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Vivica Fox Glams Up UNLEASH'D Magazine + Janelle Monae Perks Up FLATT Magazine

 photo carviv1_zpse6861883.jpg

Vivica Fox is covering the pages of UNLEASH'D magazine.  We've got her pretty pics inside, plus Janelle Monae having some gorgeous fun in FLATT magazine...


Vivica Fox is spending her days still acting away in a slew of films and shows.  The "Mr. Box Office" star rocked her fave glam looks in pretty dresses for the new issue of UNLEASH'D magazine:

 photo vfo3_zpsf6d5fc8f.jpg photo vfo1_zps21f40d08.jpg 

The shots are featured in the upcoming issue.  The 48-year-old diva is still keeping it fabulous these days.



 photo flatt1_zps197f67c8.jpg

Singer Janelle Monae put on her uniform of a dark suit, black hat and red lip for her cover and spread for FLATT magazine.  The Cover Girl model  brought her girlish cuteness with a vintage edge to the spread, and it's why we love her.

 photo flatt3_zps630e2f73.jpg  photo flatt2_zps8c892dee.jpg  photo flatt4_zps69c2e019.jpg  photo flatt5_zpsb52ba44e.jpg

Janelle said in the issue which focuses on women in music, “Remaining unique and comfortable in my own skin is part of my DNA…I feel a shift in the amount of diverse examples of women in the music industry.”  Fab.





I see you Vivica.. No matter

I see you Vivica.. No matter how much plastic surgery or botox she gets she is still BEAUTIFUL.
shad22's picture

Viv looks flawless in this

Viv looks flawless in this photoshoot her hair, makeup and swag is on point..... she will continue to grace the cover of magazines, movie screens and yo TV ..... so all you haters need to go have several seats! She did that boo ...

smh....this chick looks like

smh....this chick looks like Jigsaw about the cheeks in the first pic. Janelle Monae annoys me down to my soul.
shuga's picture

Janelle looks the same

Janelle looks the same everytime#boring..
Marniece's picture

Vivica has done it again!!

Vivica has done it again!! Always looking gorgeous and spectacular! I LOVE the photo in white, very sophisticated, which clearly defines who she is. Classy photos, you look great girl! Keep up the good work. Always enjoy seeing photos of you!! Much love Viv!!!!
msgeorgiapeach's picture

Vivica looks great as always.

Vivica looks great as always. Always glamorous! Janelle is so cute.
LeiAK's picture

Yawn and stretch.

Yawn and stretch.
TeaNicole's picture

These ladies look gorgeous!!

These ladies look gorgeous!! They are doing for women of color! & Vivca at 48?? Just WOW!
Kennis's picture

Here's hoping Vivica stays

Here's hoping Vivica stays away from the surgeon's scalpel for a while...and the Botex syringe. Love Janelle Monae's menswear vibe. IN a music landscape running over with half naked singers I like the effort to be chic, eclectic without doing the 6 inch heels, 6 sacks of weave and a body suit. Besides a suit does not make you a man or mannish. Her femininity is still intact.

All of these obscure whack

All of these obscure whack azz magazines no one has ever heard about, a new one comes out every week it seems. Both ladies look nice, Vivica will pose for any thing we know she loves the publicity.
sweetpea1989's picture

Viveca has gone completely

Viveca has gone completely Joker on her face. Shame. Janelle is a cute girl but the refusal to ever wear female clothes is just kind of tired at this point. I think we all get the point, but that being the case, she doesn't have to keep making the same point.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Vivica looks nice But with

Vivica looks nice But with all her plastic surgery, she looks a lot like a younger Diane Carroll whic is not a bad thing #js
star's picture

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