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Our YBF celebs are celebrating The Resurrection all across the nation. See how some of our favs celebrated "He Is Arisen" inside.....

Diddy was in the holiday spirit tweeting, "Late night Easter egg decorating with my princesses!!"

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The Game and Tiffney Cambridge threw an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  

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And he kept it gangsta, evening "threatening" the Easter Bunny for scaring his daughter.  "S/O to the beautiful host of today's event @lovetiffney. You put on one hell of an Easter Egg Hunt (with my money) ..... Next time save a nigga some spiked punch so I'm not the only one TURNT up and tell that bunny next time he scare my daughter "Shots Fired but overall #GoodJobMom"

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Royce Reed had an egg coloring party with her friends and son Braylon.

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But little Braylon fell asleep.

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Lala Anthony posted pics of Dice, her brother Christian and her son Kiyan and nephew Mekai.


The POTUS addressed the nation and with an Easter greeting. In his message, he urged everyone to use this time to reflect on the common values we share as a nation. Watch the video above.

Photos via Instagram



Those twins are crazy cute!

Those twins are crazy cute!
Denise2007's picture

Happy Easter!...The Kids are

Happy Easter!...The Kids are so cute…Boy, If I had Diddy’s resources along with those kids, I think I would start a New Clothing Line, and I would call the New Line (Lil Igga), because the Haters have made the Word “Nigga” quite famous, so, why not use it to make money with it…Ok, Kim Porter, if you want this idea, I think you should do it, because the Name will sell itself; trust me!
rebellious soul's picture

diddys kids are so cute...i

diddys kids are so cute...i cant believe kelly rowland is pregnant though...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Wow diddy twins look like

Wow diddy twins look like him....
Natasha Williams's picture

Diddly kids look like

Diddly kids look like triplets. Nice to see them all together.
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anna090's picture

Royce's son needs his dad. I

Royce's son needs his dad. I can tell.
cutethatsall56's picture

HAHAHA!!Why you say that

HAHAHA!!Why you say that sista!! Ut ohh seee now you see how much of a effect the woman has especially in a single parent home, that effeminate energy is going to start rubbing off, if not that then we become emotional like women when being raised mostly by them. That why alot of negro becomes very violent when they don't get their way, or when they woman get the best of them in a argument they ready to fight because they deal with emotions like women. Or they'll just start acting fruity and like being around women and shit. But you see why i get on black women and single parent homess huh sistaaaaa lol HAPPY EASTER
LetsGetIt's picture

wait----Weren't YOU raised by

wait----Weren't YOU raised by all women?????

Didn't i just say that????

Didn't i just say that???? And yes LETSGETIT has his flaws because of that. I aint a perfect brotha young love.
LetsGetIt's picture

Bwoy.....you ENJOY practicing

Bwoy.....you ENJOY practicing Psychological Warfare on these women. The C.I.A. uses 3 tactics coded: White, Grey, & Black....and you use all 3 methods on these poor girls (I use them on Bey Stans though...lol) ............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You need to use them on

You need to use them on yourself because you are crazy as shit.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

You have to be the most

You have to be the most ignorant piece of S***! You and the above poster should really open up a textbook prior to logging onto TheYBF. What would lead you to the assumption that boys without their fathers are predisposed to homosexuality of effeminate traits? They have a saying for coons like you, if you want to hide something from a black person place it in a book. Obviously you confirmed this theory. You are less of a man, not only due to your bashing of women, but you're simple logic without reasoning of what predisposes someone to homosexuality. Educate yourself, idiot!
marylou's picture

Sista you aint gotta curse me

Sista you aint gotta curse me out and call me names my queen!lol!! I love you black women enough to tell you the truth so you should respect that.Now i neverrrrrrr said homosexuality is running rampant because there is no fathers in the home. All im saying is IT IS A FACTOR alot of times!! Let me give you an example, i remember i was helping this sista i grew up with move out her home, SHE HAD NOTHING BUT WOMEN THERE helping her move out her home and her son that was 17, now we moving all this shit out of the home, and he just on his phone texting, and when i told the young nigga , hey can you pick this up for me THE YOUNG NEGRO said "it's to heavy , and sounded hellla moist saying the shit, next thing i know i saw his moms come by and pick the shit up, DIDN'T SAY NOTHING TO HIM, but she and the other sistas was just picking shit up and moving while this young negro didn't want to break his nails. Now im not saying single parent homes cause homosexuality BUT THE ROLES HAVE BEEN REVERSE SISTA. You gotta see where your brothas letsgetit is coming from!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Letsgetit....... If little

Letsgetit....... If little black boys act fruity, because their father isn't around, (which possibly may be the truth in some cases.....idk) then what is your take on black females acting and looking like a linebacker?.........do they come from single father homes? idk.....ijs
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Sista msthang, in the black

Sista msthang, in the black black community today. THE ROLES HAVE BEEN REVERSED, the negros act like females and the females act like men!! Because it's no balance in the homes!!!You have to see it sista I KNOW YOU DOOO!! You just gotta put the letsgetit EYE GLASSES ON. Shit back in the day you didn't see all these goddamn women looking like straight up dudessssss BECAUSE IT WAS SOMEWHAT A BALANCE IN THE HOME!!!! You gotta seee where im coming from baby!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I'm too sleepy to comprehend

I'm too sleepy to comprehend and address (falls face first on bed).....lights out!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Where did Easter come from???

Where did Easter come from??? What is it's origin?? What does it have to do with the resurrection of Christ?? Why do they have eggs and bunny's when bunny's don't lay eggs???
LetsGetIt's picture

It actually had nothing to do

It actually had nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ because it has been being celebrated for 2000 years before he was to supposed to have lived. It's the mark of Spring and the celebration of a ressurected Babylonian God. The eggs and bunnies symbolized rebirth and fertility that's where it comes from when Christianity took over all of these pagan holidays were "restructured" into something that matched Christian and Hebrew lore.
Mouse's picture

Ahhhhhh!!!Easter God huh,

Ahhhhhh!!!Easter God huh, Just Like St. Nick And all that other bs. And negros be out there engaging in paganism right on the church lawn with eggs and rabbits every goddamn where.
LetsGetIt's picture

Royce loves taking pics of

Royce loves taking pics of booze. Jesus thinks shes an alcoholic
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Cute pics!

Cute pics!
JJFad's picture

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