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Porsha Stewart -- Talks Being A "Black Trophy Wife", Her Stepson & Her Music Career

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Porsha Stewart is explaining why she's proud to be the "black trophy wife" of her husband, Kordell.  And if Porsha's newest charming statement isn't enough, she's also dishing on her music career she says she's taking seriously, and explains why her stepson remains hidden on "Real Housewives of Atlanta"...

Everyone's fave 265-days-a-year Housewife chatted up ABC News Radio about a few topics viewers have been wondering about.  Will she actually embark on a music career--seeing that her description of her voice was not hot, and we all know Kordell is trying to control her every move?   Will her stepson ever appear on the show?  And why she feels it's OK to play the trophy wife role.

Why Her Stepson Syre Isn't Featured on RHOA:
"He's a nine-year-old little boy. He's my stepson and I absolutely adore him. We did make the decision not to feature him on the show. [Real Housewives] is something that I decided to do and Kordell signed up to support me. Syre...doesn't have a place on the show for me."

Why She's Proud to Be a Trophy Wife:
"Being a trophy wife per se is not just about your outer looks. It's about the man who has put you on the pedestal and him admiring you and thinking well enough of you to put you up there. And I think it's important for our little girls to know that they can be a princesses and they can have it all...So I feel proud to represent -- and I use the word lightly -- the black trophy wife."

Explains Kordell's Less Than Thrilled Reaction to Her Not Being Pregnant on Last Week's Episode:
"With me suffering a miscarriage before that was difficult for both of us and...at that moment he doesn't want to put too much pressure on it because he knows how much that means to me. And really when you're trying to have a baby the best thing to do is to just not concentrate on it, just let it happen."

"I felt as a newlywed, you know a lot of times you go through things behind closed doors and you feel alone. And I just felt somewhere in there, me telling my story, would help someone."

On Her Music Career:
"I'm working on my sound so I've been working with different producers to get that together. It's a very serious thing to me. It's not just play play. I'm not just trying to put a one-hit wonder. I want my music to really represent me. So I've been taking it seriously here lately. I'll be coming out with a project. ...It'll be about relationships for sure and it'll just speak to that, speak to love and the struggles, and the ups and the downs and the great moments, all of that. It'll be something that -- a soundtrack to our life."

Gotta love that Porsha.  The "RHOA" finale and 3-part reunion special are airing soon on BRAVO....




Her body is ridiculous! If

Her body is ridiculous! If their marriage works for them, than more power to them.
sianna1's picture

People keep hating on Porsha

People keep hating on Porsha but the fact is this -- there is a reason why women like Kim Kardashian and Porsha get chose by rich and powerful men. Have you ever seen the two of them get angry and violent? No. Have you ever seen them chastise their man? No. Have you ever seen them disobey their men? No. Now, I HATE Kim Kartrashian just as much as the next person but I understand her game; and, it's the same game Porsha prescribes too. Black men keep dating outside their race supposedly because Black women are too aggressive. Feminism, obedience and a bit of ditzy will get you a long way. There is a lot to be learned from this young woman, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.
Sabs4Prez's picture

I like Porscha and she's

I like Porscha and she's Black Barbie beautiful. True be told out of all these bullsh*t wives shows about Basketball and Football Wives, Porscha is exactly the trophy wife I expect from an athlete. She is the ideal trophy wife of a ball player. Beautiful black woman, ditzy, shops a lot but nice. Not scandalous tramps like Adrienne Bosh, who's nothing but dressed up groupie trash. Porscha and Cordell's marriage is THEIR freaking business. Everyone has all this say but I bet they are either NOT married or have some sh*t in their relationship or marriage that is questionable too.
JJFad's picture

Who is she?

Who is she?
Realist's picture

porsha is fyne....i just cant

porsha is fyne....i just cant believe that bruno mars cocaine trouble..i mean just google kelsnetork
reane's picture

Who told the female version

Who told the female version of ARSENIO HALL she was a TROPHY WIFE, with that mouth full of GAZILLION TEETH! It is NOT CUTE for the WORLD to see you week after week as the DUMB BLACK CHICK who has to act even DUMBER just to PLEASE her husband! If Trophy wife to Porscha means being BOSSED and being talked DOWN TO than these 2 deserve each other. Rumor has it Bravo won't be asking The Stewart's back anyway because they are BORING! Some you are taking it out of context when it says letting your husband be the lead. That's only when you are with a men with some DAMN SENSE Porsha following Kordell is like the BLIND FOLLOWING THE BLIND, and we all know how that ends. Other Trophy wives were: Nicole Murphy and we all see where PILAR SANDER'S has ended up with LOSING ALL HER KIDS. In the end it's NEVER WORTH DUMBING YOURSELF DOWN just to be SHELVED down the line like and old TROPHY anyway! Smh
Shay's picture



I'm getting ready to move to

I'm getting ready to move to Houston.... Is it really "Mexico" now :(
Cutie_Pie's picture

Yep it sure is. Been here for

Yep it sure is. Been here for 12 years and moving in Sept. So glad. My sister already moved away.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

I like Porsha!! Can't hate

I like Porsha!! Can't hate on you girl!!
mahogany24's picture

I like Porcha....she can be

I like Porcha....she can be an airhead at times, but I think she's a nice person. I hate how all the women gang up on her like something is wrong with her marriage, but the truth is she's still young and needs guidance. A real man, like Kordell, takes more of a "father-figure" approach to help her grow because he loves her and wants her to be a successful person. She obviously needs that type of love.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Thats an amazing way to put

Thats an amazing way to put it.
kimaras31's picture

I totally agree she allows

I totally agree she allows him to be a man and they have an old school type of marriage. I'm sure he supports all of her dreams but in reality it is hard to have a grounded family life and a successful career. You do have to choose and decide which one will get your full attention and what will have to come second. I luv her dingy personality and his country bunkinness I wish them the best
blkcrk's picture

I ain't mad at you

I ain't mad at you Porscha...Do U........Your hair is always fly but some reason you look like a horse face here#js
star's picture

Porsha allows Kordell to

Porsha allows Kordell to control and treat her like crap, I do not watch that often but hte couple of times I have, Kordell behaved like a jerk and Porsha goes along just to get along. IMO Porsha is not that cute so maybe, if Kordell is gay as some of you say , he married her because she looks like a dude. Just saying. LOL!!
sweetpea1989's picture

I like Porsha, I think that

I like Porsha, I think that she means well. I understand a man being proud of you in terms of looks and otherwise, but when u use the term "trophy wife", ppl may automatically look at it negatively..And I dont really wanna hear anything musically from her, ppl prob wouldnt take her seriously but we'll see lol
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

the messgae you want girls to

the messgae you want girls to get is don't dance for dollars or use your body to make it and being proud of being a trophy wife is like saying legalize prostitution.
lola69's picture

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha! (in

Porsha, Porsha, Porsha! (in my Jan Brady voice) girl! Wake Up! She special yall. Real special....smh......
JewelryLover's picture

All she need to do now is

All she need to do now is have Kandi produce it. the Black Kim Zoliack
lola69's picture

I can't believe they didn't

I can't believe they didn't address Korbell being gay and why he retired from football. Everyone knows he was caught having sex with a tranny. That girl is so dumb and naive, it irks me.
JD's picture

he retired because of the gay

he retired because of the gay rumors and he was not a good QB. When he was in Chicago he was terrible. plus he is suppose to be Religious and that is why he has not come out.
lola69's picture

why she stays w/ a man who

why she stays w/ a man who treats her like garbage on national tv is beyond me.
wildlife's picture

Hmmm, I don't think he treats

Hmmm, I don't think he treats her like garbage. He treats hers like d typical "gay" husband, affectionate, appear 2 b understanding n helping her dumb a$$ stand up 4 herself. If I was d type that didn't think n want on my own, he would b d perfect guy 2 b with- only responsibilites, monthly obligation of sex n look pretty all d time- well I'm glad I'm me n I do whatever d hell I want, legally :-)
Natasha Williams's picture

she needs money her broke ass

she needs money her broke ass family does not have money. she does not come from money and will suck or fuck whoever to get it. it's not like she can make any herself.
lola69's picture

You must be confused because

You must be confused because Porsha is the granddaughter of civil rights leader and MLK right hand man, Hosea Williams. They are wealthy civil rights legacy family out of Atlanta. She was raised a straight up Princess, so everything on that show fits her to a T. Her family lineage was discussed on the show and all over Twitter. Even if you Google her you can see that. If that Kordell left her tomorrow she would be just fine financially.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

yeah - okay.

yeah - okay.

Atl went from potentially

Atl went from potentially being the "New Black Mecca" to wtf is this nigga shit!! The new black spot i see on the rise is HOUSTON. The new black super power country on the rise IS BRAZIL. And real brotha or sista in atl i'd advise you to leave.
LetsGetIt's picture

I agree on the new black

I agree on the new black country is Brazil, its always been. I guess now people are paying attention to the country now (Finally!!!). However, Houston as the new black spot......mehhh? Houston is not like Atlanta. Houston is a very diverse city, but we have more Latin communities growing rapidly.
designer_c's picture

You Brazilian??? And yea it's

You Brazilian??? And yea it's diverse but from what i saw black people are doing quite well in Houston, i don't know to many other good black spots in America all the rest got soo much fucking crime it's ridiculous.
LetsGetIt's picture

Boo I live in Houston. That

Boo I live in Houston. That time has come and gone. That is Mexico now and forever. Find a new black heaven.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

Mexicans are taking Texas,

Mexicans are taking Texas, Arizona and California back (used to be their territory). So I guess the chickens are coming home to roost per say. Austin is becoming the same way. You can hardly find a good job there if you are not bi-lingual.
precioustx's picture

It's Mexico now :(...... Last

It's Mexico now :(...... Last time i went to houston it was great, i loved it, i didn't see alot of mexicans.
LetsGetIt's picture

This dumb witted broad need

This dumb witted broad need to go back to school. she lives off her grandfather legacy and has nothing to contribute besides her skills in the bedroom. then again she is his beard. he ain't looking for nothing else but a trophy. he is loving the dick atlanta offers
lola69's picture

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