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Tameka Raymond LAUNCHES "Kile’s World Foundation" In MEMORY Of Kile Glover, With Sharlinda Parker, Brie Rowe & More

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Tameka Raymond, the ex-wife of "The Voice" judge Usher, launched Kile's World Foundation over the weekend in memory of her 12-year-old son Kile Glover.  Find out about the foundation inside....

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Over the weekend, Tameka Raymond (shown atop with sons Darren, Ryan & Naviyd Eli) honored the 12th birthday of her son, the late Kile Glover, with the launch of Kile's World Foundation at the Woodruff Arts Center.

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Shortly after Kile's passing (following a jet ski accident in 2012), Tameka announced the goals of the foundation tweeting, "Our goal is to increase water safety- thru implementing laws, policies & education. Kiles passing will not be in vain, we will see to this.”

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Tameka clutched little Naviyd as he listened to Kile's voice playing on some videos being shown during the event.

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Tameka's sons with Usher (Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond) were in attendance to honor the memory of their big brother.

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"Big Rich Atlanta" stars Sharlinda Parker and Brie Rowe and Bow Wow's mom Teresa Caldwell came out to support Tameka.

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She shared that Kile’s World Foundation will "offer art- based camps with multiple workshops including general instruction in the areas of acting, singing, dance, painting, illustration, music production and digital media." Also, Tameka says Kile’s World Foundation is poised to eventually open a magnet school with an emphasis on music and the arts.

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And Tameka had the room decorated with artwork created by Kile before his death.  

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Tameka has truly created a wonderful foundation to honor her son.  


Photos via Prince Williams/ATLpics.Net




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frftnynio's picture

Good luck Tameka!!! RIP Kile.

Good luck Tameka!!! RIP Kile.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

There goes Quad ~ another

There goes Quad ~ another housewife standout. Luv her ~ Watched that Married to Medicine ~ and had to find out who is that sassy pepper mouth.
GetUrLife's picture

I bet only Tameka can give

I bet only Tameka can give Usher a son that looks just like Usher’s Mother…Cute kids, Tameka!
rebellious soul's picture

Beautiful. I support this.

Beautiful. I support this. On another note, Tyler Perry's "Temptations" was AMAZING! Everyone was great in their roles, Kim really impressed me with her acting chops, Teyler is truly gifted and I'm going to see this movie again! Love it!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

kudos tameka!!! i, like many,

kudos tameka!!! i, like many, initially thought that she was going to turn her attention toward water safety and other polices. understandably, with prayer and direction, goals change. she is simply honoring her son, and i hope that she will be able to heal through this. i pray her and her family well. they all look great! God bless you, Tameka.
ooooimTELLIN's picture

Jesus wants to make a

Jesus wants to make a statement: Jesus apologizes.....that was probably wrong and "BIRDFOOD" is right...everything is not funny............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Such a wonderful event! This

Such a wonderful event! This was a launch party for Kile's foundation and they also celebrated his birthday. He would have been 12 on March 29th. Please continue to keep this family and all families that have lost a child in your thoughts and prayers. It is a difficult adjustment.
lpurifoy73's picture

Listen Jesus you are not

Listen Jesus you are not exempt from this happening to you or the person you love the most. Don't be a di#k head.
TeaNicole's picture

This woman has some handsome

This woman has some handsome sons. Tameka still looks sad, her heart is still grieving.
TeaNicole's picture

She's doing a great job

She's doing a great job keeping his memory alive..OAN: The two kids she shares with Usher are soooo cute!
SlayGirl's picture

What does water safety have

What does water safety have to do with an arts program and magnet school, shouldn't she be lobbying congress and going to theme parks and lakes to enact better water safety measures? ijs.
Nv's picture

I live in Georgia and she

I live in Georgia and she actually had a law established for her son. You may want to Google about this, I think her turning her tragedy into a way to help other kids, is a great way to honor her son. A school is a huge battle to tackle, I hope she gets the support and makes it happen! Kudos to her.
Birdfood's picture

My comment wasn't to be

My comment wasn't to be malicious, I just simply stated confusion on the message and goals of the charity. I think foundations are great and I have donated to her other foundation (The Lost Ones Foundation) before when she was doing things for young girls but I think it's important to stay on message to make an impact. -I am in no way condemning her for doing a foundation that honors her child or the use of his art work.
Nv's picture

this comment is disgusting.

this comment is disgusting. what are you doing in your life to give and help others? this is for her son who loved art. his painting are on the walls and his family is there to show how much they love him. does someone love you enough to do something for you if you died tragically or naturally? check yourself.
peaceofmind's picture

Yeah....lets make new laws &

Yeah....lets make new laws & policies every time theres an accident. Maybe if she was actually there watching him (being a MOTHER!!!!!) this would never have happened
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I don't agree here, his

I don't agree here, his father was there, he was with other adults, he was not misbehaving, this accident was the fault of an adult who should have been aware of his surroundings and now he has been charged.
Nv's picture

what is wrong with you

what is wrong with you people? this cold and callous comment must be from someone with no children. i swear, there is sickness that these blog sites fuel and it is killing us as black people. some of you have a hole in your souls so dark and deep that only the MOST HIGH can fill. no mother can watch her children all the time, especially a 12-year old. this tragedy could have happened if she was right there on the boat. judge not, unless you are ready to be judged.
peaceofmind's picture

Jesus has no bad kids & is a

Jesus has no bad kids & is a virgin. Anywho...she was on a Private Jet sipping champagne while her kid was drowning (she cuts hair @ Great Clips. ...whats she doing on a Private Plane anyway???????)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You call yourself Jesus???

You call yourself Jesus??? But sound like a jackass, her son was with his father when the accident happened, she had to fly to him on a plane. Can you read? Emergency flight to her son. You should read more before making a comment on something so serious. Everything isnt funny Jackass H. Cornball. Its Easter dont ou have something better to do, than be critical?
Birdfood's picture

U right BirdFood....see my

U right BirdFood....see my statement above. Its for U and the masses
Jesus H. Christ's picture

LisaRaeSubconcious is that

LisaRaeSubconcious is that you? Are you now posing as this Jesus H. Christ? Well you're not funny. Just stop already. Especially on a post about a family who has tragically lost a child. Regardless of how you feel about the mother, have a heart. None of us are exempt from losing a loved one. Think about it.
Burself's picture

Jesus would like to apologize

Jesus would like to apologize on behalf of LisaRaye's Subconsciousness®© (she ain't right)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Tameka seems all kinds of

Tameka seems all kinds of shady. I would rather donate in her late sons name to another REPUTABLE charity. RIP Kile.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

This is a beautiful tribute

This is a beautiful tribute to her beautiful angel. May God Bless Tameka, her family and this foundation.
Burself's picture

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