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Kevin Clash ACCUSED Of Crystal Meth Infused Sex Parties In New LAWSUIT

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Things aren't getting better for former Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash, who's now being accused of throwing crystal meth infused sex parties.  Find out more inside....


Though the slew of accusations and lawsuits filed against former Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash have dropped from the front pages, Kevin has not been able to dodge new rumors and speculations about his past.  

Kevin's FIRST accuser, aspiring model/actor Sheldon Stephens, who first made headlines for making accusations against Kevin and then recanting them (after a settlement was offered) is now bringing forth even more claims against the Emmy-winner.

Sheldon, who never accepted the terms of the previous settlement (which required him to admit to "making up" the allegations) has filed a new suit which claims Kevin threw sex parties.  Sex parties that included crystal meth and poppers. 

Sheldon also claimed that Kevin's chauffeur participated in the "experience" by allegedly masturbating while watching the pair have sex.  Good grief.

So far, Kevin has not spoken out against the new allegations....and we don't expect him to.    




all i got to say it get your

all i got to say it get your big nose done pedophile and leave mindless behavior alone fag it's enough to keep their manager walter j.milsapp lll off of them as it is why you think their dj soundwave left alright so get a life along with jesus mr. clash "perv"......

OMG, people can be so

OMG, people can be so mean-spirited and just plain sick!!!! and i'm not talking about Kevin Clash either. in this day in age it's all about GREED, MONEY, AND POWER!! all those fuckers want is money and will DO ANYTHING TO GET IT!! Karma is a bitch tho, watch what happens to these idiots down the road......
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I am so tired of them messing

I am so tired of them messing with this man. Leave him alone! I am praying for him and pleading the blood of Jesus on him.
I_love_laughing's picture

I agree!!! leave that man

I agree!!! leave that man alone already!!! smh
KimChi's picture

Yikes! Any man or woman boy

Yikes! Any man or woman boy or girl the doors of the church are open...come as you are...smh
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