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TEMPERS FLARE: Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez INVOLVED In Airport SCUFFLE, Olivier ALLEGEDLY Kicks A Photographer (VIDEO)

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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez returned from a peaceful vacation in Hawaii only to find themselves on the receiving end of some aggressive photographers at LAX.  See video of Olivier and Halle lashing out at the paps inside.... 

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After a few relaxing days on the beach in Hawaii, Halle Berry returned to Hollywood and the prison of her celebrity, along with fiance Olivier Martinez and daughter Nahla, as they were confronted by a swarm of aggressive paparazzi at LAX last night.  Little Nahla was forced to shield her eyes from the ton of lightbulbs that swarmed the family as they descended from the escalators. 

In the new video posted by TMZ, Halle is seen screaming, "Get away, there's a child" as they were barraged by the paparazzi while trying to enter their SUV.  This ignited scuffle between Olivier and one photographer, whom he allegedly kicked in the leg and wrist.  

The new video shows that the photographer followed Olivier (who was holding Nahla at the time) to the family's SUV and grabbed him by the arm and asked why he kicked him.  The act of aggression by the photographer further enraged Oliver who then put Nahla in the SUV and proceeded to kick the photographer again

After this, Halle grabbed Olivier's arm saying, "Olivier, No! No!" as she pushed him into their SUV and left the scene.  Both airport police and an ambulance were called to the scene, but authorities have yet to release a statement on the incident.

You'll recall that Olivier is not one to be played with as he put a good a--whooping on Nahla's biological father during an altercation between the two last Thanksgiving.

One thing's for sure....he will protect Nahla and Halle at all costs.

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Watch the video here:

It's completely understandable why Halle wanted to move to Paris with Nahla last year.


Photos via Diabolik / Splash News



Sheesh thats pure pandemonium

Sheesh thats pure pandemonium right there. Im sure on a day that you are annoyed/upset/mad about something and this happens, I guarantee that can drive a person crazy Lol Guess u gotta take the good with the bad. As we can see, nothin is perfect in life unfortunately..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Halle and Oliver are Mr. and

Halle and Oliver are Mr. and soon to be Mrs. DRAMA!!! They know when the exit a plane and walk into LAX all cameras are gonna break loose. Why don't they just charter a private jet and have a black out Escalade pick them up? This can be resolved easily...Halle knows what she is doing....trying to get her point over!! She needs years of therapy!!
veefee's picture

Halle Berry attracts all

Halle Berry attracts all kinds of drama; baby daddy fights, papparazzi flare ups, fights with ex husbands. She went into the right field with acting. Boxing promotion would have suited her well too. LOL.
The Real Thing's picture

That's disgusting. I like to

That's disgusting. I like to see candid pics of my fav celebs but not if it takes all that.
Anonymous10's picture

He is just as crazy as she

He is just as crazy as she is....drama.
ThatsAFact's picture

thats sad. how people are

thats sad. how people are obsessed with movie stars. but some of it has to be expected. they need to chill when the babies are involved tho. they dont care
leesh's picture

I wish people would stop

I wish people would stop blaming the paps and start blaming the public for the demand to see these celebs at every turn.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Halle don't need to move to

Halle don't need to move to no damn Paris to get away from the Paps. She chooses to live right in LA where they all are. She could move to a more lowkey spot in the US and be just fine. I remember Whitney Houston had a condo right in Hialeah, FL outside of Miami and I would see her and her dogs walking around with no security just fine. She always gave herself away with sunglasses and a fur in the summertime though ; so Whitney LOL.

these paps are seriously out

these paps are seriously out of control...
PeaceSilas's picture

I don't get the hype around

I don't get the hype around Halle and if they don't want to be famous just move to Timbukto and and stay there.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Awww Nahla clearly doesn't

Awww Nahla clearly doesn't like the attention and I'm sure her mother and her boo being so upset doesn't help.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

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