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Michael Jordan and his legal team might have something up their legal sleeves for Pamela Smith, the woman who accused him of fathering her son. Find out more inside....


Remember when Pamela Smith stirred up headlines a few weeks ago with talk that Michael Jordan fathered her teenage son?  Though she did her best to gain media traction for the story, she suddenly asked the Fulton Country courts to dismiss the case, leading many to speculate that she had been paid off.

But now, new actions by Michael and his legal team seem to suggest that Mr. Jordan didn't pay Pamela off!  In fact, TMZ reports that the NBA legend has filed new legal docs asking the court to keep the case open so he can file a counter-claim against Pamela to cover his court costs! OUCH. 

If Pamela didn't know about the repercussions of filing frivilous lawsuits...she's gon learn today (in the voice of Kevin Hart).







He still refused to take that

He still refused to take that DNA test though.
cutethatsall56's picture

would he be willing to file a

would he be willing to file a counter suit if he was not sure...Also, when someone asked you for a DNA test you may not want to be so eager to give that up...or a Blood test or urine...I am just saying things can be manipulated...

MJ forget this nasty bitch

MJ forget this nasty bitch and continue your greatness!! Got rid of the ex-wife gave her 168 mil bought your own team , Jordan brand still making you 80 mil a year and significantly upgraded to a beautiful Latin woman!!! That's how you stick it to these useless bitches!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

This man is sports

This man is sports Royalty.... I knew there was no way she would have waited 16 years if he really was the father. Hope her REAL baby daddy help her get out of this one. Ole' Trifflin Ass Hoe.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

This broad should've known

This broad should've known she wasn't going to convince anybody Michael Jordan's burnt black color-struck ass had a baby with a non-white woman. She needs to get her game tighter than this.
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Why the fuck would a black

Why the fuck would a black man want a black woman , when women who ARE SUPPOSE TO BE BLACK describes a black man as "burnt black, ugly, tar" i mean why would black men want to be with you or procreate with black women when they think like this about us???
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...are you a Low Cost

...are you a Low Cost Hit-man?…Does the Black Woman that you abhor have a name?
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Negro, please. You come on

Negro, please. You come on here every day advocating that black males pursue relationships with non-white women who call them a lot worse than burnt black all the time, the same way you refer to black women all the time. And like most ulta-dark black men with color-complexes you want to rationalize that decision as something other than hating that black, black skin you see in the mirror. You can´t change it through the woman you sleep with or even the children you pump out. All that damage isn´t going anywhere. The only solution for black women who have the options is to get the hell away from you and your like. Laughing at ¨why would you want me.¨I thank G-d every night that your ilk can´t have me. You have enough mules and mammies wandering around you trying to pick up the pieces everytime you fuck up again, even the ones you call ¨Jesus¨because they know how to bounce a ball. What pathetic, laughable values.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Sista you went on a rant for

Sista you went on a rant for no reason, i never seen a white woman who supposedly like black men DEGRADE THEM the way alot of you black women do. And i love black women, but yall are self hating and arent fit for raising BLACK CHILDREN because YOU HATE BLACKNESS!!!!!! I've seen white women and other races of women WITH THE BLACKEST OF THE BLACK MEN and love them to death, and you'll hear a black woman say "he so black ughhh" Like goddamn ,why would we want you self hating white men worshiping mammiessss because i think black women just settle for black men cause the white man aint want em. And That's a damn shame !!!!! Black women are suppose to be uplifting us as black men , but you can see them saying discouraging shit EVEN TO THEY OWN GODDAMN BABIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!Which is why our race is hopelessss, cause even our first teacher/transmitter of culture, dont give a damn about us and hate themselves, and what you think is going to come from that??? Nothing but destruction!!!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Exactly Lol

Exactly Lol
REd™'s picture

MJ looks exactly like his dad

MJ looks exactly like his dad (before be was murdered). Anywho...YBF <--- i know Mike looks a little rundown these days....but there are much better photos available. Give The King his respect
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Apparently, she supposedly

Apparently, she supposedly had a paternity test done with another man when the kid was born that established who the father was. I guess that dude had no paper so she's trying again? LOL! It don't work like that boo.
allnatural's picture

I'm so glad this he is

I'm so glad this he is counter-claim suing because I was about to go on strike and not buy my son any more J's. Also tell my absentee havin ass baby daddy to stop buying them mofo's too.............................Oh well to that GO MJ and legal team!!!!!
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Get her MJ! U Black Jesus &

Get her MJ! U Black Jesus & always will be. You did nothing wrong
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