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Lola Monroe Shows Her Post Baby Bod + Christina Milian Rocks Unleash'd Magazine

 photo lolapostbaby_zpsb46327a0.png

Rapper Lola Monroe just welcomed her brand new baby boy Brixton Royal two weeks ago.  And she's already out and about showing off her post baby bod.  Check the pic inside, plus Christina Milian glamming it up for Unleash'd magazine...

Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang's first lady Lola Monroe was spotted out in L.A. wearing a colorful jacket from Daniel Parsons' "Certified Fly" collection.  The new mom--who popped up on Cassie's "All Girls Everything" remix--looked cute makeup free and in sneakers.


 photo unleaschm1_zpsc3778834.jpg

And 31-year-old mommy Christina Milian looks hot for the new issue of UNLEASH'D magazine.  As she promotes tonight's premiere of "The Voice," the show's social media correspondent is getting glammed up mod style. 

Here's a few behind the scenes shots:

 photo unleas9_zps20ee5f78.jpg  photo unleash10_zpsc1c7010c.jpg  photo unleasc4_zpsca58f168.jpg  photo unleasc5_zps8a723679.jpg  photo unleas7_zps7de8d2f7.jpg  photo uncl2_zps4617ec1a.jpg  photo unlc1_zps52f7c662.jpg

Usher & Shakira make their debut tonight on "The Voice," and Ms. Milian will be handling the social media and interviews.




C Milian's "selfies" are cute

C Milian's "selfies" are cute but that cover is "TO DIE" for (literally...I would die if someone had me looking like that on their cover). Anyway, Lola is a beautiful girl. However, in this photo she looks horrible. Flat weave? Tacky outfit? Sneakers? Don't fall off Lola. I know it's hard to be a mom and to stay sexy but you have to keep it up. You can do it!
Sabs4Prez's picture

Lola ... best you ever looked

Lola ... best you ever looked ---> Real and as for Christina... fakest you ever looked.


star's picture

What in the photoshopped

What in the photoshopped foolery?!? And then you post the airbrushed version as a candid? My goodness!
Santi114's picture

That hair in the cover shot

That hair in the cover shot just didnt work for me.
Realist's picture

Photo shoot fab.

Photo shoot fab.
TeaNicole's picture

Lola need to sit her ass down

Lola need to sit her ass down somewhere before her uterus falls out. Geesh, it's only been 2 weeks. Stay home and bond with the baby.
DreadfulBeauty's picture


LMAOOOO at (UTERUS FALL OUT) you sound like my grandmother..she told my friend the same thing when she was outside after having her baby!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Christina looks gorgeous as

Christina looks gorgeous as usual, and Lola looks cool. Her bag is cute, not 100% who makes it though
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

I have never heard of these

I have never heard of these whack low level magazines. Christina will appear on anything and everyting to get publicity. Lola whomever she is looks okay.
sweetpea1989's picture

Welp, Blue is her color

Welp, Blue is her color (looks like the Baby Jesus's eyeballs)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

That doesn't even look like

That doesn't even look like C. Milian on the cover. Lola looks ok.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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