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BRAVO's "Married To Medicine" Premieres To RECORD Ratings, Sparks Online Petition...And Rebuttal From Cast Members

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Despite protests from critics, Bravo's latest reality series "Married To Medicine" was a hit straight out the gate.  Find out about the series' record ratings inside and read the online petition that outraged the show's stars inside....


 Say what you will, but Bravo seems to always grab those ratings when it comes to brown-skinned women and reality shows.  It may be at the expense of exposing only certain types of brown-skinned women, but most folks aren't trying to hear that.

While Starter Wives Confidential and The Sisterhood were all shown the door, and season 3 of "Love & Hip Hop" saw dismal ratings, Bravo's latest offering, "Married To Medicine" was a hit with audiences on Sunday evening.  

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series held onto the audience who watched "RHOA" on Sunday and drew 1.9 million viewers. That rating hit all of the key demographics and became the network's most-watched premiere for a non-spinoff and earned the highest number for a Bravo series launch since "Bethenny Getting Married" in 2010.

But the series' record ratings WON'T be cheerful news to a group of medical students at Howard University who started an online petition hoping to discredit the show.  And online petitions are nothing to be taken lightly since we saw "the little petition that could" destroy "All My Babies' Mamas" before it even aired.  

The posting from the outraged students said, 

Black female physicians only compose 1% of the American workforce of physicians. Due to our small numbers, the depiction of Black female doctors in media, on any scale, highly affects the public's view on the character of all future and current African American female doctors. Bravo's "Married to Medicine" not only exploits the 6 lives of its Black female cast members, but, through its advertisements and commercials, heavily associates Black females in medicine with materialism, "cat fights", and unprofessionalism.

In a time when doctors are being held to very high standards by the public and each other, it is unfathomable for such a depiction of medicine and black women to be broadcast on tv where it will be inevitably available for years to come, on the internet and through other media outlets.

Additionally, as residency positions are becoming increasingly more competitive (particularly for Black women) and contingent upon social behavior of graduating medical students, this depiction will only hinder black female physicians from attaining competitive residencies. Hence, for the sake of integrity and character of black female physicians, we must ask that Bravo immediately remove and cancel "Married to Medicine" from its channel, website, and any other media.

Hmmm.....now that "Married To Mediciine" had proven to be a moneymaker for Bravo (at least THIS week), we don't see Andy Cohen and his counterparts cancelling that mug. Apparently, America wants to see the "Diva Doctor" and the superficial doctors' wives.

The students' efforts did spark a response from a few of the show's castmembers who have been doing their promo rounds.  During another recent interview, several ladies of the cast took issue with the students starting a petition for a show they'd never seen and cautioned that their focus should be on books....not reality tv.

It will be interesting to watch this play out.  



 Photos via Hyosub Shin/ajc.com




The show is degrading except

The show is degrading except for Dr.Jackie.I bet she wishes she had declined the offer.

Goodness, does every black

Goodness, does every black woman in Atlanta have a ridiculous weave/lacefront? It's almost hard to watch anything involving black Atlanta not oly because of the ignorance but because of all the acres of dead Indian hair and lace front glue fumes choking my tv.
WoolyBlunt's picture

I watched it and while I did

I watched it and while I did find it kinda ghetto, I have to admit that the actual black doctors, behaved professional and classy to me the entire show. It's the "wives" that are always out of pocket! I get what this petition is trying to say, I think it's reaching though too. I would have to see at least another episode before I can really place my bet
Its.Britney.Bitch's picture

While I understand what the

While I understand what the students are saying, I swear that Black people are giving WAY too much power away by allowing others to dictate our futures based on TV shows (which is their belief). I don't care how many negative shows about Black women are on TV, Imma still be successful because of MY hard work. Why play the victim when nothing negative has happened to you instead of MINDING YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS AND LIVE!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Well one thing is for certain

Well one thing is for certain the last statement sums it all up...Why the hell are they not concentrating on their books instead of reality TV? Good or bad, love or hate it I would be mad as hell if my child were in med school and thought this was worth their time and/or effort to protest any damn thing instead of focusing on their career! I have friends who went to med school and they had no idea what was even on TV during that time!!!
Money First's picture

Is anyone else also appalled

Is anyone else also appalled that African American women only make up 1% of the nations doctors? It's time we get our girls interested in science and math. That's a disgusting figure.
Sabs4Prez's picture

one thing I make sure I do is

one thing I make sure I do is have a black ob/gyn and a black dentist. And I pay those co-payments with pride.
shuga's picture

Fuck that retarded ass show.

Fuck that retarded ass show. I didn't even tune in to SEE if it was worth watching. So sick of ratchet, shallow reality tv.
sianna1's picture

It was HORRIBLE and Ihope it

It was HORRIBLE and Ihope it dies a quick death.

It was HORRIBLE and Ihope it

It was HORRIBLE and Ihope it dies a quick death.

I was intrigued to see who

I was intrigued to see who would be against a black show on physicians, since we've been shouting at these networks to create a show based on professional black women instead those in the entertainment industry. BUT reading this petition, it was well written and makes a perfect case. Only problem is, people will only watch a show with high drama. Sad but true.
Yas's picture

Yeah, I agree. People are

Yeah, I agree. People are attracted to drama.
Ethel Mertz's picture

I refused to watch it. When a

I refused to watch it. When a small commercial of it was on here months ago and it showed one wife acting like a ghetto fool and a fight at a pool, I knew I would never watch it on tv or even again online. I have come to despise Andy Cohen because I think he gets off having these loud mouth clownish black women on tv. Everything we do is belittled. Now we can't even be taken serious as doctors??!! I have signed the petition as well.
JJFad's picture

I think Andy Cohn is secretly

I think Andy Cohn is secretly a Klan member, and has a plan to destroy black women. Its the only thing that makes sense.
Bocagal's picture

I do think that the ratings

I do think that the ratings were high but ONLY for the first show. I watched it once and will not be watching it again. The blonde african american woman on the show is the 2nd coming of Tamar. She acts exactly like her and uses some of the same nonsensical sayings.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

let us stop watching this

let us stop watching this drama and that sends the message when this crap is cancelled.
lola69's picture

black women can't do anything

black women can't do anything but be loud, ghetto, ignorant, and gold diggers. I am sick of Bravo defining Women of Color but that ugly Quan is sure playing the stereotype. she ain't no doctor and he is questionable the one she is married too. both look Shady
lola69's picture

I think in the case of Bravo

I think in the case of Bravo the network, it's not just an issue with black women, but women in general. NONE of the shows on Bravo serve to uplift women or portray us in a positive light. The Real Housewives are almost all gold-diggers, catty, materialistic, and tear each other down. Go down the list. Millionaire Matchmaker...put a bunch of women in a room and watch them fight for rich men. Shahs of Sunset...the women are materialistic, superficial, and most can't support themselves. Vanderpump Rules, Don't Be Tardy for The Party, Gallery Girls...the list goes on and on. Women need to demand more of Bravo the network, not just specific shows on the network.
DesignDiva's picture

AGAIN, I have to vent on

AGAIN, I have to vent on sistas with these 18-22 inch weaves. Do they even sell 10-12 inche tracks anymore?
Somerknight's picture

What the public fail to

What the public fail to understand that even though the white housewives shows are just as ghetto & ignorant, white women are balanced as how they are deplicted on tv. White women are on so many different shows, mostly scripted and continue to be viewed as smart & desirable. Black women are scattered among scripted tv shows. Most of the black women on tv are on these hood rat reality shows. When u have people in states like Iowa & the Dakata's who never see black people on a daily basis, these reality shows is what they have to go by. SAD!
Somerknight's picture

100% Correct except you

100% Correct except you spelled Dakota wrong #oops
SkeeWee's picture

This show is GHETTO. Amazing,

This show is GHETTO. Amazing, that black women are never portrayed as classy and sophisticated. The reality shows with black women are a disgrace. And, the sad thing, is that these women on these shows are under the impression that money equates to class and sophistication. Why can't we ever be depicted as ladies? You don't RHOC, RHOBH, or any white female show on Bravo, acting like their black counterparts. And for the record, RHOATL and Atlanta Medicine are high rated shows, because white people are watching them, because they are the only group that actually carries the nielson rating system in their homes, while black homes donot or their broken. So, that says one thing, the folks at Bravo are catering to those white families that want/like to see black women act in such a negative matter. We are being made to look despicable, and if black women better complain, because if not, it will only get worse. I wish someone would call in, and let Andy know on-air how demeaning his depiction of African American women really is.

You must not really watch the

You must not really watch the other housewives, New Jersey, OC, BH, Miami...they act just as worse...but no one seems to call them out
DW's picture

The white Housewives casts do

The white Housewives casts do act just ignorant, but they're not pulling in the ratings like Atlanta and Doctor's wives. People, including whites, like to see black women, especially, act out and Bravo knows what sells. Simple as that.
Queen247's picture

The thing is that the actual

The thing is that the actual female doctors are the more composed women, its the ghetto Dr. wives who bring the antics, but I love how shady the older Dr is sheeeeee be dishing it, but I can see her leaving after the season, she looks like she signed up just because her friend did, but is not into it AT ALL. I truly understand where the students are coming from. We do already have an uphill battle w/o all the shit on tv. Totally understandable.
SkeeWee's picture

i didn't see the show, but i

i didn't see the show, but i do agree with the med students on this argument.
diamond2012's picture

coon tv. just signed the

coon tv. just signed the petition.
wildlife's picture

Stunned by this show. The

Stunned by this show. The worst depiction of black women of any of the reality shows featuring us on TV today. The "hood rich" vibe of the show was too much for me. Money? Check. Class? Uh, no. The two DO NOT necessarily go together, ladies. I'm not sure they can even evolve and turn this nonsense around!
thisclose's picture

Oh well you cant believe

Oh well you cant believe everything you read the show isnt that interesting I watched the show when my regular show went to commercial break
Tippie Toes's picture

I saw 10 mins of it and

I saw 10 mins of it and turned the channel I did however see Mariah on WWHL with Andy Cohen and she was just TOO EXTRA for me. Didn't like her personality at all. I refuse to believe a group of successful women cant get along...but then again I guess drama sells and brings in ratings


Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit....only 2 of them are Doctors and both are Vagina Doctors. Are female Vagina Doctors Gay Lezzy's????? Cuz Jesus would never be a Dick or Butthole Doctor unless i was a Homosexual............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Good luck Bravo with your

Good luck Bravo with your "Bring Down Women" one show at a time project (with Andy Cohen geeking in the background like a twirp). The women on your reality shows are CLOWNS and you're happy to show them clowning as you march all the way to the bank. Admirable!
Denise2007's picture

Id rather watch Doc

Id rather watch Doc McStuffins with my 3 year old.
shuga's picture

LOL... My daughter and I love

LOL... My daughter and I love Doc McStuffin!!! So true. This show perpetuates a stereotype that all black women and women in general are catty and materialistic. I agree with the students on this one. The laid it out well.
Just observing's picture

LOL! Exactly. It's a sad day

LOL! Exactly. It's a sad day when cartoons are better role models.
Niknik's picture

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