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Wendy Williams WINS February Sweeps, Gets More Episodes For Summer + Justin Timberlake CONFIRMS Vol 2 For "The 20/20 Experience," May Play "Daddy Warbucks" In "Annie" REMAKE?!

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Wendy Williams' talk show will increase production this summer following her recent sweeps-week ratings spike.  Get the deets inside and find out about Justin Timberlake confirming a "Vol 2" for  The 20/20 Experience disc and his possible new movie role in the "Annie" remake.

Her "How You Doin?" is raking in more viewers and cash than ever.  So Wendy Williams will now be live throughout the summer, while most talk shows go on hiatus.

"The Wendy Williams Show" fans can enjoy new episodes of the syndicated chatfest through July 2013, following her successful run during February sweeps week. The "Wendy Show" saw a 47% spike in the coveted women's 25-54 demographic last money which translates into big advertising dollars.

The show's production company, Debmar-Mercury, spoke about capitalizing on the ratings gain saying, “Wendy is absolutely thriving. Expanding the number of original episodes will allow us to continue the program’s incredible momentum well into the summer.”

And Wendy spoke about the announcement saying, “I have the greatest fans in daytime TV, and I’m so excited to be giving fans more fun throughout the summer. If it were up to me, we’d have a show every day, all year long!”

Wendy will also be expanding the show's brand in a new "Ask Wendy" book, which hits shelves on May 7.  WORK.


And in music news...

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Although international superstar Justin Timberlake has just released The 20/20 Experience, fans and critics are already amped up about a follow-up.  

Rumors about a sequel to "20/20" first appeared when The Roots' legendary drummer ?uestlove posted a spolier on an Okayplayer forum saying "20/20 Vol. 2 comes out in Nov. 10 songs now ... 10 songs later = 20 vision." 

Once the announcement went viral, Justin decided to confirmed the news with Ryan Seacrest yesterday saying, “I gotta clear a rumor up. This whole thing about this being the first half of the album is true. There is another half. I’m not telling you when it comes out.”  

And fans can expect more collabos from the crooner and rapper Jay-Z (on Vol 2) after he revealed on "106 &Park",  “I don’t want to give too much away, but we’ve done a lot of songs together, so hopefully those will find a way to see the light of day.”

And in addition to music, there's now speculation that Justin could play the role of Daddy Warbucks in the "Annie" remake that Jay-Z is producing. Justin, who served as host of "SNL" five times and stole the show in "The Social Network," has already proven his acting chops.  We're not sure about him fitting this role in particular, but anything's possible. 

A rep from Sony is denying the rumor...for now.



Keeping with the theme of celebs who are putting in major work, spokesman Rick Ross has released a new commercial for Reebok Classics. Though the rapper doesn't speak in the silent film-like commercial, is he starting to flex his acting chops?  You decide....





And btw, ppl kill me talking

And btw, ppl kill me talking about JT like that. Let that man sing whatever he wants to sing. I swear, the internet gives a voice to the most negative, annoying, judgemental ppl everrrr
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

I absolutely LOVE Wendy.

I absolutely LOVE Wendy. She's my Aunt in my head Lol I used to listen to her on WBLS everyday. And when she got her show, I would watch it when I was able to catch it, but now I watch it religiously lol And If I cant catch it, I have it on good ole DVR lol Happy she will be here throughout most of the Summer. Yayy!!
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

I thought as humans, we all

I thought as humans, we all have souls? Where is it written that only black ppl make R&B music? A real musician likes all types of music. Alot of the rappers samples music that are rock music. JT didn't get up one day and say, "Hey, let me make R&B music today". He has always sang r&b even when he was in NSYNC. The songs he wrote for the group has always has a r&b sound to it. It's music ppl, GET OVER IT! He's a great entertainer with multiple talents... I look forward to hearing the new cd
La Dimples's picture

Like the JT album alot and

Like the JT album alot and admire Wendys uphill climb as an entertainer. I give respect where its due.

Instead of hating on JT,

Instead of hating on JT, think about all the R&B musicians he is employing not to mention all the other jobs his music help create and keep families fed. You all focus on the wrong shit. Nothing wrong with someone having some soul. You should feel proud that our music has reached beyond our communities.... Hate on. And if the black community wants to claim R&B music... send someone to the trademark/copyright office.
TheMrs's picture

not understanding the hate on

not understanding the hate on JT although not a big fan of this album I think FutureSex/LoveSounds was a great album plus he's a talented musician if you've seen him perform live

Why is there hate on JT. I

Why is there hate on JT. I like his music and hes down with the brown if you ask me!

LOLLLLL-that's a perfect

LOLLLLL-that's a perfect picture of Wendy with her 'Hi YOU doin'' antics.

i wanna see that Gay Bitch

i wanna see that Gay Bitch eat PUSSY....LIVE on air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I used to feel that way about

I used to feel that way about white people and R&B and then I realized that SOUL is universal. No color to it at all. Justin Timberlake seems cool as hell, funny and talented as a mofo. Instead of saying he hijacked our culture, how about he is doing what comes to him naturally. Who are we to say that he is stealing when that could genuinely be the music he has inside of him. Just because he is white he should have to pretend to be someone else? Make country music or rock or pop just so he doesn't seem like he wants to be Black? We say we want people to be themselves but when they do that's still not good enough because we are right there to tell them they are being fake. JT is not Black and hopefully he doesn't want to be. He should be who he is: A white boy that makes some good R&B.
Camavery's picture

I agree, I can't stand JT and

I agree, I can't stand JT and he is nothing more than a swagger jacker...i guess YBF has to pay it's bills but when did he become a B or F...just my thought.

I'm just irritated at seeing

I'm just irritated at seeing a JT ad as a background for the Young Black and Fabulous!!!! Now you're promoting this hijacker of black culture's acting gigs?!!!! GTFOHWTBS!!!! I cannot stand this white so called jacking of R&B...
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

You are so right MG...he

You are so right MG...he needs to go and have a 1 on 1 experience and fuss up to his dirty handling of the JJ situation.

thats good for wendy, i

thats good for wendy, i guess. i havent watched wendy's show in years but apparently a whole lot of other ppl have. Justin would make a good Daddy Warbucks. he's so cool.
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