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BREAKING: Kordell Stewart FILES FOR DIVORCE From Porsha!

 photo Porsha-Stewart-And-Kordell-Stewart-Photo-1_zps8fc0871b.jpg

Well isn't THIS the twist of the reality century?  Credible reports state that Kordell Stewart has indeed filed those papers on his "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star of a wife, Porsha Stewart.  Deets inside....

The reality curse strikes again! 

Access Atlanta reports that Kordell Stewart has filed a petition for divorce from his wife of almost 2 years, Porsha Stewart.  And he did so at Fulton County Court on March 22nd--AFTER the cast's taping of the season 5 reunion.  Kordell skipped out on the reunion show.  As for why Kordell filed:

"Petitioner, after marrying respondent, a cast member on the "Real Housewives of Atlanta," on May 21, 2011, is seeking divorce as the marriage is irretrievably broken."

Did Kordell watch this season and see exactly who he married and had a good thinking over about their decision to marry?  Or did Porsha start pushing back against Kordell's seemingly controllable behavior?  Or possibly none of the above. 

Porsha has yet to comment on this filing, but her tone on her Twitter account has changed over the last few days about leaving show. 

She tweeted last night that "no decisions have been made" in regards to her returning for another season. 

We reported previously, we have on the BEST authority that Porsha was indeed leaving the show due to her husband Kordell.  And we were also told on very credible authority that Bravo has already started the casting process for her replacement.

It took Porsha a week to directly comment, as previously she only retweeted fans who were begging her not to leave the show.

 photo kordellporshawedding_zps29de8b9c.jpg

Has the divorce filing made Porsha change her mind about not returning?  Time will tell....

Check out the emotional therapy session from this past Sunday's episode about the miscarriage she suffered:



Wedding Photo: Dream Design Weddings




At the end of the day things

At the end of the day things happen in marriage and unless you have been married and walked a mile in Porsha and Cordell's shoes, you do not knot the whole truth. Media blows things out of proportion and these episodes chose the most drama flilled clips to show us. I looked up here not to spread gossip, judge or make accusations, but because I hate to see ant couple who vowed before God for better or for worse break that vow. Marriage is a bond and a single person who has never been married can never understand how a couples battle begins with the Devil once they say I Do. Idk I feel sorry for anyone who has to go through the shame, disappointment, and reality of Divorce.:- (
tbrannon's picture

That's what she gets for

That's what she gets for being a higher than almighty BITCH! Let this be a lesson to all of you stuck up ladies who like to throw your "picture perfect life," in everyone's face, CLEARLY it wasn't so perfect. She stayed talking about how Kenya doesn't have a man and hinted she's too old to start one.. Well I guess she won't be the only one old, unmarried, and childless. All of that mean spirited mess she did like befriend Walter and hint that the other ladies were jealous of her lifestyle is Karma coming back. God doesn't like ugly, you reap what you sow
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Let's be real. Kordell is gay

Let's be real. Kordell is gay (this a FACT; cops caught him getting head by a man when he was still in the NFL). He wanted Porsha to have children. That's all he married her for and she hasn't had any. I guess he will find another woman to dump his sperm in so he can fulfill his wish to have children and sleep around with men.
Sabs4Prez's picture

It is always sad when

It is always sad when relationships don't work. I wish Porsha and Kordell all the best. The bible says what God has joined together let no man put asunder, unfortunately God does not put everyone together. Afte 2 short years together do they really have a clue?

The peaks we saw of them on

The peaks we saw of them on RHOA clearly showed Porsha and Kordell's relationship was not one of two equal adults. Kordell acted like a parent, and Porsha a child. She was clearly a trophy for him; I think she even stated on the show that she was Kordell's "barbie doll" and that he liked to "dress her up" and wanted her to look "a certain way." This clearly wasn't a relationship that was built on MUTUAL respect and admiration. I don't know if Kordell is gay or not; I do know that he appeared to be a control freak and that Porsha appeared to be subservient to the point of having no goals, interests, or ability to stand up for herself.
The Real Thing's picture

Kordell acted like a parent

Kordell acted like a parent , and Porsha the child. So So True!
Purlie's picture

Well Porsha girl, look at it

Well Porsha girl, look at it like this: 1) You don't have to wear that strap-on in the bed anymore. 2) You always have twerking in Trillville videos to fall back on. 3) You now know that pictures ain't EVER perfect! As for Kordell, look boo boo, let Porsha keep her seat on RHOA and I'm sure they can make a spot for you on Fashion Queens.
DesignDiva's picture

Who's OLD and has NO HUSBAND

Who's OLD and has NO HUSBAND NOW? Porsha can go back to doing MUSIC VIDEO'S! This is what you have to do when, YOUR GAY HUSBAND DUMPS YOU, and when YOU ARE DUMB, SIGN A PRENUP, HAVE NO BRAINS OR EDUCATION and can't ARTICULATE yourself very well!
Shay's picture

Correction - she DID NOT sign

Correction - she DID NOT sign a pre-nup. Turns out she's not THAT dumb after all.
Intysingsuga's picture

This brother smarten up!! If

This brother smarten up!! If you want a real trophy black woman that will respect you as the head of the household, then head to the land of samba with the most beautiful women in the world BRAZIL!!!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Of course some of the most

Of course some of the most beautiful women are in Brazil considering that there are more black women there than the USA.
KellyKaine's picture

I bet you he threatened her

I bet you he threatened her with a divorce if she returned to the show, and she pushed back. F* Kordell.
brownlace's picture

kenya is laughing her azz off

kenya is laughing her azz off right about now. lesson learned: karma can be a mean bitch.
wildlife's picture

There's a difference between

There's a difference between respecting your husband's place as a man in the household and a man talking down to you. That's the vibe I got from Kordell. My husband most of the time has the final say in decisions made but he ALWAYS listens to how I feel about a situation and sometimes he sides with me and sometimes I side with him. I don't really think that he just listened to her, he was always cutting her off. Thats what didn't sit well with me. It has nothing to do with him being a man, but everything to do with honoring and respecting your wife too.
Niknik's picture

why? As far as I could see

why? As far as I could see she was loyal and faithful to that man I think hes blaming Porsha because of the way he's being portrayed on the show and most of the audience doesn't like him SMH

Mmmm Hmmmm!

Mmmm Hmmmm!
Purlie's picture

Oh Well I think Cordell

Oh Well I think Cordell Married Porscha to throw off those gay rumors...welp I guess her life isnt perfect after...

I sincerely hope this isn't

I sincerely hope this isn't true! I never paid attn to Kordell before this show, and I REALLY LIKE him! I don't think he's controlling at all! He's simply being the King of his castle,and a REAL MAN and HUSBAND! I like his and Porsha's relationship. I didn't much care for Porsha the first episode,but I really like her now.I think the other "housewives" are jealous of Kordell and Porsha.

I agree, every woman wants

I agree, every woman wants marriage and to live good but we are all different and our dream men will be different as well. I was cheering for them, young, successful, married etc.
tbrannon's picture

Well now, see what being a

Well now, see what being a little trophy wife got her, if thsi story is true.
sweetpea1989's picture

Why is everyone saying that

Why is everyone saying that he's controlling? this is why black women don't have husbands he is simply being the man in their relationship. Black women want to be the men instead of falling back and letting her man be in charge which is why many are walking around ringless. SMH Sorry Porsche ,I hate when women are heart broken go get your husband back girl because all of these women talking smack will indeed have no problem taking your place.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

Shut the F*** Up Dummy! I

Shut the F*** Up Dummy! I guess Michelle Obama is not Black, neither is Jada Pinkett-Smith, Or Beyoncé, or Keysha Cole, Monica, Tamar Braxton. Oh, no It doesn't matter if they are celebs, regular folks, A-List, or D-List, one hit wonders or has beens, You say black women don't have husbands. Every black woman that I just named (about to name more) is married. You have my mom and dad BLACK, has been married over 3 decades. You have Camille Cosby, Spike Lee's wife, Mike Epps wife, Roger Ebert (from Siskle and Ebert) his wife is BLACK, and George Lucas director of Star Wars, his wife is black. Hell, you got Phaedra who's on the show with her HUSBAND. Meagan Goode, Cynthia from RHOA, even Wendy Williams, Angela Bassett, Tamala Mann. There's a Helluva lot more.
Purlie's picture

a 'man' would not tell his

a 'man' would not tell his wife to choose between being a mom or having a career....who does that?!?!


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

People are saying he's

People are saying he's controlling because it's true. I know what it looks like for a man to be in charge of a household and this aint it. p.s. "the reason black women don't have husbands is because these black men out here aint shit. Please tell the truth. However, I do know a lot of black married couples.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Like attracts like. Soooo,

Like attracts like. Soooo, usually when you hear a certain type of woman saying men "ain't sh*!" etc. etc. etc. and blah blah blah it's because they attract/accept that same type of man over and over for a reason. Can't be a nickel out here looking for a dime, ladies. You have to BE the type of person you're looking for. #ciao
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

I appreciate your post but

I appreciate your post but you either can't read or don't want to. lol. It's almost as if you were itching to say something so bad that you just typed the first dumb cliche idea that came to mind. sorry.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Hahaha!!! Good one ho. Now

Hahaha!!! Good one ho. Now all you need to do is learn to read. I know yo ass only got two brain cells. If they work together maybe you can comprehend. AHA!!
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I'm so over the black men

I'm so over the black men ain't shit comment it's not even funny I always wonder what black men do you hang around to say that because the large majority of the black men I know are definitely worth it, a small minority has issues granted but the key word here is minority. There are a number of reasons why marriage has been devalued in the black community for some but for most of us it is valued and respected, happily married.
Mouse's picture

Well, I work in the court

Well, I work in the court system as well as living everyday life. Hearing friends stories etc. Im sorry if you're "over it" luv. I'm over you. I definitely would not say that ANY majority of a group doesn't have issues. So what the fuck are you talking about again?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Girl bye, contrary to popular

Girl bye, contrary to popular belief every black man is not going through the court system so the group you are dealing with and drawing your statistics from are a fraction of the whole group.
Mouse's picture

Your response was very

Your response was very ignorant. But I didnt expect anything different. I didnt say every black man comes through the system. I said I work in the court system dummy. You cannot change my opinion or what I have seen, so please hang it up ghettomouse. lol.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Ghetto and ignorant insults

Ghetto and ignorant insults from someone who actually registered the screen name beema sux dix lol again girl bye
Mouse's picture

I'm sorry. I didn't realize

I'm sorry. I didn't realize that "Mouse" was a prestigious name. lol. You can say 'girl bye' until your throat becomes sore. I couldn't give two shits luv. What's next?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I agree, when everyone in the

I agree, when everyone in the relationship is trying to act like the man there isn't any room. Porsha didn't articulate herself well in that limo when they went in on her about her husband but the main people talking were not wives. She should have told them that it's not about "letting" her do anything it's about placing value in your husband's opinion period if my husband felt some way about me doing this or that I'm going to take that into serious consideration before I try to listen to what a few birds have to say about what I do. All this act like a man ish has women messed up I think, don't act like a man act like a woman and you will find a REAL MAN who acts like a REAL MAN so you won't have to.
Mouse's picture

Thank you I love it. He is

Thank you I love it. He is being a man. The feminist movement has wussified our men.
LaFord's picture

I was so hoping it would be

I was so hoping it would be Porsha filing and not Kordell..oh well...
ZenLea's picture

Kordell is a gay man living

Kordell is a gay man living down low.....Porscha is/was a decoy for what he really likes. He is not ready to admit it publically.
Lsimone's picture

Exactly. He was caught with a

Exactly. He was caught with a man before.
Missy's picture


ZenLea's picture

I bet they will have her back

I bet they will have her back as this would definitely put her in the category of another housewife looking to make a dollar - did not see this one coming....
lifeisgood's picture

Look, he couldn't continue

Look, he couldn't continue to live this lie. Kordell is ready to go out into the world and be the Queen he was meant to be! There's only going to be one person wearing the panties in his home, and that is HIM. I guess he got tired of Porsha using up all the tampons every month and not replacing the box.
Intysingsuga's picture

LOLOL U STUPID!!!! I love it

LOLOL U STUPID!!!! I love it tho.
LaFord's picture

@Intysingsuga ~ LMAO!¡ ~ SMH

@Intysingsuga ~ LMAO!¡ ~ SMH ~ I can't ~ too damn funny ~
GetUrLife's picture

Yeah, I think that he doesn't

Yeah, I think that he doesn't want her to return to the show and she wants to return. And because Kordell is so controllling, he filed for divorce because she didn't want to do what he wants her to. Porscha is attractive and can get another rich and attractive and less controlling guy. Kordell is VERY controlling and then has the nerve to be UGLY as fuck.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

How was she being messy with

How was she being messy with the other chicks? She can't help it she was blessed to be a "real" housewife and they weren't.
Secret's picture

good. she was always downing

good. she was always downing other people. porr thing lost her gravvy train. she now is going to have to dance for dollars. she'll be back this ho is broke and so is her family.
lola69's picture

I have no idea who these ppl

I have no idea who these ppl are and its probably better that way. Pretty cake tho! the groom seems to have aged a decade since the wedding....lol
shuga's picture


TeaNicole's picture

I liked her "picture perfect"

I liked her "picture perfect" life. This is sad news. Good luck to Porsha
Dammy A's picture

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