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 photo RayJFianceLeavingFredSegalYa_H1Q0guVGl.jpg

Ray J was spotted out shopping with former flame Teairra Mari and the two looked like they've become quite close again.  See their shopping stroll inside....


 photo RayJFianceLeavingFredSegalqY_Bd9HLK1il.jpg

R&B singer Ray J was spotted waving to fans as he ended a shopping trip to Fred Segal with singer Teairra Mari in LA. 

 photo RayJFianceLeavingFredSegaly6qtmVuhRgwl.jpg 

Ray J and Teairra were an item back during her Roc Nation days and they seem to have rekindled their flame. 

 photo RayJFianceLeavingFredSegalJqN6xBcOGQwl.jpg

 photo RayJFianceLeavingFredSegalI2cEi-qMoy5l.jpg

Last week, Teairra was alleged boo'd up with Ray the night he got into a brawl at LA's Nokia Theatre.

 photo RayJFianceLeavingFredSegalMAyNy4tirvDl.jpg

Outside of shopping with Teairra, Ray J-admirers can see the "movie" star hosting the upcoming season of "Bad Girls Club All-Stars".

 photo rmchsn.jpg   

 photo RayJFianceLeavingFredSegal4vqQdc4nOH4l.jpg   

And as they made their way to their vehicle, Ray J, playing the role of the perfect gentleman, opened Teairra's car door for her.   

  photo RayJFianceLeavingFredSegalefDlWUWHdrWl.jpg

They make a cute couple...we'll see what this blossoms into.   




Photos via FameFlynet Pictures/WENN




0_0 anywhoooooo

0_0 anywhoooooo
diamond2012's picture

He looks sooooo annoyed with

He looks sooooo annoyed with Teirra right now. Guess He's mad that she's black. This is the 1st time I've seen him with a black girl ever lol
KENNEDY78's picture

she looks cute with the

she looks cute with the blonde weave..i cant believe kelly rowland is pregnant though...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Poor T. Marie has resulted to

Poor T. Marie has resulted to being a HOOKER from rapper's to professional baller's to the bottom feeder's like R.Jay, all because CAMEL decided to drop her from the label. T Marie was just as pretty as Rih especially when they first came out she actually was the prettiest and she had the better voice and personality! Camel fucked her life up, oh and she also had a bad management team.
Shay's picture

Two irrelevants. That hair

Two irrelevants. That hair color is HORRID.
PacificGirl's picture

She's sleeping and sucking

She's sleeping and sucking her way to the........bottom.
allnatural's picture

@allnatural ~ you ain't

@allnatural ~ you ain't lie!¡!¡
GetUrLife's picture

lol!!! started from the

lol!!! started from the bottom and still there.
shuga's picture

She better disinfect her

She better disinfect her coochie with peroxide and bleach. Fucking with ray j......u following behind a WHOLE LOTTA broads.
sianna1's picture

Tiara no to that blonde hun

Tiara no to that blonde hun
cutethatsall56's picture

wonder if mr. ray would have

wonder if mr. ray would have opened the car door for ms. mari if photographers were not present...just a thought.
wildlife's picture

I don't believe they're a

I don't believe they're a couple it's a fake relationship. She's not even his type. She needs a storyline for her show to stay relevent and he just love the attention of the flashing lights. lol!
I Am Anonymous's picture

Teairra Mari is one sexy

Teairra Mari is one sexy sista......Kim K is overrated to me,but black women big her up so fucking much by hating on her THAT SHE GET LOOKED AT AS MORE ATTRACTIVE. But shitt let me get a teairra mari for atleast 35 mins she'll be wanting to marry a nigguhhh!!
LetsGetIt's picture

black women dont but black

black women dont but black men do! dont get it twisted
BritJackson's picture

That's bullshit, black women

That's bullshit, black women talk about this woman and have her on every one of their blogs hating on how she look. And saying silly shit like she's trying to look like them. Black men aint really big on kim k like that!!!The only ones that are were the ones she dated!!!!!!!!!!We aint talking about Kim K at the fucking barbershop, AT THE SHOP WE TALKING MOSTLY about black women, and big booty black women lol. We aint talk about how much of a hoe kim k is, how she trying to loook like black women, how fine she is. So come on now sista!!!Yall give that woman wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much attention
LetsGetIt's picture

@LETSGETIT I hope my fingers

@LETSGETIT I hope my fingers don't fall off for agreeing with you but you are so right! Every black blog is basically a KIMK shrine. Its kind of disturbing and embarrassing that soooo many black women agree with her lifestyle.
KENNEDY78's picture

Im not saying they agree with

Im not saying they agree with her lifestyle. But i do think alot of black women envy her. They want her look, THE WHITE SKIN INCLUDED!!!I mean the bitch is OVERRATED TO ME!! But you got her starting in black movies, on black blogs everyday, i mean goddamn!!! To me Kim K is like the chick when you first see her she fine as shit, but after you fucked her and dated her for a week, YOU LOSE INTEREST and she starts to look basic.
LetsGetIt's picture

she looks like Bey... and

she looks like Bey... and that dress is ugly on her! and shes too pretty for rayj wack ass
BritJackson's picture

why does she looks so much

why does she looks so much like beyonce and kim kardashian all put together....Brandy and Ray j are so fake....
mahogany24's picture

Let's see..the

Let's see..the weave..Beyonce's look and the dress Kim K just sported that in maternity. Ray J has a cheap knock off of both women..Damn Ray J..you need Kris K too pimped your sextape like she did for her daughter..
Missy's picture

Um she could have chosen a

Um she could have chosen a better looking dress....it has a box look.
blkcrk's picture

Ray J probably made her paid

Ray J probably made her paid for half the gas.

This screams, I called the

This screams, I called the paps, or I knew that they were gonna be here. Geeesh!!! She looks like she works for an escort service with that parched ass weave.....and she must be really low on funds, to date Ray J...... smh
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

This is not a couple shopping

This is not a couple shopping but a staged publicity stunt for Ray J. He knows how thirsty Teairra Mari is for relevancy. He only called her because all the other thirsty girls were busy.

Celebrate my resurr-erection

Celebrate my resurr-erection today.....white girls dont need a shopping spree to have relations (thats prostitution).............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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