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SPOTTED: Jay-Z OUT AND ABOUT In New York, Hill Harper DINES In Beverly Hills With MYSTERY WOMAN

 photo bowery3.jpg

Hip hop mogul Jay-Z was spotted on the streets of New York yesterday.  Get the deets on his "Legends Of The Summer" Tour and see who Hill Harper dined with in Beverly Hills...

Jay-Z looked like he was in an "Empire State of Mind" yesterday, while spotted hopping out off of his chauffeur-driven SUV yesterday.

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HOV will be hitting the road with Justin Timberlake this summer for their "Legends Of The Summer" tour where he's expected to gross about $1.5 million per show.

 photo bowery1.jpg

And Jay will spare no expense on the tour as The Sun reports he's even hired an expert to roll cigars for him and his friends in a special “Gentlemen’s Club” set up backstage.  If that sounds extravagant, Jigga can surely afford it since Forbes just named him as one of the wealthiest hip-hop artists in the world


And in Beverly Hills....

 photo plaidsj2.jpg

Actor/author Hill Harper was spotted waiting for his keys at the valet of Craig's in Beverly Hills last night.

 photo plaidsj3.jpg

Hill was joined at dinner by a mystery woman whom he was careful to avoid being photographed with.

 photo palidsj1.jpg

Outside of dinner dates, Hill recently helped raise $18,000 for the Somaly Mam Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps combat global sex trafficking, and he announced on Twitter that he submitting a new book to his publisher on Monday.



Photos via Tom Meinelt / Splash News / JD Pht Bx & MCGM / Splash News




Hill Harper writes books

Hill Harper writes books empowering young women to respect themselves yet, did not give this woman the decency of being escorted out of the restaurant with the man she ate with. It's not about them being in a relationship. If the two of them are just friends, I would expect the same behavior. Furthermore, he publicly dated Dollicia Bryant! Yet, he's supposed to be empowering young girls to be dignified, financially independent women. Here you have a Harvard grad with a promiscuous video vixen. The only letters she has next to her name are 36DD. I can't take him seriously.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Why all the uproar over

Why all the uproar over HIll??? I wish he was dating this woman but on da real, I don't even think this jigga like women period!
Somerknight's picture

All of the comments on here

All of the comments on here about how Hill promotes himself in one image and then leads his personal life another way are all well and good. What I don't understand though is how a self-respecting women could be a man's girlfriend but allow him to not acknowledge her publicly. Being private is one thing, but going out of one's way to not be photographed with your s.o. is a whole different story, and one I wouldn't read.
Santi114's picture

Congrats Hill Harper, she is

Congrats Hill Harper, she is an eye catcher!! Strong educated brothers should take your example more and understand that we are scarce and we work hard to be where we are so take advantage of it!!!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Good job Hill, a naturally

Good job Hill, a naturally beautiful woman who doesn't look made up!!!
blkcrk's picture

good job?? lmao. if he's

good job?? lmao. if he's doing such a great job then why didn't he come clean and walk out the restaurant with his ASIAN GIRLFRIEND?? it's not a crime to date outside your race. oh wait, i know the answer: the largest demographic who buys his books are AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN (not blk men but BLACK WOMEN). this ivy league dude knows that if he wants to keep selling "empowerment" books to BLACK WOMEN he better not be seen with a non-black girlfriend or wife. now that his secret is out (which wasn't a secret in the first place. this is NOT the first time he has been out and about with chloe flower), let's see if black women will be stupid enough to buy his new book.
wildlife's picture

Hill Harper was seen with a

Hill Harper was seen with a woman; that hardly makes it a "date." We'll see if he has the nerve to be who he really is going forward. Black women need to stop fetishizing these black men who don't want them, whether they want non-black women or men or two-headed monkeys. Stop worrying about them, especially the ones who talk all that bullshit "community" game to keep you muling to their movies, buying their books and watching their tv shows, and go find someone good for you.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Fetishizing is not a word...

Fetishizing is not a word... And seriously, the only people "worrying" about them to that regard are people like yourself who personalize who someone you don't even know dates and associate that with your own self-image. What "black women" need to do is love themselves instead of worrying about going to find someone who is good for them or being angry that a celebrity whose only purpose is to entertain you is dating someone who is non-black. When you love yourself, none of that matters, and you attract whom you're supposed to be with and can choose IF you even want to be with them or not. I could give an eff less who Hill Harper dates; I don't know him and if I bothered to fantasize about him -- whether or not he's dating Big Booty Judy, Cindy Lou, Becky, or Liu Chong, none of those females would be sitting in my fantasy anyway so whyyy does it matter.
imjussaying's picture

that's his girlfriend chloe

that's his girlfriend chloe flowers, the've been together for a while i think.

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anna090's picture

I KNEW he would NEVER date a

I KNEW he would NEVER date a Black woman!! He needs to STOP posing with Black women in the media pretending he's down!!!!!!!! Sell Out...
MsKnowIT's picture

mystery woman??? that's hill

mystery woman??? that's hill harper's gf chloe flower. next.
wildlife's picture

Hill Harper can date any

Hill Harper can date any woman he wants, i'm not a hater. I really don't understand the reasoning behind black women upset because black men date outside their race. It's not a big deal, and if we are going by notoriety and profession, than we can stop it with the complaints because President of the U.S. and ruler of the Free World is married to a black woman. So, complaining about ENTERTAINERS,ATHLETES IS KIND OF RELEVANT. This argument is so irrelevant now in 2013. Janet Jackson is married to an Arab Billionaire, Naomi Campbell is dating a Russian Billionaire, Eve is engaged to a English multi-millionaire, Jennifer Williams from BBWs is dating a Latino Music Executive. So, they are doing them, and black men are doing them. Let's find something else to be angry about. Our black population is only 11-13% of the population, we have no other choice but to look elsewhere for love.

Good point. Black women in

Good point. Black women in Hollywood are definitely dating out, yet many people don't comment negatively about that. Which is great. But I wish more people would be less negative when it comes to black men dating out. Its 2013 people.
CheyPie's picture

Beyonce and Jay-z are doing

Beyonce and Jay-z are doing right to get all of the work out while Blue is an toddler. Hopefully, one is smart enough to slow down by the time she is in school to allow her to grow up as humble as possible. Btw, I am wondering why they all didn't just tour together. Justin, Beyonce, and Jay ( Jay and Beyonce have no new material to perform. so, why would they need a 2 hour set list?)
marylou's picture

Congrats to the brotha Hill

Congrats to the brotha Hill Harper... Date women with a culture and a FAMILY BACKGROUND one that had a father and a mother in the household.
LetsGetIt's picture

lol.. at with a culture

lol.. at with a culture though. if you are born anywhere in the world, you have a "culture." and what the hell is a "family" background... this guy here.
imjussaying's picture

Uncle Ruckus ass nigga!

Uncle Ruckus ass nigga!
ahsikal78's picture

How am i uncle ruckus. I

How am i uncle ruckus. I DIDN'T SAY ANY RACE NAME!!! I just gave advice to brothas
LetsGetIt's picture

ignore foolishness.

ignore foolishness.
wildlife's picture

I saw Hill Harper and woman

I saw Hill Harper and woman knew right away she would not be a black woman. Not sure why he acting all undercover, no one is checking for his corny ass anyways!
goeze's picture

That's his girlfriend Chloe

That's his girlfriend Chloe Flower.
PacificGirl's picture

Tell Harper to go ahead and

Tell Harper to go ahead and take a pic with this woman, nobody cares who he's with anyway, lol!
Coffy's picture

Jiggaaaaa!!! with them J's

Jiggaaaaa!!! with them J's on!! and Hill Harper!!! We see yo Wrist-Game $$$$$
BeautyLuvsMii's picture

Hill's mystery woman looks

Hill's mystery woman looks very obedient.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Looks like he drank & smoked

Looks like he drank & smoked himself retarded again (being married to that WACKO will do that to a man). He needs to hit the gym!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I didn't know he liked

I didn't know he liked women...ijs
cutethatsall56's picture

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