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So....Kordell & Porsha Stewart Possibly DID Have A Pre-Nup?

 photo Porsha-Cordell_zpse6f46f6c.jpg

So Porsha & Kordell Stewart had a pre-nuptial agreement afterall, it seems.  Based off what Kordell listed in his divorce documents, it suggests the couple who lived the "picture perfect" life had possibly planned for the worst.  Details inside...

Kordell Stewart stated in his divorce petition, filed March 22nd, that he and Porsha were already separated.  The document, according to TMZ, also states that Kordell isn't paying a dime in spousal support because, "[She's] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself."

He also stated that there will be no division of assets, which typically suggests a pre-nup is in place.  Despite the fact that Porsha said on the show the two did not have one.

In Kandi's Bravo blog back in January, she revealed that Porsha told her she did not have a pre-nup:

“I hope Porsha and Kordell’s marriage lasts for a lifetime, but I will say that I was shocked when she told me that they didn’t do a pre-nup. I don’t know why I was shocked, but I was.  Some people like things the good ol’ fashion way, and there’s nothing wrong with that. To each his own!”

Not sure how Porsha wouldn't know....of if she was flat out lying.


 photo Inside-Porsha-Stewart-House_zps7a84b475.jpg

So the real question here is....who's getting that larger-than-life pic picture of the couple that's hanging around their home?


 photo UD5_6198-pm_zps4a87966b.jpg


And we're also wondering if Kordell gave hints last week as to his reasonings behind divorcing Porsha.  The day he filed, he RT'd a statement saying, "It's sad how quickly people can forget about you, until they want something from you." 

And went on to say himself, "Live and let live. Enjoy life to the fullest and know GODS plan is bigger than anything someone can say or do. By the way..GODS my homie."

A few days before, he co-signed this sentiment, "Sometimes "sorry" is not enough. Sometimes you actually have to change."

Porsha has yet to comment, but she did send out this message today, "Morning Dolls Today is the 1st Day of the rest of your Life! Make It GREAT! #PS❤U.

Two days after he filed, Porsha tweeted, "A Marriage can last forever when two people decide to remain as one and conquer trials & tribulations together! #teamstewarts #faith #RHOA".

So was Porsha attempting to work things out?

Here's the couple in happier times at their lavish wedding, planned by Tiffany Nieves-Cook of "Platinum Weddings."


Photos: Dream Design Weddings , G Paras Photos




I cant believe she still

I cant believe she still married him after he showed up in that suit.
Realist's picture

that video made me sad, I

that video made me sad, I hate 2 see marraiges fail over non-sense that can be fixed

Kordell is smacked anyway.

Kordell is smacked anyway.
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ntaylor1030@gmail.com's picture

Such a beautiful wedding with

Such a beautiful wedding with such a sad ending
shaneice225's picture

Maybe she should have heeded

Maybe she should have heeded some of that advice that she was trying to give to Kenya on how to KEEP a man... womp womp. Although he wasn't trying to be kept by her lady parts in the first place-haha.
sh8896a's picture

I didn't know sh*t could talk

I didn't know sh*t could talk ~ why is Kandi even quoted?¿ Amazing how a half decent cocksucker can mesmerize and cloud any man's judgment. I hope Todd survives that black widow. Porsha should be grateful Kunta Kente released her.
GetUrLife's picture

Did the RHOA cost them their

Did the RHOA cost them their marriage?...sad sad sad.
Lola's picture

INPUT PLEASE - How do you go

INPUT PLEASE - How do you go from a wedding like this to divorce in 2 years????? They could've just hit the JOTP for all this wasted cash!

Well Porsha girl, look at it

Well Porsha girl, look at it like this: 1) You don't have to wear that strap-on in the bed anymore. 2) You always have twerking in Trillville videos to fall back on. 3) You now know that pictures ain't EVER perfect!
DesignDiva's picture

She may NEED to do another

She may NEED to do another season of RHOA...what else does she do? she always seemed a little bit naive to me

I feel bad for her because

I feel bad for her because she put up the best little front for their marriage or at least tried to save it. We all knew it was doomed from what we saw on the show when the girls all went to Las Vegas. But at the same token, she knew enough on how to reel him in to marry her — which was to play by his rules but once she got a little taste of “fame,” he pulled the rug from under her. There’s nowhere I see where she went wrong except the interview with TheYBF where she mentioned how she didn’t want her step-son on the show because there wasn’t a place for the child. As a father (or a mother), you’d be turned off by this and how you can’t accept his/her child. Now, what I do know is she probably became brand new on the man after the cameras weren’t around because she was raking in the dough from the show. Men like Kordell don’t like to be pushed aside when women get a little success (especially if he was the primary breadwinner) prior to the show. Before the show, she probably asked his permission for every little thing and now that’s gone come the show.
dimples876's picture

They both deserved each

They both deserved each other.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


I have NO SYMPATHY FOR PORSHA! Kenya was right everything she has or has done was THROUGH SOMEONE ELSE'S NAME, The wife of, The grandaughter of! I'm sorry but Porsha made her own BED. It never pays in the end to have to act DUMBER than you already are, just to please a MAN! Porsha has to eat her words calling Kenya OLD MS AMERICA MS 1993, OLD WHORE! Kenya rise to fame may came from being Ms.USA 1994 but she did it on her own, she's EDUCATED and most importantly HAS HER OWN MONEY! If the DUMB BROAD has any SENSE she would get an attorney and say or claim the marriage was a FRAUD and call him out on THE GAY RUMORS about him but, she's TOO DUMB to even stand up to him! Kordell will make sure this dumb dumb GETS nothing but the clothes she is wearing. Lesson to YOUNG WOMEN IT NEVER PAYS TO BE DUMB! Kenya may be 41 and never married I choose that over Porsha's short term marriage ANY DAY! Well Porsha can go back to doing MUSIC VIDEO'S if all else fails:)
Shay's picture

WOW! tell us how you really

WOW! tell us how you really feel lol. I mean I do agree with everything you said. But I still feel bad for her especially after this video. I have two sisters that just had wedding within 3 months of each and the work it takes, The joy it brings, and the smiles it puts on their face it was priceless. But if I felt at any point that they were going to be divorced so soon I would have stopped them. I feel soooooo bad for her. Here is my intake one everything She wanted to be a WIFE and WOMAN and Kordell couldn’t handle that, because that’s not what he married and signed on for. He wanted a trophy wife to stay home for the appearance. Bottom line is he is gay and his lover got upset because now he was showing off Porsha a lot and hiding him. It was one or the other and Kordell chose the other. I watch the show and yes she said some very dumb and ignorant things. MY FAMOUS LINE WAS MY HUSBAND LET ME. But no one deserves what just happened to her. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, no matter what.
Hiswife32's picture

Good move getting a prenup!!!

Good move getting a prenup!!! Let your lawyers handle the divorce, while you frolick on the beach in Rio with beautiful Brazilian women.
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

dont worry Porsha you and

dont worry Porsha you and Kordell will each find a man to call your own who will treat you with RESPECT and an equal

Lol subtle shade ☺

Lol subtle shade ☺
PeaceSilas's picture

Wow! Porscha can do so much

Wow! Porscha can do so much better anyhow.
brownlace's picture

yeah girl on to the next down

yeah girl on to the next down low brother. no real man wants a needy, no talented, all they can do is spend my money wife
lola69's picture

almost makes me miss the

almost makes me miss the daily posts on Karrauche and Rihanna. what an unattractive horse face looking couple. their baby would have looked like Estelle.
shuga's picture

that is funny as hell

that is funny as hell
lola69's picture


WOW....I AM LATE ON MY ENTERTAINMENT NEWS. I didn't realize Kordel filed for divorce.
Somerknight's picture

Gay Guys NEVER get married

Gay Guys NEVER get married w/o a Pre-Nup!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

this broke ho will be in the

this broke ho will be in the strip club working. Kordell is right she didn't bring anything to the table so don't take a doggie bag home. Not so picture perfect now hefa. plus her family is not rich. she will be begging to come back. Kordell is on to his next stick
lola69's picture

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