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Rihanna Named #1 POP Star By British TV, Fires A Few Shots

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Put ya guns in the air....Rihanna's on a firing spree.  After she was named Britain's #1 Pop star, she gave her own rant to other chicks in the game.  Check it inside...

Rihanna celebrated on Instagram today after a British music tv station named her the Most Influential Pop Star.  The UK's 4Music channel based their decision on social media activity, air play and press coverage.

Similar to MTV's Hottest MC's List  (like many pissed rappers believe), Britain's list didn't include talent or quality of music.  And while we know Rihanna lives out her life on Instagram with no guards up, releases most tracks off her albums as singles and stays in the press with her fun and sometimes controversial antics, it's understandable why she's deemed #1 by the music channel.

Beyonce came in at #2 and Katy Perry (Rih's good friend) landed at #4.

But not everybody's happy for the Rude Gal.   Some folks went off when they saw Rihanna's announcement on Instagram....and her words that went with it.

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Rihanna said she could use a challenge, and asked how it felt to be down there on ya knees.  She clowned about controlling your heauxs and owning this lane.   And in usual Rih Rih form, it was pretty hilar.

But a few Beyonce stans and Ciara stans (remember that beef with CiCi?) took to her page to go off commenting:



Whoa ho ho bad gal rih just learned how to master the three octaves she can sing now we all must get on our knees alright alright im bowing! Lol congrats tho always nice to see success

And Rih's fans replied with statements like:

Bow down bitchez. Lol! #PourItUp #whosthequeen #phuckyohaterz

Rih also said, "It's only March people... #2013isalreadyowned #staytuned #MoneyOvaBitchez."

Was this Rih's answer to Bey's "Bow Down"?  Who knows...especially because Beyonce never said the song was only aimed to women in the industry as opposed to her haters in general.  However, Rihanna's statement seemed aimed soley at her peers.  But certainly not ALL her peers since her bestie is in the top 3 as well.  But you decide...

Either way, we hope Rih pours some up and celebrates.  Congrats.



Congrats Rihanna! I think its

Congrats Rihanna! I think its great that she got this title. She has been working hard and its paying off! I dont think any shade was being thrown. People love to hype up stuff on here. Rihanna is a Pop star and Beyonce is a R&B star so why are people trying to compare the two? Beyonce hasnt come out with anything in the past year so why are yall mad? Have a seat. Just because Rihanna got this title doesnt make her better or less than any other artist. Yall Beyonce worshippers are just mad lol. She is at the peak of her career, shes 25 and has been more successful than a lot of artists. The main people hating on het are the same ones singing het songs. Yall are a trip let the girl live and do her thing.And by the way Rihanna is signed to Def Jam they write her checks Not JayZ. If it werent for Rihanna making all this money he wouldnt have any either!
M_Nydra24's picture

She is not doing that, drink

She is not doing that, drink some wine and listen to her music, relax. lol
In God We trust's picture

I don't believe Rih was

I don't believe Rih was taking shots at Bey. Rih has said on numerous occasions she looks up to bey and that bey is the example every artist should follow. I wish people would stop trying to compare artists and bring upon unnecessary drama. Also when Rih said "How it feel down there on your knees" why does that have to be shots toward Beyonce "Bow Down" because Rih also said that same exact thing in her song G4L which came out way before Bow Down.IJS
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jdotty's picture

Congratulations Rihanna, your

Congratulations Rihanna, your music speaks for itself. I give credit where credit is due. You own it.!!!!!!Thank you
In God We trust's picture

...i LOVE Rihanna. She is so

...i LOVE Rihanna. She is so fearless and just don't give a f.u.c.k.
jjj's picture

I don't think she was taking

I don't think she was taking shots at Bey but i can't stand how she boasts about her success. it's not cute and the only ppl i seeing doing it is rappers. Rihanna needs to have a seat somewhere and eat some humble pie.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Why can't any other female

Why can't any other female pop star have a moment without Beyonce being brought in to the conversation? You damn stans kill me. Unless it's my mother or Jesus I'm not arguing over which arrogant, rich, half naked pop star is the best. The US dollar is the weakest right now so yeah, being #1 in the UK is big. Rihanna is the hottest thing smoking at this moment, what's wrong with that. Next year it will be somebody else because with that type of music, the pendulum will swing.
Username's picture

BTW........even though this

BTW........even though this title means absolutely nothing..... know that Bey is not happy about this. That girls lives for a title. smdh.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

It British TV! Soo Who Cares

It British TV! Soo Who Cares (She's A Spoiled Brat) and she calls her "Fans" Bums... #BitchBye
REd™'s picture

People and their meaningless

People and their meaningless titles. (rolls eyes)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Congrats, RIHANNA! Who said

Congrats, RIHANNA! Who said anything about Beyonce? I like Beyonce too, but let Rih have her moment. Sheesh, ppl go nuts over these stars lol Rih Rih is #1 because she hot, young, fresh, FUN, alll of her songs are great/hits, etc. So let her celebrate. She isnt hurting or shading anyone. Let her do her and be happy for a beautiful young woman having great success and doing it for herself! She's def numero uno in my book! Go gyal!
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

rihanna is AWESOME she

rihanna is AWESOME she deserved it. beyonce is my ultimate chick but rihanna is the hottest chick the game right now. every song she comes out with is a hit and people always wanna see her videos. she has more viewed videos than beyonce and more number one songs. is she more talented obviously not but u get the deal...
litebrite's picture

Congrats to RihRih!!! She's

Congrats to RihRih!!! She's earned it! Worked her ass off! Natasha can throw shade all she wants! It won't change a thing! I'm happy shading Rihanna helps to pay your bills! Rihanna is such a generous woman! I applaud her for her charity! To the mongrel who said Jay-Z signs her checks, what in the hell are you talking about? SHE SIGNS HIS CHECKS! Unless she makes money, he doesn't get anything! He's her MANAGER! Get it right! Her money is probably keeping that record label of his afloat! Rihanna will always win and you'll deal! This is only the beginning! Hard work always pays off!:-*
Nenns's picture

Must this blogger be so

Must this blogger be so catty? Had it been Beyonce #1, it would have been "That Beyonce reign is in full effect in 2013" but because Rihanna is number #1 it is not a showcase for talent or quality. Since Beyonce is number 2, what does it say about her music? It's ok to have a favorite, but don't constantly go out your way to belittle someone else. Hate or love her, you can't deny that Rihanna's music has been influential and popular as hell in the last few years.
IslandVibez's picture

Natasha/YBF throws shade @

Natasha/YBF throws shade @ Batty Bey ALL THE TIME.....but in a very nimble, sly style.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Someone asked what does that

Someone asked what does that mean. It means she’s had a good year. She’s a young girl who’s made music people can connect too. Part of her appeal is also saying what she feels. Which apparently works because everyone gets a little riled up by it. In the end if I want to hear spectacular runs I listen to Beyonce and when I want to hear catchy, flashy songs like Pour It Up and We Found Love I listen to Rihanna. I like them both and I wish them both success. Congrats to this young singer doing it!
JustSaying's picture

First of all the UK don't

First of all the UK don't count for SHIT! The whole country is smaller than the state of OREGON! Rihanna can really have a SEAT I have one name to say "ADELE" ! This is for Rih and Bey both of you can BOW DOWN TO Mariah Carey, Lauren Hill, Adele all sold 10 million off one album, Rih nor Bey have ever went DIAMOND! I have yet to hear Mariah C who never really had to tour because of her high album sales EVER say BOW DOWN BITCHES or even TAYLOR SWIFT who also out sells them both! Rihanna is smelling her NON SINGING NON DANCING UNTALENTED SELF! Madonna is now a BILLIONARE because she not only talk the talk but she did THE DAMN THANG her tours pushed her to BILLIONARE STATIS! Rihanna I had no idea Chris B damaged that 10 gallon head of yours while POUNDING you in it! For someone who can't SING/DANCE and can't give you a top notch CONCERT PERFORMANCE, I suggest you SHUT UP! LIVE for the moment because you won't be around in the next 5-10yrs! Jay Z has rubbed off on both of these NARCISISTIC people! These people these days have nothing but OVER BLOWN EGO'S AND VERY LITTLE TALENT TO BACK IT UP!
Shay's picture

Shay, let me ask you

Shay, let me ask you something, have you ever been outside the U.S.?? How can you say that the UK don't count for shit and then mention Adele in the same sentence???? Do you know where Adele is from????? If THE U.K where ADELE (the girl that sold 10 million of one album) is from, is recognizing Rihanna as #1 , babes you have to respect that, acknowledge that, and agree to that!!!! Just sayin!!! UK knows talent when they see it, and that is why BEY is also on the list at #2. I have jumped on the Rihanna bandwagon and I ain't leaving....Talent should not be defined by how high you can hit certain notes, and baby let me tell you that Rihanna CAN SING, maybe not as high as Bey, but babes she wouldn't be winning and getting paid if she could not sing....I mean you've watched some American idol auditions on TV right??? You've witnessed people that really can't sing....right? So sista please, do bow down to RIH cause that girl is winning!!!!

Sorry SWEETIE but you are not

Sorry SWEETIE but you are not replying to some regular uneducated bird. I'm well educated and well traveled, although the UK is not on my list of past destinations. I've been to Africa to Brazil,from Europe,(Italy,France,Holland,Germany) to the Caribbean all the way to the South Pacific. OK! So ABOUT Rih now she is holding on to this title because she knows in this country she will never get that kind of recognition. I'm not even a Bey fan but Rih knows she won't be singing at any SUPERBOWLS or for The President so that's why she is holding up some UNKNOWN UK magazine, no US Today, Rolling Stone or any Legit magazine! Sorry Boo I come from the school of real singer's who can REALLY SING OR REALLY DANCE and give GREAT PERFORMANCES and Rih can't do ANY OF THE ABOVE! I came from the school of MJ ,Whitney, Mariah,Prince,Sade,Janet J and many more. So Rih can't even compare at all to anyone I've named so have several seats! Rih has NEVER went DIAMOND and NEVER will! I know Adele is from the UK she went DIAMOND in the USA and her making BIG in the STATES is what has made her as BIG as she as become! Every Artist knows making here IS EVERYTHING! TOP TEN ARTIST ALBUM SALES RANKINGS! WHERE IS RIH OR BEY NOW ALL THEIR STANS BOW DOWN TO THE TRUTH WITH THEIR ALBUM SALES! 2012 Rank - Sales - Artist 01 - 5,167,000 - Adele 02 - 4,062,000 - Taylor Swift 03 - 2,978,000 - One Direction 04 - 2,149,000 - Mumford & Sons 05 - 1,897,000 - Justin Bieber 06 - 1,855,000 - Jason Aldean 07 - 1,789,000 - Whitney Houston 08 - 1,540,000 - Maroon 5 09 - 1,497,000 - Carrie Underwood 10 - 1,432,000 - Luke Bryan 2011 Rank - Sales - Artist 01 - 6,744,000 - Adele 02 - 3,393,000 - Justin Bieber 03 - 2,985,000 - Michael Buble 04 - 2,828,000 - Lady GaGa 05 - 2,651,000 - Lil Wayne 06 - 2,180,000 - Lady Antebellum 07 - 2,104,000 - Glee Cast 08 - 1,884,000 - Jason Aldean 09 - 1,847,000 - Taylor Swift 10 - 1,591,000 - Drake 2010 Rank - Sales - Artist 01 - 4,470,000 - Taylor Swift 02 - 4,317,000 - Eminem 03 - 3,848,000 - Lady Antebellum 04 - 3,728,000 - Justin Bieber 05 - 3,603,000 - Glee Cast 06 - 2,711,000 - Susan Boyle 07 - 2,591,000 - Lady GaGa 08 - 2,118,000 - Michael Jackson 09 - 1,824,000 - Zac Brown Band 10 - 1,697,000 - Beatles 2009 Rank - Sales - Artist 01 - 8,286,000 - Michael Jackson 02 - 4,643,000 - Taylor Swift 03 - 3,282,000 - Beatles 04 - 3,104,000 - Susan Boyle 05 - 2,813,000 - Lady GaGa 06 - 2,668,000 - Andrea Bocelli 07 - 2,280,000 - Michael Buble 08 - 2,166,000 - Eminem 09 - 1,895,000 - Carrie Underwood 10 - 1,881,000 - Black Eyed Peas 2008 Rank - Sales - Artist 01 - 4,003,000 - Taylor Swift 02 - 3,418,000 - AC/DC 03 - 3,382,000 - Lil Wayne 04 - 2,691,000 - Coldplay 05 - 2,466,000 - Metallica 06 - 2,405,000 - Kid Rock 07 - 2,340,000 - Jonas Brothers 08 - 2,063,000 - Sugarland 09 - 1,953,000 - Nickelback 10 - 1,895,000 - Jack Johnson 2007 Rank - Sales - Artist 01 - 4,835,000 - Josh Groban 02 - 3,854,000 - Hannah Montana 03 - 3,583,000 - Eagles 04 - 3,231,000 - Carrie Underwood 05 - 3,129,000 - Rascal Flatts 06 - 2,699,000 - Alicia Keys 07 - 2,624,000 - Linkin Park 08 - 2,530,000 - Michael Buble 09 - 2,506,000 - Daughtry 10 - 2,369,000 - Tim McGraw
Shay's picture

Shay, it’s good to know that

Shay, it’s good to know that you are well travelled and well educated. I really am truly happy that that is the case...cause...that makes two of us…As a matter of fact I’m from Angola – A COUNTRY IN AFRICA! Completed my studies in the UK, and am currently working in the U.S, but again not to deviate from the subject matter and just to be clear…Rihanna was named Britain's most influential pop star by the UK channel 4Music ->A UK Music news channel, NOT a magazine. Rihanna in my opinion is not holding on to this title, she is simply ACCEPTING IT (nothing wrong with that). For whatever is worth she has been featured in the cover of one the magazines you listed as legit - Rolling Stone ->providing for one of the best covers I have ever seen, she also covered Billboard Magazine a couple of times - Billboard is the world's most influential music media brand, but that again is irrelevant for our discussion…I always believed that America was the land of opportunity for all, but when you say that Rihanna will never get that kind of recognition in the U.S, I can’t help but feel a xenophobic tone under your comment. Nonetheless the album sales list provided is impressive, but still I truly don’t believe that an artist that has sold over 24.1 million albums (not including sales for her latest album Unapologetic) and more than 11.1 million in singles alone is one to be undermined…I rest my case….I cannot change your mind, you will love the music you want to love, and I will do the same…but I believe that anyone that works hard, should have their efforts recognized regardless of other people’s accomplishments…

Well Carmen like you said I

Well Carmen like you said I will never change your mind and you will never change mine, so we still can agree to disagree. It's All Good! I still think my point was proven, this LITTLE TITLES given to her don't mean much, so all I am saying is NO NEED TO BRAG with her type of voice and no dance ability she needs to be the most HUMBLE artist out there right now, but she's not! I know where this cockyness comes from Jay Z he's also behind Bey's ratchet Bow Down. That man builds both their heads up so Arrogance by Association! All I'am saying is she really needs some humble pie because like I said and showed her TALENT, ALBUM SALES, AND RANKINGS DON'T MATCH her OVERBLOWN EGO! By the way I have dated someone from Africa well educated like us, but just like us we always seems to disagree. Oh by the way soon I will get to visit the UK and I'm sure it will be nice. One more thing there was no xenophobic tone in my comment it's just the truth. Do you honestly think she would ever be asked at any Inaugurations? Really she's much too dirty like Daniel Craig mentioned in a recent interview. About you saying my "xenophobic" undertone, I also see in you a little judgementalness like alot of Africans have about African Americans. Remember your question? Have I even been out of the US? That comment reminded me of what I did not like about the guy I dated from Africa, he's judgementalnesss and snootyness about other African Americans. I could elaborate more but I won't.
Shay's picture

Okay now breathe....one more

Okay now breathe....one more time, breathe..It's okay...these are not your friends. They are entertainers....you have an opinion just like millions of other who apparently disagree with you...Your life does not depend on these people. Whatever Beyoncé or Rhianna can or cant do, they have that "if" factor that makes millions of people like and appreciate what they do. You don't have to tear them down because you disagree..There is room for everyone.
EJ's Girl's picture

The money is stronger almost

The money is stronger almost 2-1 with the Us dollar as rihanna said "money over ho's"
xedos's picture

Girl Madonna is like 91 and

Girl Madonna is like 91 and if her being a billionaire @ 91 is a tall feat, how long do you thing it will take Beyonce to get there @ 31 with a networth of 300-350mil today??? #bowdownbiOtch
SkeeWee's picture

RiRi has had the best songs

RiRi has had the best songs since she hit the scene (Jay makes SURE of that). That is why she's WAY more successful than Batty Bey-Z (Bey's rambling music is Bi-Polar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Before, I go in. Let me just

Before, I go in. Let me just say that I enjoy listening to Rihanna music. I appreciate some of her fashion choices but, her cockiness is way to much. Be careful what you say and how u act. How u got it. Is how u lose it. No one, is invincible. What's ALL the commotion about?!?! This is the USA not the UK. Yes, she has prob sacrifice some stuff, endure some too but, her hard work is nothing compare to others in this industry. She only has a unique voice but, not A voice. Parading yourself half naked, exposing blunts in your hand, talking trash and playing victim when you caught a rough one from Chris Brown doesn't necessary titles you Talented. Remember; Rih-Rih....U may have or is screwing J and he may be closing deals but, you can't or will EVER be Beyonce or anything in that caliber. Oh, FYI big up to the individual that post, mentioning how she don't sign her own checks. Once u so that. Then talk your shit Bitch!!!
Havana's picture

The thing you people don't

The thing you people don't understand with Caribbean people,they strive in caios. they love these type of dramas.
xedos's picture

Why everytime she say

Why everytime she say something, it has to be "shade" to Beyonce. Rihanna and her fans know that she is seriously not in Beyonce league. She is HOT, but she's NOT B! On her level, yes, there is nobody fuckin wit her, but she has not reached Beyonce level in any aspect. #bowdownbitches
SkeeWee's picture

I think it's because in

I think it's because in Rihanna's post, she referenced Beyonce's success as being second to her own.
jdotty's picture

look at the bitter haters up

look at the bitter haters up top dont hate congratulate..

Whats up with all the shade

Whats up with all the shade on Rih tho??/ I mean i am a Beyonce fan first always! but Rihanna owned this! her songs get hella air hell they hot songs! BUT let this be clear! Rihanna will never compare to Beyonce ever. and thats not shade thats truth!
BritJackson's picture

I like Rihanna but...being

I like Rihanna but...being named BRITAIN'S most INFLUENTIAL pop star means what exactly??? She makes a hot song every now and then but when it comes to TALENT, she ain't got SHIT on Bey...or Katy Perry. If that was some shade directed at Bey, it's pretty stupid. Especially since she's managed by Jay!
Mrs_B_35's picture

Thanks for sayin this!... I

Thanks for sayin this!... I Swear ppl are so Blind -__-
REd™'s picture


jdotty's picture

Umm, wasn't her house just in

Umm, wasn't her house just in foreclosure? Stop with the titles that other people give you and handle your personal business. Last we heard, you were suing accountants for stealing your money, right? What's going on with that? Did you get your money back? How's your asset portfolio looking? Oh, my bad, Beyonce's husband controls all of that!! Be intelligent above all else and talk that shit when your'e signing your own checks!! You're on ROCNATION and "Roc Nation is a record label, management, music publishing and entertainment company founded under Jay-Z." She was right!! WHORES LIKE HER REALLY DO BE ACTING UP!!
jdotty's picture

I know she's grown and can do

I know she's grown and can do whatever she likes, but I really wish Rihanna would get some class and keep it real with herself. Like the article stated, she may be the "#1 Pop Star," but her success, for the most part, is not attributed to her talent. She can definitely be knocked off. I love confidence, it's necessary for survival. But artists these days are so obnoxious with their "I'm King" attitudes. Makes it hard to like them.
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