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Brandy & Lauren London Hit Up "WENDY", Talk "The Game," "Temptation" & WEDDING Details

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Brandy dropped by "The Wendy Williams Show" today to promote her role in "Tyler Perry's Temptation" and the 100th episode of "The Game." Watch Brandy dish about her new movie, her engagement to Ryan Press and tonight's season premiere with Lauren London and Jay Ellis inside.....


The gorgeous Brandy, in a Kenzo printed cardigan and matching skirt with Nicholas Kirkwood dotted sandals, appeared on The Wendy Williams Show this morning where she talked about her role in "Tyler Perry's Temptation", the day Ryan Press popped the question, and working on "The Game."

When talking about her upcoming wedding, she revealed that Ryan proposed on Christmas Day.  She said that as soon as her father prayed over dinner, she opened her eyes and saw Ryan down on his knees with a ring.  She knew the "big question" was coming at some point but was still surprised at the timing.

And when it comes to the special day, she said she hopes to have a big wedding, but isn't sure if she'll sign up for a wedding-themed reality show. She added that her 10-year-old daughter Sy’rai will be the maid of honor saying, “She’s my best friend. I love her unconditionally.”  

And longtime Brandy fans may also play a role in the process as she stated, “I just wish I could invite a lot of my core fans to the wedding because they’ve been there for me for so long."  

She also talked about her role in "Tyler Perry's Temptation" where she plays a woman holding onto a dark secret and she discussed being "Chardonnay" on this season of "The Game."  

Watch Brandy's interview here:


And later in the show....

New stars of "The Game," Lauren London and Jay Ellis, also stopped by to chat about tonight's season opener.  Lauren, who wore a sexy slit dress from Rihanna's River Island collection, was offered a "prayer cloth" by Wendy because that slit was on 100.

Wendy went on to ask Lauren about the health of her baby's father, Lil' Wayne, and she said "He's great.....His album comes out today."  She remarked that being a single mother is hard for anyone--whether you're a celebrity or not.

Watch Lauren London, Jay Ellis and Brandy promote "The Game" above.

The Game's sixth season premieres on BET tonight at 10 p.m. ET.


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Glad Brandy made a come back

Glad Brandy made a come back and still going strong.. goes to show tht the move to fire her Momager was a great move.
D_real1's picture

Lauren London is such a

Lauren London is such a beautiful woman but it looks like she's had some work done on her cheek bones

Lauren is GORG! Brandy's

Lauren is GORG! Brandy's shoes are HAWT... Wendy Williams is GROSS

Brandy has such fabulous

Brandy has such fabulous style. I love her look! Always beautiful.
Denise2007's picture

Brandy is such a lady!¡!

Brandy is such a lady!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

Lauren London is too damn

Lauren London is too damn gorgeous! Brandy looks amazing too..loving her smile!
Beautyfulones's picture

Yeah the women are looking

Yeah the women are looking real right! I will definitely support the show..B.E.T. it all on BLACK!!
Money First's picture

Brandy has been glowing

Brandy has been glowing lately...I'm so glad she's happy...for a minute there she had let her looks go to pot...
cutethatsall56's picture

I love Brandy!

I love Brandy!
Marniece's picture

i couldn't stand to be in the

i couldn't stand to be in the same room as lauren london she is way too gorgeous. her skin is just glowing. brandy looks lovely shes been looking better and better every time i see her
litebrite's picture

Sorry "But" i will not be

Sorry "But" i will not be watching the Game...Ms London "that was too much" (Weave)
REd™'s picture

brandy just gave me a

brandy just gave me a shoegasm..i cant believe beyonce finally supported the gays...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Brandy is looking great these

Brandy is looking great these days

nice pair of get-away-sticks

nice pair of get-away-sticks on that damsel
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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