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NeNe Leakes -- "I'm Standing By Porsha!", Plus KORDELL Calls Divorce "Difficult"

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"RHOA" co-stars Porsha Stewart & NeNe Leakes had dinner last night....and NeNe revealed she's TEAM PORSHA in the divorce.  Plus, Kordell Stewart has issued a short statement asking for privacy.  What Linnithia and Kordell had to say inside...

NeNe wants folks to know, she's in Porsha's corner.  When the news broke today that Kordell Stewart filed for divorce on wife Porsha, NeNe put in her 2 cents.  And she's Team Porsha.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-26at14021PM_zps639f7bc6.png

Sounds like NeNe's saying she called this from the beginning.  And at their dinner last night, she and Porsha were all smiles.  No word on when Porsha actually found out about the filing.


Meanwhile, Kordell has just spoken out about the divorce via his lawyers.  He and his legal team issued the following statement to Hip Hollywood asking for "privacy":


 photo Screen-shot-2013-03-26-at-101406-AM-e1364318387352_zpsc86f5d9f.png


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Kordell you are a low down

Kordell you are a low down excuse for a man, locking your wife out the house, securing a nanny after she leaves, I have no respect for a grown man who treats a woman like that, you were not even MAN enough to tell her you wanted a divorce, your decorated house looks like something some country sissy on streiods designed, you are really showing us what type of dog you are....a female dog='s what? A BITCH, they say hell has no fury liked a WOMAN SCORNED that's a damn lie...never seen anything more VINDICTIVE than a gay man whose EGO has been BRUISED- this is true. Porsha next time you rant about beauty, youth & age, take a seat and be thankful you got some older women willing to help you, youth is not achievement, wisdom is.

Kordell should be ashamed of

Kordell should be ashamed of himself, how are you going to file for divorce without telling her. Clearly he not only wanted to HURT her he wanted to EMBARRASS her as well..THAT'S COLD...they say hell has no fury liked a WOMAN SCORNED that's a damn lie...never seen anything more VINDICTIVE than a MAN whose EGO has been BRUISED...SMH
DenisedaDoll's picture

EFF Kordell with his funny

EFF Kordell with his funny lookin' self!
Happy Lady's picture

F**k Kordell!!!! Respect his

F**k Kordell!!!! Respect his privacy my ass....whatevah dude. The ladies opened Porsha's eyes to your contoll-ing ass, and when she questioned you, you denied being controlling but confirmed being in control. Dude, you don't own her. Porsha get yo life girl!.....NeNe, good for you.
JewelryLover's picture

Kordell is such a female to

Kordell is such a female to me...You filed for the divorce, didn't even tell your wife you were going to do it, then says "Divorce is difficult"......go to the end of the line..
cutethatsall56's picture

Too BAD Too SAD for Porsha

Too BAD Too SAD for Porsha she's getting what she DESERVES! Kenya still gets the last laugh:)
Shay's picture

Kenya is a vindictive,

Kenya is a vindictive, narcissistic bitch. Porsha, although a bottle or two short of a six pack, you can tell is a warm person.
JewelryLover's picture

Can't see how Kenya is

Can't see how Kenya is getting the last laugh - her ass is still single and lonely. It's better to have love and lost, then to never have loved at all. Kenya is still paying and black mailing guys to date her crazy ass - how dreadful.
Intysingsuga's picture

Kordell likes boys.

Kordell likes boys.
SassyFace11's picture

Kordell is gay! Everyone

Kordell is gay! Everyone knows that! He got caught by the cops getting head by a man. Google it! #CaseClosed
Sabs4Prez's picture


star's picture

Kordell is weak!

Kordell is weak!
cutethatsall56's picture

Porsha, Kordell is a FOOL, a

Porsha, Kordell is a FOOL, a big ass country FOOL. u need to surround yourself with fabulous people and live your life. Hell, you can even adopt a child if you want. Live your life honey . continue to do your charity and your real prince, not that toad of a husband you have, will come to you. Now You have the picture perfect life because the garbage cleaned itself out.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

Preach that!

Preach that!
JewelryLover's picture

Dear Porscha, Take your ass

Dear Porscha, Take your ass home and be a wife to your husband. Don't allow those around you to destroy what you have. Let's see, how many women on the RHOA have awesome husbands? Oh, NONE!!! I'm so tired of the whole "I WANT MY CAREER TOO!!" type women. Your job is your home front. Does Michelle Obama have a law degree? Yes. Is she practicing? No. Was Jada not a great actress before Will. Yes. Does she now schedule her projects around her family? Yes. If you want a career, cool. But, you have to ensure that your home comes first. Signed, A Happily Married Woman of 6 years with a Career that Comes Second to my Home!!!
jdotty's picture

First Lady is a job. It is an

First Lady is a job. It is an unpaid position, but isn't it abundantly clear that Mrs. Obama has a full schedule. She is on talk shows, working on books, establishing protocols for healthy eating habits for children, etc. All work outside the home. And prior to becoming First Lady, Mrs. Obama was a chief hospital administrator. Jada schedules around her kids because her career hasn't been popping since Set It Off. The game ain't waiting for her. Of course your career comes second to her home, but you HAVE a career. It's a big damn difference to be told that's off limits for you. These are the kinds of things couples discuss while courting, but when you get married after a couple months I guess there are some details folks gloss over. Also a happily married mother with a healthy career and home.
SweetDivaT's picture

Of course as the First Lady,

Of course as the First Lady, you would have a full schedule, however the "Let's Move" Approach to Childhood Obesity was a huge part of the presidential campaign. As she has stated in the past, her primary job is "Mom in Chief"!! Did you miss that? Apparently so. Why would you respond to my post by insulting another Black woman (assuming that you are one)? Did Jada not go before the SENATE and urge them to take action against Human Trafficking? Not to mention, this is a horrific issue that is taking place right here in America. Her quest to take a stand began with her daughter coming to her asking if she could use her voice to help others!! She obliged and was accompanied by her husband and child on the day in which she approached the panel!!! See, both of these women have substance and they're working towards making the world a better place for our children. And all you can come up with is "Set It Off"? Where is your substance? Would you like to see Jada star in another movie as a criminal after 4 kids (including her stepson) and a husband? Men adore women who are good for the family, but have the intellect to speak before the Senate, promote health in a world where Black women are 70% more likely to be obese (this trickles down to their children as well, hence the First Lady's campaign) and work with them to secure the future of not only their children but children all over the world. PORSCHA ASKED KORDELL FOR A NANNY WHEN HE ASKED HER HOW SHE WOULD BALANCE A FAMILY AND CAREER (REWIND THE FOOTAGE AND HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF!!) How bad can you really want a child of you are planning to have a Nanny before they are even conceived!! As I initially stated, IF YOU CAN'T BALANCE IT ALL, THEN CHOOSE WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT!! And please understand that dropping your child off at 6 weeks old with anyone to return to work is UNFIT!!! When you do this, that Nanny or daycare provider is your child's MOMMY!! Accept it for what it is!!
jdotty's picture

Did YOU miss the fact that

Did YOU miss the fact that Porsha has NO kids? No woman deserves to be treated like he treated her. It was bad enough on camera, so I can imagine it was worse off camera. If you like your life the way it is, fine. Don't tell others how to live theirs. Her decision, not yours. And check your man's phone and e-mails. I bet he got you ass right where he wants you.
JewelryLover's picture

And what was the point of

And what was the point of your post?? Right!! She wants a child, career and a Nanny!! Were you not watching the show? And please don't speak of anyone having me anywhere. A marriage takes work and both parties have to be willing to sacrifice. You look a little too old around the eyes to speak such foolishness!!
jdotty's picture

You don't make any

You don't make any sense-----> Your job is your home front"........Michelle has a law degree, is she practicing, wth........Jada schedules her projects around her family, I CAN'T WITH YOUR HAPPILY MARRIED DUMB AZZ!
Naomi's picture

You repeated my words with no

You repeated my words with no response, only insults. Ignorant much? Michelle is licensed, but isn't practicing law because she's busy with her duties as the FIRST LADY!! Jada has openly admitted to being committed to her family and her career has to accommodate their lifestyle!! Point being, TAKE NOTES FROM OTHER STRONG BLACK WOMEN WHO AREN'T LOSING THEIR HUSBANDS!!! GET IT? GOT IT? NO, YOU DON'T!!
jdotty's picture

ok so u r an idiot. a big

ok so u r an idiot. a big IDIOT. i am sure ur career comes second because ur husband must be rich and he's controlling ur every move. i've been married ten years and I learned how to balance it all : Career , husband and twin girls. my career doesnt come second. my husband doesnt come second. my twins dont come second either. it my house , its the Lord first and everything else after. and that everything else is husband, career, my daughters. Its a balancing act. u must be married to a Kordell, a dumbass country bumpkin
FrenchieAmerican's picture

You praise God all day, you

You praise God all day, you have a husband, a career, twins and time to comment on my response? Wait, is the time constraint your excuse for using "ur" vice "your" and lower case letters at the beginning of every word of every sentence you typed? You are an example of what is lacking within most homes in 2013. I don't have children as of yet due to prioritizing. It sounds as though you didn't prioritize much of anything (education; hence your spelling and grammar, career; being a cashier isn't a career and husband; yours is probably on his way out the door, your twins; let's hope they have great teachers because you failed a few subjects!!!) Good day!! OFFICALLY R.E.A.D!!!
jdotty's picture

Dear Jdotty, Since you

Dear Jdotty, Since you decided to call me an uneducated minimum wage salary earner, I have decided to make time to respond to someone like you because you need a lesson, a lesson from the school called LIFE : 1. I am a doctor, an ob/gyn graduated from Howard University. Yes, that's right . Howard University 2. My husband is an engineer . He went to a little school called Yale University. I think your ignorant self probably heard about it and probably tried to enroll there as well but your high school grades were so atrocious , you were denied. 3. My twins are on the honor roll at a prestigious private school. Google Archbishop Coleman Carroll High. That's where they get their education. 4. You probably don't have any children because your controlling husband doesn't want to have children with an ignorant uneducated woman like yourself. He probably has kids with someone else. At least those offsprings will have a chance to be smart and make something of themselves. 5. What if I was a cashier? What's it to you? You probably can't count past ten, balance a checkbook or manage a household. So please go back to being your husband's 24/7 slave because that's the only thing that you probably can do well, bitch. and yes , I went there. I had to lower myself to your level because I see i was addressing myself to a RATCHET woman.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

Wait? You're a doctor with

Wait? You're a doctor with enough time on your hands (outside of saving lives!!) to intentionally login to a gossip site just to respond to my post?? Doctors are smart enough to know that these websites aren't secure, meaning that, your information could easily be tracked and you could risk losing your license. Also, who in their right mind would come to a website and list the "prestigious" academy in which your children "supposedly" attend? As far you calling me out of my name and telling me that you went there, you have gone absolutely nowhere, but CRAZY!! Howard University? No!! Yale University? No! None of this bogus info is believable, simply based on you giving it here where it has absolutely no purpose!! You are an impulsive liar and EXTRA!! Tell the truth, you don't have a husband or children. I'm thinking more baby daddy, kids out of wedlock and "I'm a nurse", but has no more than a CNA license. Yep, that's you and so many others!!
jdotty's picture

Send me your e-mail address

Send me your e-mail address and i'll scan all my degrees and email them to you. that way you can shut up the hell up , stupid low class living in the projects sucking dick all day ratchet bitch
FrenchieAmerican's picture

What a dumb ass comment from

What a dumb ass comment from a so called "career" woman. Kordell has "abuser" written all over him, so why would a real career woman suggest Porscha go back? He wants a SLAVE NOT a partner!
PinkRose's picture

Being submissive to your

Being submissive to your husband equates to being a slave? FICTION!!!! 70.5% of Black women are unmarried? FACT!!!! Allow a man to be the head and you be the heart. Oh, and Nene is planning to marry the same man for the second time. In what part of the Bible is that acceptable? IT IS FORBIDDEN!!!! If Porscha desires a support system that will never fail her, I suggest she start with her husband and the LORD!!!
jdotty's picture

You are not submissive. You

You are not submissive. You are a slave to your husband.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

What an intelligent

What an intelligent response....NEXT!!!!
jdotty's picture

no offense but you sound

no offense but you sound crazy. god has absolutely nothing to do with this issue. there are legitimate studies that anyone can read online that helps explain why african-american women are disproportionately single versus their white counterpart. i am an educated sister (i have my b.a. and mba), speak multiple languages, no kids, good credit, have my own business and a christian. yet, it's damn near difficult to find a brother on the same socioeconomic playing field. in terms of porsha, this is a blessing in disguise. spongebob kordell's emotional intelligence is at ZEROOOOOO. he's cruel and emotionally abusive. porsha needs to move on and find someone who treats her with dignity and respect.
wildlife's picture

God has nothing to do with

God has nothing to do with marriage or the reason why Black women are unmarried? Being submissive equates to being a slave? Glad to know that you are an educated sister (so you say) as well as many other educated sisters who don't have men in their lives. Continue believing whatever it is that you choose, but the "70.5% of Black Women Being Unmarried" stat remains to be true. You stated that it's hard to find a good man to match all that you have. Why? Use your "degree's" to figure it out? Or God? Only the latter will give you that, my dear!! Socioeconomic playing field? Hmmm, Go back to my post from earlier and check out the examples that were given. Michelle became a lawyer before Barack and Jada made it to Hollywood before Will!! You have your own (so you say), but you'll pass up on a good man that may be trying to get where you are? If you've already accomplished your goals and he's trying to get there, wouldn't it make sense to work with him? Good women can bring the best out of a good man!! Take notes!!
jdotty's picture

He took Porsha back to

He took Porsha back to "Williams" real quick, didn't he?
SweetDivaT's picture

I totally overlooked that.

I totally overlooked that. Wow!
luvlanda's picture

she got what she wanted and

she got what she wanted and knew what she was getting into. she saw money and a chance to stay at home and spend money. Porsha should have been taking pointers from Kenya and been about making he own money. she is silly and very immature.
lola69's picture


Natasha Williams's picture

Amazon NeNe need to sit down

Amazon NeNe need to sit down and take an a class with her Ghetto butt.
lola69's picture

I hope box head Didn't put

I hope box head Didn't put his hands on Porsha but if it comes out he did, I won't be the least bit surprised.
TeaNicole's picture

I don't know. I always liked

I don't know. I always liked Porscha. One of the most naturally beautiful women out of the whole group. You never really know what someone's life is really like. They had a huge house, beautiful cars and beautiful things......but behind closed doors, things weren't apparently so beautiful. I wish her well.
sianna1's picture

Why is Walter's face so tight

Why is Walter's face so tight behind his ears? Looks like he had a face lift..ugh!
ZenLea's picture

Damn! Now I have to watch

Damn! Now I have to watch reruns to see what your talking about.
Purlie's picture

OMG! That is SO sad :( I

OMG! That is SO sad :( I thought they were happy? Guess we will see what happens next..he was too controlling though.
Beautyfulones's picture

this is a no-brainer. 99.9%

this is a no-brainer. 99.9% of people are on porsha's side. spongebob kordell is emotionally abusive. i wouldn't be the least bit surprise if porsha claims in the upcoming divorce proceedings that he put his hands on her.
wildlife's picture

lmao!!! why you call that man

lmao!!! why you call that man spongebob kordell??
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

that's the first thing that

that's the first thing that comes to mind when i see his arrogant smug azz.
wildlife's picture

3 posts about this, all on

3 posts about this, all on the first page?......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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JeftJertAbrat's picture

I think that's nice she has

I think that's nice she has support around her. She will find someone better anyway.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Women unite, stay strong

Women unite, stay strong Porsha get rid of that controlling demon you called a husband.
TeaNicole's picture

Porsha's going to need her

Porsha's going to need her friends around her. Stay strong, girl (and get an amazing lawyer!)
SweetDivaT's picture

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