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Wendy Raquel Robinson REACTS To Pooch Hall's Criticism & Tia Mowry's DEPARTURE From "The Game" -- SAYS "It Was Devastating"

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"The Game" star Wendy Raquel Robinson has opened up about her former co-stars Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall and how she felt when she learned they wouldn't return for another season.  Find out what she said inside.... 

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Earlier today, actress Wendy Raquel Robinson, along with castmate Hosea Chanchez, headed to the top of the Empire State Building where they celebrated the 100th episode of "The Game" (airing tonight).  And now, as BET gears up for its sixth season opener, Wendy talked to ABC News about the show's shift.   Since the departure of former lead actors Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall, there's been plenty of criticism from fans and actors themselves.  So "Tasha Mack" dished on how she felt about the new lineup.  Here are the highlights:

If Game Producers Told Cast About Tia Mowry-Hardrict/Pooch Hall's Departures:
Really they didn't tell us anything because at the end of the day it's not our business. ...[They did share] it was going to be hard to continue on with the storyline, which does make a lot of sense. If [Derwin Davis] gets traded and [Melanie Davis is] off at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore -- we're set in San Diego -- so it would've been a little convoluted.

Her Reaction to Pooch Hall's Negative Tweets About The Game:
It's kind of like going through a bad divorce and there's the love of your life getting married again. How do you act? I can't say what Pooch said on Twitter, or re-tweeted is appropriate, but it's...an emotional reaction. It's a knee jerk reaction. He'll get over it and that wound will heal.

Her Reaction to Tia Mowry-Hardrict Leaving The Show:
Personally that's my little sister so it was devastating. But now in retrospect so many other opportunities have come to her: movies, her own show and then she got a reality show. So...it's still hard, but it's a blessing in a disguise for her as well.

On New Season of The Game:
"It's fresh. It's new. It's still the same drama/comedy...but I do like the addition," Robinson said referring to new cast members: Lauren London and Jay Ellis. "I think it's going to help. You know every now and then we need to get re-energized and resuscitated."

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The Game's sixth season premieres on BET tonight at 10 p.m. ET.


Photo: BET/Empire State Building



Every show has its ups and

Every show has its ups and downs, and the game sure has had its ups and downs but i'm sticking with it.
January's picture

I watched The Game last

I watched The Game last night; while it was a surprisingly decent episode, it still seemed empty. I wish that they could work something out where Pooch and Tia would make a guest appearance or two or at least bring back Kelly Pitts for a few episodes. I would like to see the "old wife" and the "new wife" dynamic.
lucky80's picture

Derwin and Melanie both have

Derwin and Melanie both have other commitment and will not be doing the show. Let's move on and embrace what the new season has to offer. How many shows do you know, get cancelled and then return 2-3 years later be renewed on a new station especially a all black cast?! The Game is moving in a different direction. How is it, we work so hard to get this show back on TV, then want to give up on it? It doesn't make sense....
La Dimples's picture

They messed with the

They messed with the Mel/Derwin storyline so much...I hated it. I can't with The Game anymore...especially not with Lauren London...Brandy wanna be ghetto @$$ was bad enough. Good luck to them all though...
Laia's picture

I stopped watching after the

I stopped watching after the first episode when it came back. I keep checking to see if maybe it will go back to how it used to be but I see now that it never will. I don't know if it's different writers or they chose this direction but this isn't what people wanted back. They wanted what The Game was when it went off the air. I don't know anybody that's feeling this show anymore. Disappointing.
WaterBaby's picture

i'm watching cuz i hear ciara

i'm watching cuz i hear ciara will be on being ratched. ha


SkeeWee's picture

I only used to watch this

I only used to watch this show for Jason, Malik and Tasha MACK! That is all. Tia/Pooch story-line is what made me stop. Maybe I'll start watching again.
Yas's picture

I never thought I'd be saying

I never thought I'd be saying this, but I'm NOT looking forward to the new season. Having Pooch and Tia gone is like removing Raymond and Deborah (I know I'm going waaay back) from ELR. They are the main players, the nucleus of the show. However, with all my whining, I'll give it a chance. If they don't step it up this season, I think this will be the LAST season of the show. They already lost millions of fans.
Sunflower Jones's picture

My thing is I don't want a

My thing is I don't want a cast full of sterotypical "head-snapping, finger-pointing sistas" cause we're NOT all like that. Tia gave another side of African-American females to be represented - the professional (though she did come-off as stuck-up sometimes). I KNOW the Brandy character is like that, along with Tasha Mack, and the preview showed Lauren London mushing dude in the face...we shall see...

I agree. There's no balance

I agree. There's no balance anymore. The game just seems like another sub-par BET production imo. I stopped watching as soon as they left the CW. I knew exactly where the show was headed.
CheyPie's picture

I'm going to cosign your

I'm going to cosign your comment, Young Love.
Sunflower Jones's picture

I'm lost........I thought

I'm lost........I thought Pooch came back. Whatever.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

He said he did...I'm confused

He said he did...I'm confused too.

he's hasn't been in the

he's hasn't been in the promotional pics. i don't think he's there permanently.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

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tristan_donald's picture

I will not be watching the

I will not be watching the Game but I do like Wendy.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

What a DRAMA

What a DRAMA Queen.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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