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ONE SWEET DAY.......HAPPY 43rd BIRTHDAY Mariah Carey!

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Musical diva Mariah Carey turns 43 today.  Raise your champagne glass with the eternal youngin' inside...

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Today is Mariah Carey's 43rd birthday, which she plans to celebrate with all of her fans during their "Worldwide Lamb Day."  And as the doting mother of Roc and Roe reaches a new generation of fans as a judge on "American Idol," her older fans are reminded of that voice that first hit us with "Vision Of Love."

Since her debut, we've watched the diamond studded butterfly spread her wings and write tons of records that resonate with millions of lambs around the world.  And now that she's found the love of her life in Nick Cannon, we can look forward to even more heartfelt songs about love and inspiration.

See some of Mariah's most memorable looks form this year inside the gallery.....




Happy birthday Mariah

Happy birthday Mariah Carey! Your amazing!

Happy Birthday Mariah!!! Do

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Shannon Rae Johnson's picture

Awww Mimi Mimi...Happy

Awww Mimi Mimi...Happy Birthday Mama! Looking Good Girl!
Keyths'Girl's picture

Happy Birthday Mariah!!!!!

Happy Birthday Mariah!!!!! Kisses!!!!
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

Happy Birthday MIMI!

Happy Birthday MIMI!
Twila's picture

She looks amazing for 43!

She looks amazing for 43!
KENNEDY78's picture


January's picture

Even though she is sometimes

Even though she is sometimes too much for me, MC IS a true talent and a true diva. Happy bday!

I can only IMAGINE what Nick

I can only IMAGINE what Nick HAS to do on Mimi's B-Day to make her happy (no wonder he almost died from STRESS!!!!!!!!!!)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Happy birthday Mariah, one of

Happy birthday Mariah, one of the last real sangers of this generation that is getting acknowledged for her true talent and voice. All the other divas of her era are swept under the rug by this garbage disposal they call music industry.
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