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BOOTY BUDDIES: Christina Milian & Her Girls FLOSS Their Bikini Bods In Cabo

 photo cbeach3_zps48aaeee7.jpg

Christina Milian took an impromptu trip to Cabo with her girls this weekend.  Check out her beach therapy inside....

Singer Christina took a break from mommyhood and hitting the studio to head to Mexico with her girls.  She posted bikini pics from the beach...Spring Break Style...

 photo cbeach6_zpsdc4315c8.jpg  photo cbeach2_zpsa36c3ce5.jpg  photo cbeach1_zps4618c403.jpg  photo cbeach4_zps447c3251.jpg

Christina's been whipping her body back into fab shape after having her 2-year-old Violet Nash.    And the workouts didn't stop on vacay.  She tweeted:

Sweet Vacay! #spontaneous I wouldn't have it any other way......So much dancing in Cabo! I'm gonna be exhausted tomorrow... At least I'll get a #workout!

Fun times!


The Randomness:

1.  NFL baller Dante Stallworth is recovering after he and his girlfriend were burned during a hot air balloon accident. STORY

2.  Denver Broncos baller Elvis Dumervil fired agent after he was unable to find a FAX MACHINE to fax in his $30 million signed contract by the deadline.    STORY


Pics: Instagram




This cutie pie looks good!

This cutie pie looks good!
I_love_laughing's picture

Christina and her girls look

Christina and her girls look nice. Thats right enjoy life girl. Ur still young and beautiful. With all of life's stresses, I WISH that I could grab my ladies and have a girls weekend somewhere tropical. So there will be zero hate from me Lol #GoGirl
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Hey Christina and friends.

Hey Christina and friends. Its clear one of yall wack ass wrote this ish.
JJFad's picture

Christina and her buddies are

Christina and her buddies are looking right! Just missin' me in the middle and its going down!!
Money First's picture

Cabo during college spring

Cabo during college spring break week hmmmm... I guess she wanna get her groove back. I'm not mad at her, what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo...
sexybrownpyt's picture

In my view,I like Christina

In my view,I like Christina Milian and I feel that is a pretty girl and a very good actress but I also believe simultaneously that she by her actions and activities and rather cavalier attitude toward the concept that she now has a child to raise and that she should view it as a very serious responsibility as something that to her is humorous and unimportant,she is both immature and extremely irresponsible as well as reckless by leaving her daughter who happens to be all of 2 years old to go party and hit the beach on vacation with her friends instead of being with her child and later proceeding to post the pics on Twitter as if her actions are something to be proud of which I view as completely ridiculous and totally wrong. In closing,if one wants to know and is curious as why our nation's youth are growing up to be savages,barbarians,and buffoons they do not need to look any further than the irresponsibility,juvenality,and abject ignorance of their parents as to the root cause of the problem.

You obviously have no family

You obviously have no family members (parents, grand-parents) that can babysit your kid while you go somewhere for the weekend. What makes you think Christina Milian has that problem?
jgraves58's picture

The issue that I have with

The issue that I have with Christina Milian is not whether or not she can find someone to monitor and care for her child while she goes out on a vacation with her friends,it is the fact that Christina Milian views the safety,welfare,well-being,and the responsibility that she has to her daughter as secondary to having her version of fun. I merely obect to Christina Milian's behavior because possibly differing from you,I was raised to believe and raised by my mother to believe that the presence of children in one's life are a responsibility and not a toy or a plaything to be casually passed around like a hot potato to anyone and everyone all because of the desire of the parents to relive the lives that they had before they became parents to their children. The fact of the matter is that the ability to see reality as it is,self discipline,a knowledge of responsibility,and the presence of morality in a person's life both equal and are an indication of maturity and it is important to have and to learn.

She's just enjoying The

She's just enjoying The Dream's money. I wish I had a friend that had a rich baby daddy...
Sunshine's picture

This is kinda random but I

This is kinda random but I wonder if Christina ever stops and realizes how much Nick is WINNING right now with his hosting gigs, radio show, Nickalodean expansions, and of course his marriage. You lost one boo.
PeaceSilas's picture

Jesus would pump that girl

Jesus would pump that girl till she sees God
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Gym memo-missed

Gym memo-missed
cutethatsall56's picture

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