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T.I., Usher, Toya & More PARTY IT UP With D'Usse Cognac In Atlanta

 photo jeeze10_zpsdac20c19.jpg

Last night, celebs and semi-celebs hit up the official tasting of Jay-Z’s D’USSE Cognac hosted by T.I. at Vanquish Lounge in Atlanta.  Check out who came out to party with some "drank" inside....

 photo jeeze7_zps9d60f42c.jpg

Toya Wright and her friend Shaneka Adams partied with The Gidewon Group and Jacob York Presents at the one night only event last night.


 photo jeeze8_zps5326429b.jpg 

Buckeey broke away from trying to land another spot on the new season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" long enough to attend.

 photo jeeze6_zps0e069bf5.jpg

T.I. performed for the crowd and introduced new music.  He also performed an exclusive remix to Drake’s single “Started From the Bottom”.

 photo jeeze18_zps2d23814e.jpg

TIP's homies Usher and Jeezy were in the mix:

 photo jeeze4_zps9ea5a6bd.jpg  photo jeeze3_zps7972f271.jpg    photo jeezz1_zps796a03a8.jpg  photo jeeze16_zps7738f3a8.jpg

 photo jeeze2_zpsfa3ef0c5.jpg

And look who else?  Stalkin' Walter...

 photo jeeze15_zps47487cd8.jpg  photo jeeze13_zps7951dc73.jpg   photo breeze22_zpsd67e957f.jpg

And Jermaine Dupri also came out to kick it with the homies.  Fun times.


Photo Credit: CME 3000/The Gidewon Group and Jacob York Presents




Who let Walter's OLD a$$ in?¿

Who let Walter's OLD a$$ in?¿ Did somebody call for a toe?¿ SECURITY!¡!¡!¡
GetUrLife's picture

I HATE Atlanta! I've had

I HATE Atlanta! I've had enough! They keep calling it the Black Hollywood. NO! It's the Black "Hood". Tons of people with no talent ready to get on television and talk about nothing. No one hones their craft. No ones polished. Everyone feels entitled. I'm just sick of it. They talk about their money like you can't get a 6 bedroom home in the suburbs for $300K. I've had enough! NO MORE FRONTING! ATLANTA IS WHERE ALL THE BROKE, WANNA-BE and WAS-ONCE-UPON-A-TIME BLACK PEOPLE GO TO ACT LIKE THEY ARE SOMEBODY. JD? Buckeye? Walter? The wanna-be famous twitter model? I can't look at this 'ish anymore. Atlanta is no longer relevant.
Sabs4Prez's picture

I love the 80's, but these

I love the 80's, but these dudes look like they are stuck in a time capsule. Two words from the 80's to describe these dudes "Country" and "Corny"
gossip girl's picture

Lol did all the dudes call

Lol did all the dudes call each other up to pick out their outfits? Why is Atlanta always so tacky.
imjussaying's picture


gossip girl's picture

I wonder if Walter has any

I wonder if Walter has any success getting 20 something girls/women? He has a Towing business so he has some money. I guess that would be enough for some. He's trying to be a baller but he doesn't have the dollars or the looks for that. If we are talking about looks, Kendra is a serious catch for him cause he is NOTHING in the looks department.
LBA1's picture

The girls look nice/pretty in

The girls look nice/pretty in all black in the first pic. Buckey-Bleh, yuck Lol And we all know Walter is there trying to scout for some new young 20 something (OR late teen lol) year old thangs lol ATL looks like a lot of fun, but also looks like one big popularity contest..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Toya needs a new look. The

Toya needs a new look. The Shaneka chick looks pretty. I think that bob cut she is rocking would look nice on Toya instead of that tired curly high school look. Buckeey always look horrible. It's like she tries her best to look as horrible as possible.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

Toya is cute but she has no

Toya is cute but she has no neck, Buckee looks a mess, JD will always have the look of "I Fucked UP BiG" for letting Janet Jackson get away!, Will Walter Big Old Greasy CRATER FAT FACE just go away some where? Geezzz! Celebities like Usher mixed with D-lister's, I just can't with ATL! I have to have diversity where I live, I can't I can't!
Shay's picture

...and WHY is Walter's

...and WHY is Walter's geriatric/APWU eligible arse there??

Ohhhh, but where to start.

Ohhhh, but where to start. Toya looks cute, Buckey looks confused (it's not Halloween, boo, so please put your superhero costume back on reserve), Usher and those d*mn red shoes he loves, JD and all his shortcomings...just wowser. Anyway, TIP and Jeezy still got that swag.
MrsCPA's picture

mustve been an "all black

mustve been an "all black everything" party because NO ONE wore any color.
shuga's picture

Funny how we all feel the

Funny how we all feel the same just looking at the pics. Seems like a room full of misery and shallowNess
ladyzema's picture

And Homos.......especially

And Homos.......especially the Libra kind like Usher, Jeezy, Jermaine.........................Damn the whole lot...LOL
star's picture

Toyas is one sexy ass

Toyas is one sexy ass sista!!! And she got a thing for dark brothas,which is rare amongst black women especially brown and dark skinned women, because most of them like lighter men so they can have children that look damn near white or lighter than them.. NOT ALL but most for the record, MOST I SEE THAT IS. So don't comment with the silly shit.
LetsGetIt's picture

Do me a favor and DO NOT

Do me a favor and DO NOT speak for us. #idiot
PeaceSilas's picture

I said not all sista, why u

I said not all sista, why u mad i dont know.
LetsGetIt's picture

she got pregnant by lil wayne

she got pregnant by lil wayne in jr. high school and thats how you know she likes dark skin men??? o_O must.resist.tempation.to.feed.troll
shuga's picture

lil wayne, the brotha

lil wayne, the brotha memphitz all dark brothas so far!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I am dark skinned and would

I am dark skinned and would love a dark skinned man so that my kids can be dark. Unfortunately, my man is caramel. Hopefully, my genes are strong enough to have some chocolate babies.
Shaysaidit's picture

WTF? TROLL I don't have

Shay's picture

Yes he does. He really truly

Yes he does. He really truly seriously genuinely does and should have his head examined stat.
PeaceSilas's picture


LetsGetIt's picture

WOW WHAT? Oh I'm ready for

WOW WHAT? Oh I'm ready for you! I have lived from the east coast to the west coast growing up, my parents had good jobs, so while one of my father's job's at the time was in NC Research Triangle Park RTP, I saw was very wealthy DARKED SKINNED Men from Africa dating brown skin to very light skinned women, ALL THE TIME. It was the thing in the 90's at that time. SO YOUR POINT IS WHAT? My mom is from there blacks are very mixed there. I see alot of being dating every where cross the color of lines color. So I don't know where you are from but I URGE YOU to GET out of the BOX, CELL or ATTIC you are in and see the REAL world. These women don't care about these men COMPLEXION any more, they care more about their POCKETS! YOU REALLY NEED TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM and get over your REJECTION from what ever type of women REJECTED you or simply did not go for your type! If you are from Mississippi or Alabama I realize you can't help your BACKWARDNESS!
Shay's picture

Sista, sista, if you read

Sista, sista, if you read what i said, I TOLD YOU , NOT ALL!!!!! I say this a million times to you black women, but alot of you feel guilty!!Now if it's the 90's , you have to think sista, THAT WAS THE ERA when black women were dogging black men on NATIONAL TELEVISION, on shows like sally, ricky lake, donohue, latifa , oprah, etc!!! And even before the 90's black women were dogging dark skinned brotha out. IT WAS UNTIL THE 90'S WHEN WHITE WOMEN started dating darker men was when yall all of a sudden act as if yall like them brothas HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Not alllllllllllllllllll, but from what i saw thats what was going on.Because in the 80's black women had the pretty boy light skinned de'barge fetish going on!! JUST BEING REAL HERE!!! Black women have always had a color issue, because she was the one playing in the white girls hair being the mammy , and telling her own kids how nappy their hair is.She was the one telling the black children tuck their lips in around white folks, she was the one saying don't be out in the sun because you gone turn black!!! BLACK MEN WASN'T SAYING THAT SHITTTTTTTT, AND IF WE DID SAY THAT SHIT , WE LEARNEDDDDDDDDDDDD IT FROM BLACK WOMENNNNNNN. Real black men love black women of all shadessssss, its these single parent indoctrinated by black women ass negros that are color struck. SHIT THE WHITE WOMAN TO ME HAS A PLAN LOOK, NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT IT AT ALL. But black women put them such on a high pedestal and try to look like them and it got negros breaking their neck to get one themselves because IN MOST BLACK WOMEN HOMES WHITEEEEEEEEE ISSS THE STANDARD OF BEAUTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting with religion then going down to hair and looks!!!!! BUT HEYYYY DON'T GET MAD AT ME, IM JUST TELLING YOU WHAT I SEEN IN THE WEST COAST AND IN THE SOUTH SISTAAA!!! Up north might be different I DON'T KNOW.!!!!But don't come down on me sista
LetsGetIt's picture

Reluctantly LMAO @ u

Reluctantly LMAO @ u

Looks like all of the women

Looks like all of the women shopped the clearance rack for their dresses and accessories: and all the dudes went Run DMC 80's-style with the shades & gold chains. J. Dupri's shades are as big as he is short...

The "party/standing around

The "party/standing around with a drink in their hand", scene is so tired.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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