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LAUGH AT MY SETTLEMENT: Kevin Hart's EX-Wife Torrei Hart AWARDED $175K In DIVORCE Decision


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The terms of the divorce settlement between Kevin and Torrei Hart have been revealed. Find out how much Torrei is driving away with inside...


Torrei Hart, the comedienne ex-wife of funnyman Kevin Hart will be laughing all the way to the bank following her new divorce settlelment, TMZ reports.  Torrei was awarded a flat sum of $175K and will also receive nearly $20K a month for the support of the couple's two children (8-year-old daughter Heaven Lee and 5-year-old son Hendrix).  According to terms of the couple's pre-nup, Torrei will get an Escalade and will keep her jewelry.

Since Kevin is worth a reported $9 Million bucks, it may seem like he got off easy, but maybethe couple didn't want to drag things out in court.  Plus, Torrei has already proven her own earning "potential" with a series of funny viral spoofs on YouTube.  It's only a matter of time before she stakes her own claim in Hollywood. 




I see a lot of you is

I see a lot of you is applying your emotional view on their divorce situation. Thinking that she should get a lot of money or more money, where she don't have to do anything for the rest of her life. as long as they settle for something that is fair for her to take care of the children , which he has to pay 20,000 per month for his children, and that only shy of 10,000 for Dwayne wades child support. they reach a civil clean divorce which both of them can be happy about no one name dragged threw the mud . black folks always wish bad on each other for no reason at all and loom for the negative.

Peace of Mind is Priceless.

Peace of Mind is Priceless.
GetUrLife's picture

Everyone stay looking for the

Everyone stay looking for the negative side of everythings. Publicly clean divorce, no fighting over kids or money and if they did it was behind closes doors. The way it should be between a husband and wife. I think the most pain come from their marriage being over.
kimaras31's picture

I went to high school with

I went to high school with Torrei. Her and Kevin were together for close to 10 years before he became famous. NO, they DID NOT have a prenuptial agreement. This was all settled in arbitration. She was the main bread winner when they first got married -- meanwhile, he was doing stand up shows at the Laff House for pennies and cheating on her the whole time (yes, he was already cheating on her before he became famous). I don't like the way he dogged her out. He left her for the most exotic thing he could afford as soon as he became famous. Torrei is a SWEETHEART. Too much of a sweetheart if you ask me. When Kevin first left her, he said they were "just separating" not getting a divorce. The poor thing thought he was coming back. Then she saw him flaunting that Kaurreche wanna-be all over town. The fact that she only got $175K boils my blood. He'll get his. Karma don't like ugly.
Sabs4Prez's picture

just because you went to high

just because you went to high school with someone doesnt mean you KNOW if they had a prenup or not....lol anywho, if he was that much of a cheater then she should be happy he is someone else's headache now.
shuga's picture

That settlement doesn't sound

That settlement doesn't sound like much, but $20,000 a month for child support?! Chile that's another $240,000 a year! Chick doesn't have to be funny as long as he remains so.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

In The Words Of The Late

In The Words Of The Late Johnny Taylor...."Its Cheaper To Keep Her"
Keyths'Girl's picture

THAT'S IT $175???? I think he

THAT'S IT $175???? I think he is waaaayyyyy funnier than she is. I aint laughed at one of her dumb ass spoofs YET!
And There Ya Go's picture

Ugh, I wish she could have

Ugh, I wish she could have taken everything from this ugly midget just so he would freaking disappear. He's like the new unimproved D.L. Hughley. I wish the factory that keeps turning out these ignorant woman-hating black "comedians" would just shut down already.
WoolyBlunt's picture

i thought that clown was

i thought that clown was worth more. thank god his 15 minutes is almost up but I have to admit I love the Real Husbands of Hollywood
lola69's picture

Just looking at the numbers,

Just looking at the numbers, it doesn't seem like his ex got alot but I think she did. As long as she lives modestly and sticks to a budget she'll be fine. Plus, their break-up seems amicable so he probably *gives* her money freely-on top of the settlement. But as a man he just didn't want to be *ordered* to do so. And while it might sound hood-fab to ask for the Escalade specifically, how do we know its not in her name? Or wasn't originally bought with HER money before he blew up? Women with kids need to ENSURE transportation. I know someone married to a nutty ass man who used to disappear with their car whenever he got mad; leaving her without a way to get to CHEMO-because she had cancer! So I made a note to myself: always have a VEHICLE.

Sista Godiva it's me

Sista Godiva it's me letsgetit. Now sista when you say "as a man , he don't want to be ordered to do so" it shows me that you know something about brothas and that you grew up in a household were the black man was HEAD. So why u act as if you don't know im coming from I DONT KNOW. Me i wasn't so lucky, the strong independent don't need a man but Jesus was the type of household i grew up in . Now sista why would a woman take that much from a man that's the father of their children , it seems as though black women are trying to break black men SYSTEMATICALLY!! Because the white man and white supremacy is their father and instead of thinking about the kids they thinking about themselves and upholding white supremacy to break down the black family.
LetsGetIt's picture

Hi Letsgetit. Happy Friday.

Hi Letsgetit. Happy Friday. LOL; I'm not gonna do this with you today. She LOVED him--that's why she signed a prenup in the first place and they BOTH agree to the settlement terms of their divorce. Providing for one's kids is NEVER stealing or taking from their father, who in ALL cases, was only too happy to impregnate the woman in the first place. Have a Good Day!!!!! :-)

Black women ARE BREAKING

Black women ARE BREAKING NIGGAS DOWN!!!!!! Goddamn.....
LetsGetIt's picture

"Niggas" are breaking

"Niggas" are breaking "niggas" down...and BTW, no matter who he married, black or not, once he decided NOT to work on the marriage, he was gonna end up in court.
NinaM2012's picture

He is only "hot" for like 5

He is only "hot" for like 5 more minutes like most Flavor Of The Month comics. He is not funny at all to me.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

She's pretty and funny. He's

She's pretty and funny. He's not. If this is the settlement, so be it. I'm just glad it didn't get all ugly in public. We see enough of that.
MrsCPA's picture

Nice,but it ain't no Juanita

Nice,but it ain't no Juanita Jordan broke off sum. Hope she invests for her and her kids future.

LOL!!! who puts an escalade

LOL!!! who puts an escalade in a prenup? niggas, thats who.
shuga's picture

They didn't have a pre-nump.

They didn't have a pre-nump. This is misinformation. They were married far before he was famous.
Sabs4Prez's picture

I just said that in my

I just said that in my head..lol
TrueThinker's picture

Ha! Escalades were probably

Ha! Escalades were probably hot when they got married...
NinaM2012's picture

He's not that funny, if I was

He's not that funny, if I was her, I would start stacking that money for the decreases to come.
SkeeWee's picture

Tell me about it. Him and

Tell me about it. Him and Steve Harvey are two black comedians that you will ever see me falling out at. I might hehe, but you will never see me falling out my seat, stomach hurt pain or tears kind of laugh.

Kudos to them for remaining

Kudos to them for remaining friends/civil and settling things nice and tidy. It's so refreshing to see a couple avoid all the messiness. Now, let's just be more careful about who we marry. ;)
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Not bad.

Not bad.
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