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Nene Leakes SPILLS Wedding Deets, Invites Kim Zolciak To The Festivities

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-28at83805AM.png

Nene Leakes is spilling the beans about her summer wedding to Gregg Leakes and one shocking detail is that Kim Zolciak is on the invite list!  Find out more inside.....


"RHOA" star Nene Leakes has big plans for her summer wedding to ex-husband Gregg Leakes.  During an exclusive interview with In Touch, "The New Normal" star announced plans to lose weight among the many deets.  "I will try to lose 10 pounds, but I don’t want to be a skinny-ass bride – I wanna be curvy!’ So what type of dress will she wear?  She told the mag, she's "... ‘still interviewing designers. They’re sending me sketches."

But Nene doesn't have much time to lose the weight and pick the dress as the wedding is right around the corner!

 "We are going to have a big fantasy wedding, probably in Atlanta this summer. My granddaughter Bri’asia will be there. She can’t walk yet but we’ll pull her down the aisle!’

 photo image002_zps22bdfd14.jpg

She also gave a little of the backstory about why she and Gregg divorced saying, "When I started living my dream, things changed. I started making more money than him. He’d say “You don’t need me anymore,” but I really did."

But as Nene made waves in Hollywood on "Glee" and "The New Normal", she and Gregg realized that they still loved each other.  So naturally...Gregg popped the question, for a second time!  

"We were with our son – Gregg somehow got him out of the condo and had a big heart made of Hershey’s Kisses on the bed. It was sweet! I said yes right away."  

And while Mrs. Leakes twice over hasn't revealed if the wedding will play out as a big Bravo special, she did reveal that ALL of her tv castmates will be invited.  

‘I will definitely invite every castmate from every show I’m on. I don’t know who’s available but they’re all on the list! RHOA’s Cynthia [Bailey] will be a bridesmaid. And Kim [Zolciak] will be invited as well.’

‘She’s invited to my wedding, and I believe she will come. I’m extending an olive branch.’

And Kim Zolciak recently confirmed to In Touch that she plans to attend the wedding saying!

"I have always been and I continue to be happy for NeNe, and I look forward to being invited to the wedding. NeNe and I started this journey together and although we have had our ups and downs, I am excited to get our friendship back on track.”

She added, "We were friends long before RHOA, and we will be friends long after RHOA if it's up to me."

It's great the Nene and Kim have patched things up....but what about Sheree Whitfield?  Y'all know she's dying to do a She by Sheree wedding collection...


1.  Nelson Mandela, the famed former president of South Africa has been hospitalized for a lung infection.  In a statement recently made public, the current South African President, Jacob Zuma, has asked for prayers.  Story.



People who don't have class

People who don't have class but play dress up and ACT classy is so distasteful. When I look at her pics, she seems so forced, because she is on a show full of dramatic ass immature women.
Classic87's picture

I am so happy for her (let

I am so happy for her (let the woman live) she used RHOA as a stepping stone and has made herself into household name.. Way to go Nene!

I'm w/Wendy on dis 1, don't

I'm w/Wendy on dis 1, don't really think they have a romance but an excellent friendship. Helll all of this seemed planned n e ways so she could get more reality tv money 4 a wedding show, that's d "thing" now.whatever, smh
Natasha Williams's picture

That's why you can't trust

That's why you can't trust reality shows......... EVERYBODY FAKE!!! lol One min they cool, next min they not. Whatever NeNe and Kim! **Side note** I do like NeNe (most of the time) and I do feel she really loves Greg (he's odd and odd looking....but do u NeNe....lol)
MsFiFi's picture

I wonder will Nene wear a One

I wonder will Nene wear a One Shoulder Wedding Gown.......lol
star's picture

Im glad they got back

Im glad they got back together and NeNe didn't let her success go to her head. She still knew she needed Greg in ways that money can't provide and that's REAL LOVE. So happy for them.
SkeeWee's picture

Thank God a black women

Thank God a black women happy.She got her m&m. Money and a man. Peace!
In God We trust's picture

I meant "woman", I wish it

I meant "woman", I wish it was women.-anybody lol
In God We trust's picture

so I guess the proposal they

so I guess the proposal they showed on the show was totally staged cuz its different from how she described in this interview (((coughs)) scripted tv (((coughs)

lmao but Natasha did you

lmao but Natasha did you throw shade at Sheree "but what about Sheree Whitfield? Y'all know she's dying to do a She by Sheree wedding collection?" lol to funny, and i guess they forgot to airbrush NeNe's other hand, or they cropped Greg out of the pic and forgot about that hand...very unattractive, but i am happy for the two of them and the ladies patching up their friendship. EXTRAS:
_speak's picture

Scrolled back up to look at

Scrolled back up to look at the hand and am STILL in tears laughing!!! That hand is hideous! I'm happy for both of them though. They are adorable together! I still don't like/trust that Kim character though. She's broke and probably back in the trailer park...likely wants to jump on NeNe's coatails. Be leary of her Nene. Best wishes!!
Burself's picture

Prayers for Nelson Mandela.

Prayers for Nelson Mandela. Nothing else to see here.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Kim ain't coming...won't be

Kim ain't coming...won't be any cameras there

Oh yes! I lo♥e that

Oh yes! I lo♥e that jewel-tone purple and green dress or blouse and skirt (whatever it is) and the mint green is really nice too.
PeaceSilas's picture

da hell does Greg have on his

da hell does Greg have on his dam feet in that 2013 picture?? lol....ok cat daddy
shuga's picture

Greg's wearing Christian

Greg's wearing Christian Louboutin Rollerboy spikes. It's the "it" mens shoe right now and will set you back $2000!
DesignDiva's picture

I'm glad for NeNe.

I'm glad for NeNe.
Happy Lady's picture

I think it's great that Nene

I think it's great that Nene is getting re-married. I think she truly loves Greg. I hope Nelson Mandela's lung infection clears up and he heals.
Ethel Mertz's picture

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