed2.jpg

"RHOA" star Kandi Burruss hit the red carpet in yellow with her fiance Todd.

 photo tatio6_zps5542e6a5.jpg 

And the director himself, Tyler Perry, made a big arrival as well as he pulled up straight to the carpet.  Nice suit.

Temptation hits theaters March 29th.

Pics: Angela Giles of TheYBF.com/Paras Griffin's Instagram/Instagram




Why are black people always

Why are black people always trying to make other people something other than white? So you can have some company? Kim Kardashian has an Irish mother and a father from a country in the South Caucasus, I.e., a CAUCASIAN. If you want to know if Armenians are white, ask them what they check on a census form. They might claim they're "minorities" if they think they can slick some scholarship out from under a negro; but when it's time to move next to their white neighbors or go home and meet their blonde girlfriend's parents they are all white all the time. Stop all this rationalizing, it makes you look foolish and desperate. The bigger and more bloated Kim K. gets the more whiteness there is for Kanye's fake ass to love.
WoolyBlunt's picture

You know I see alot of

You know I see alot of negativity on these posts which is nuts! You get a mainstream movie that reflects different aspects of 'black' life (not just the streets) which many complain about and then the same people turn around and say they won't support it because of 'this person and that person'.....Damn!! Willie Lynch negroes!!! Although I want 2 I guess I should expect nothing less!
Money First's picture

I won't be seeing this movie

I won't be seeing this movie because Ms. Tyler decided to add on the Kardashian whores to the big screen. If he puts Nene in his next movie, I will have to stop watching anything that he does. He (she) needs to stop looking star struck by putting nobody's in his movies. Bad choice with Kim -- worse if you put Nene in your next chittlin' circuit movie.
Child Please's picture

There's nothing gross about

There's nothing gross about Lance Gross! lol Tika looked great!

Nene that stuff on top your

Nene that stuff on top your head looks a blessed sight ; get rid of it; so busy thinking you all that; have you really looked in the mirror; & the dress...no...... Nene check out Halle's cut & color... Jasmine looks alright; her body looks good;the hairstyle just ages her.. Kandi looks nice..but she does always seem to having something tight on.. Jurnee looks beautiful..Kim; pregnancy does not agree with you...kim in the movie is a reason for me not to see it..
ladydiinpa's picture

Kim, Kim, Kim! At the end of

Kim, Kim, Kim! At the end of the day, no matter what anybody's opinion of you was, no one could deny that fashion-wise you were a bad bitch! I said WERE. Ever since you and Kaye became a thing, your fashion choices have been horrible! You used to know how to dress for your body type but mother Kanye tries to clothe you like a 6 foot tall, 100 lb fashion model in a runway show and that shit ain't it! Please stop the madness, this man got you lookin a hot damn mess!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

I Really hope Tyler did Not

I Really hope Tyler did Not put himself in this movie. Otherwise, I'll be viewing.
GetUrLife's picture

Kim Kardashian is of middle

Kim Kardashian is of middle eastern descent. Hence her complexion. I would love to see the movie and support what Tyler does. We sit back and complain because we aren't in enough white produced movies, and here you have a black man who owns a studio producing and employing his own and you're still not satisfied? Get over yourselves and support one another. That's exactly Wwy we ain't got shit. Always complaining, never doing.
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I won't be spending my money

I won't be spending my money to see any movie that Kim K is in, sorry Tyler. Rocsi would have actually been a better choice, since she actually works in television not reality tv. But Rocsi sounds desperate and I agree she should have kept her movie audition failures to herself. I guess she really is an opportunist ho and was using industry men like Eddie Murphy to get a movie role.
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Serious question though...how

Serious question though...how many of you are really going to go see this movie? Like spend actual money on it? Just curious.
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tom022's picture

Tyler Perry's still making

Tyler Perry's still making movies....oh Lord.
CheyPie's picture

Nene NEEDS to let that blonde

Nene NEEDS to let that blonde weave go ALREADY my goodness! And who the hell did her makeup?
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Nene's foundation is a Really

Nene's foundation is a Really Bad Shade for her...lol.......OH and Tika's wig and Nene's helmet MUST GO!
star's picture

Up close...the pixie is

Up close...the pixie is obviously a wig...she could rock it if it were her own. Kim..lol...the irony of her in this movie...just... Jurnee looks adorable.
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MARGARET's picture

Kandi always looks squeezed

Kandi always looks squeezed into her dresses. I just wish these women would learn that tight is not always right. If she were to get the correct size for her frame and then have it tailored for her waist, she would look a lot better. Finally Kim found a look that works for her new figure! Sidenote, I would never go and see a movie that Rocsi was in; I think it's stalkerish behavior to even joke about putting something in someone's drink to get a job...at least she realizes that the bedroom isn't going to be the place for that meeting.
Santi114's picture

Tika's wig is not the

Tika's wig is not the business! You can see the hairline. I love NeNe but her look is not hot this time. Cynthia looks like she just put something together. Jurnee and Jasmine look great! Slores Kim and Rocsi, ummmmm no comment!!

Jurnee looks beautiful, I

Jurnee looks beautiful, I love her dress. Tika is so friggin' gorge, her hair is cute. I'm not sure how I feel about Kim's outfit; I'm indiffernt I don't like or dislike it. I think I like Nene's dress but I can't tell. Kandi looks pretty. Cynthia's hair is... I don't like it. Why won't Rocsi go away?... Looks like a good turnout, I look forward to seeing the movie.
PeaceSilas's picture

That was an unnecessary &

That was an unnecessary & disrespectful thing to say about Ms. Jasmine Guy. Stop the hate Ms. Tasha. Anyhow, I can't wait to see the movie!
DivineBeauty's picture

I wonder what Jasmine Guy did

I wonder what Jasmine Guy did to offend the owner of this site why the 'less washed out than normal' dig. That was quite unprofessional imo.
Realist's picture

Why the jab at Jasmine Guy?

Why the jab at Jasmine Guy? Kim Kardashian looked good.
jgraves58's picture

First whoever writes these

First whoever writes these posts needs spell check and secondly I thought it was disrespectful to say Jasmine Guy was looking "less washed out than usual" SMH

tHIS movie looks horrible!

tHIS movie looks horrible! and it would have been just a bad movie if Kim wasnt in it, but its horrid now! everyone looks ok kandi is just thick as hell...lol no homo!
BritJackson's picture

Everyone looked great even

Everyone looked great even Jasmine Guy. People can be so disrespectful.
EWord's picture

Kim look like a lightskin

Kim look like a lightskin black girl. Nobody "wow"ed me. I guess they didn't really wanna shut it down for this premiere? I wonder why? #pickacoloranycolor #black
SkeeWee's picture

Agree everyone was OK. When

Agree everyone was OK. When Kim first come scene I thought she was a mixed chick for the longest time.
SadieJade's picture

I remember Tyler casting Kim

I remember Tyler casting Kim in a movie titled, The Marriage Counselor. Is this the same movie under a new title? Does anyone know?
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Umm Everybody looked good BUT

Umm Everybody looked good BUT I honestly feel like because this is a big career move for Kim there's no way Kanye shouldn't have been there by her side. Kanye is too selfish for me.
cutethatsall56's picture

It seems like a good movie

It seems like a good movie but I am still sticking to what I said when the movie was first casted. I an not going to support Tyler Perry on this film because he could of choose a better actress for Kim spot. I guess I see it on bootleg cause it not worth my money!
SideShowBob's picture

Tika, like Halle, has great

Tika, like Halle, has great facial features for a pixie cut. Jasmine Guy has always had a strong face, but she is looking great here (Sidebar: That jab was so petty and unnecessary, Natasha.) Helloooo, Mr. Gross. Love a man than can hang a suit! As for the movie, I'll be watching!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Tika and nene with those

Tika and nene with those horrible wigs, who did that to them?
sista2sista's picture

Damn!!!!! Kim looks good

Damn!!!!! Kim looks good
Jesus H. Christ's picture

HA!!!!! said no one EVER!

HA!!!!! said no one EVER!
BritJackson's picture

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