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MAGAZINE FAB: NY Knicks BALLER Tyson Chandler's "GQ" Shoot With Son Tyson II + Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea And A*M*E COVER "HUNGER" Magazine

 photo tyson-01.jpg

NY Knicks baller Tyson Chandler dished on his fashion aesthetic with lifestyle bible GQ in their April 2013 issue.  See Tyson posing with his son Tyson II inside and music fashionistas A*M*E, Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea on the cover of HUNGER Magazine.  


From Amar'e Stoudemire to Carmelo Anthony, the NY Knicks boasts some of the most fashionable men in the NBA.  In the April 2013 issue of "GQ" Tyson Chandler joins the ranks of his teamates in a new photoshoot which puts his off-court fashion sense on display.

Inside the mag and photoshoot, the former Chicago Bulls player models different ways to sport shades of Black and dishes on where he gets his fashion sense, his home life (where he paints wth his son Tyson II) and how important textures and fabrics are to him.  Here are the highlights:

On why he focuses on the details of his look:

"Even before I moved to N.Y.C., I realized that there are no off days. Especially in the camera-phone era. I started to look at fashion the same way I look at my games—there's always going to be someone watching you for the first time."

On pairing sweatpants with blazers:

"When I say sweatpants, I'm not talking about your typical lie-around-the-house sweatpants. I'm talking about that same soft fabric but in a structured, tailored cut. It sounds crazy, but trust me."

On farm-life and the importance of boots:

"A lot of people don't know, but I grew up on a farm. When I'm in a pair of boots, it reminds me of where I come from. I wore cowboy boots my first ten years of existence. I played soccer in them, cleaned the house in them, of course played basketball in them—always in the dirt. They were my go-to's. Chelsea boots are like my worlds then and now coming together."

On how to wear "black":

"To me, if you're going all black, the cut is everything. That's what makes it sophisticated."

On proportions:

"A lot of times, taller guys think their lapels need to be wide. Whether you're seven foot or not, a slim lapel drives a suit."


In the photo above, Tyson rocked a Tank top and pants by Rick Owens, Boots by Esquivel, Necklace by Alice Waese, Bracelet by Goti & a Watch by Tiffany & Co.

 photo tyson-02.jpg

Tuxedo by Ozwald Boateng. T-shirt by Rick Owens. Boots by Bally. Pocket square by Dries Van Noten. Necklace by Werkstatt München.


 photo tyson-03.jpg

T-shirt by Rick Owens. Pants by 3x1. Sneakers by Saint Laurent. Fedora by CA4LA. Necklaces by Werkstatt München.

Tyson said about his fashion choices:

"It's funny, this T-shirt and pants are just what I wore to the shoot—not for the shoot. If I was going to the grocery store, I would have worn the same clothes."



Also on magazine racks.....

 photo Hunger04_SoftbackCover_RITA-ORA-518x674.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-28at10607PM.png

Hunger, a bi-annual magazine from photographer and publisher, Rankin, has just published issue number 4 which features 6 different covers. Rita Ora is among the talented women tapped to add a little sizzle on the magazine racks.

 photo Hunger04_SoftbackCover_IGGY-A-446x581.jpg

Wilhelmina model and "Work" rapper Iggy Azalea also landed a cover.  

 photo Hunger04_SoftbackCover_Press_-446x581.jpg  

And newbie British singer/songwriter A*M*E (who hasn't crossed-over the pond yet), also landed a spot.  The mag launched in November 2011 with Kelis and Kelly Rowland on the cover,

The issue hits magazine racks on April 4th.  Watch the promo here:


Photos via GQ/Hunger TV




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Hey yall should definitely check out my site http://morethan-stats.com which focuses on what pro athletes are wearing. If you liked Tyson GQ feature, you will love my site. Cheers
morethanstats's picture

Tyson and his son look too

Tyson and his son look too cute! Btw Tyson is so handsome to me.
JJFad's picture

rita ora looks nice..i cant

rita ora looks nice..i cant believe chris brown went bald though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Tyson is very handsome to me.

Tyson is very handsome to me. I want to give him the cupcake! and he can get the Becky!
SlowNeckBecky's picture

So my only question is...who

So my only question is...who is J.R. Knight? Because the only J.R. on the Knicks is J.R. SMITH...smh, Google is your friend.
bk2012's picture

lol!! they post so

lol!! they post so recklessly. like the time she had a story on Wilt Chamberlain and that man been dead for years already. it was really Clyde Frazier in the pictures.
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bk2012's picture

In that last pic, Tyson looks

In that last pic, Tyson looks like he's jumping but he's really not LOL....wit his tall @ss.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

tyson chandlers son looks not

tyson chandlers son looks not healthy. I hope this kid has no diseas. scary how thin his arms are and his belly is so distended. both thinks together are critical sighns. like a kid which suffers from hunger. maybe his mother does not feed him well. poor boy. those dump people in hollysh*** are putting even their kids on diet.
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shuga's picture

There is nothing more

There is nothing more beautiful than an amazing father!!
holmesa925's picture

That's a cute photoshoot! The

That's a cute photoshoot! The photo with Azalia................no comment
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star's picture

awww Tyson and his son are

awww Tyson and his son are too cute! lol @ the baby's little mus-kels. not interested in anything to do with Rita Ora tho, sorry.
shuga's picture

Cute photoshoot. Very cute

Cute photoshoot. Very cute kid. I don't know much about Rita Ora's music. And I don't really know much about Iggy Azalia and don't care to know anything about her.
Ethel Mertz's picture

He's such a good looking guy

He's such a good looking guy and seems to have a down to earth persona.
The Real Thing's picture

Loves Tyson Chandler!!!

Loves Tyson Chandler!!!
The Real Thing's picture

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