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SPOTTED: Rihanna SHOPPING At Wal-Mart + Chris Brown REVEALS "Put It Up" TRACK With RiRi, HINTS At POSSIBLE "DUET" Album!

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Rihanna showed that she's just like us regular folk as she shopped at one of America's most famous discount department stores yesterday. Find out where she went inside and see what Chris Brown had to say about their possible duet album inside....


ATTENTION Wal-Mart shoppers....you really did see Rihanna in the ladies department!  Shoppers at a Wal-Mart in Kamloops, B.C. were shocked and stunned to see millionaire pop star Rihanna shopping at their store on Sunday.

Riri, whose "Diamonds" tour rolls into Vancouver’s Rogers Arena tonight, spent most of her time in the ladies department while at the store. Shoppers called into a local radio station to report that she also purchased a soft drink and donated to McHappy Day.

We know Rihanna puts one foot in front of the other like the rest of us, but it's refreshing to know that with all her money, she can still appreciate Wal-Mart's rollback savings.

In other Rihanna news.....

Chris Brown has spent the better part of the day speaking about Rihanna while promoting his "Fine China" single and upcoming X album.  This morning, he spoke to Matt Lauer on the "TODAY" show where he confirmed that he and Rihanna are still a couple and he would never hurt her again.

Later, at MTV, he spoke about their latest duet, "Put It Up" which will appear on X.  He said, 

"I wrote a song, it's called 'Put It Up.' It's more of an R&B record. I wanted to do an R&B record with Rihanna because I didn't want it to be the same four-on-the-floor, pop. At the end of the day, that's what they expect from us, so I wanted to do more of a record that nobody really heard her sing on as far as that genre."

He also commented on her work ethic saying, 

With her work ethic...she's just as liberal and vibrant. She goes in the studio and it's easy for her, like it's nothing....I remember she was doing her album and I was at the crib one day, and she was just recording in the house ... and she was just sitting there, the TV was going — [the sound] was off — but she was sitting there with the headphones, singing, the top of her lungs, killing the song. I was like, 'Woah, she do it just like me. That's effortless.' "

There's also a possible duet album between the "Birthday Cake", "Nobody's Business" singers.  "[That] might be crazy," Chris laughed. "You gotta wait though. X and then you get the Rihanna and Chris Brown album!"

On a possible Rihanna duet album:

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On his musical chemistry with Rihanna:

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Theres no Wal-Mart in Bk, but

Theres no Wal-Mart in Bk, but if i saw Rih in Target, Lawdd lol And I just love her and Chris together! Glad that they are going strong. Cant wait to hear the new song, and I would love to hear an album with both of them. 2 Sexy ppl, go 'head ya'll..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

I love Rianna and Chris

I love Rianna and Chris together! I hope they make it this time. Do You Want A Program To Believe In? This Simple System Just Plain Works! No Hype, Just The Truth. CASH PAID DAILY!!! http://tinyurl.com/ctzvtck
Shannon Rae Johnson's picture

You negative ninnies are

You negative ninnies are killing me. What has either of these two done to you personally? Wow...just wow.
MrsCPA's picture

For your name to imply that

For your name to imply that you have an advanced degree, you are terribly simple. Most of the comments are in regards to what these two offer to us, their singing abilities, or lack thereof. So, we have every right to judge what has been presented to us. Bottom line, your opinion is they're talented. My opinion is, both sound terrible in the studio and out of the studio. You see how easy that was? Once you cross the egocentricity in your slowly progressed mind you will be able to realize we all have varying opinions, and each opinion is important to that person. Have a sip of coffee, honey. You are done!
marylou's picture

Well, I sure do appreciate

Well, I sure do appreciate that invite to coffee, ninnie. Did that shoe happen to fit perfectly as your response would suggest? I understand people have opinions, just as I do, but there are some people who choose to be negative, regardless of the post. Would that be you as well? Also, to highlight your misconception, I didn't speak one way or another about their talent or lack thereof. So, are you a mind reader? Now, you, my dear have a biscuit and I'll even slide my cup of coffee to you to wash it down.
MrsCPA's picture

She knew that this was gonna

She knew that this was gonna be breaking news to some people. This is the first and last time, that she'll be spotted in Walmart, so she needs to stop the BS...... and did Chris just say " She goes in the studio and it's easy for her, like it's nothing"?.......that's because it is nothing. How much effort does it take, to sound like a cat caught in a chimney? I know you probably drunk off the puss, but BOY STOP!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

"Whoa she do it just like

"Whoa she do it just like me"....I don't know if he realized both are terrible singers or not.
marylou's picture

I guess he spoke the truth

I guess he spoke the truth then. LOL. And when he said she was "singing at the top of her lungs", I literally laughed at the imagery.
CheyPie's picture

Gotta love the Realness

Gotta love the Realness though........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

yeah whatever. anything to

yeah whatever. anything to get in the news.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

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