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ARRESTED! DJ Clue LOCKED UP For Alleged Drug Possession & Ridin' Dirty!

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Damn homie!  DJ Clue is in lock up thanks to a drug & traffic charges.  Catch the breaking news inside...


Power 105 DJ and long time radio personality, DJ Clue, is in some trouble.  While riding around downtown New York around 2AM this morning, Ernesto Shaw (his government) was stopped at a checkpoint on Varick Street.  And when cops checked his ID, they learned he was driving on a license that was suspended 8 whole times.

So, naturally, that led to cops having the right to search his vehicle.  And...of course...three pills wrapped in tin foil were found inside.

NBC New York reports he was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and aggravated unlicensed operator.

Now...why would your 39-year-old well established ass go riding around NYC on a license that was suspended multiple times...when he knows he has illegal drugs in the car?  Either get that ish handled or get a driver.  NY is not the place for that foolery.  Hopefully he handles his situation and gets out of lock up soon.

His show goes on this afternoon....wonder if he'll get to show up for work.  Say no to drugs kids.


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Smh I didnt know that Clue

Smh I didnt know that Clue was 39 Lol Im sure he has enough money to get himself a driver, but Im sure he didnt think that he'd be caught and would rather drive his own ride (which Im sure is prob nice). And since when is it drug trafficking with only 3 pills? They were prob his personal stash of Mollies for the club..But who knows..Good luck, DJ Clue..
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Dummy. Why are you

Dummy. Why are you sabotaging yourself?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

This is a classic example of

This is a classic example of people who reach a certain level in life letting their egos show them the way thinking it can't happen to them....granted everyone makes misktakes but this was pure stupidity on his part...wonder what the pills where??
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He's too old for such

He's too old for such stupidity!
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DJ has no Clue <------Great

DJ has no Clue <------Great News. Never liked his Punk Ass anyway ††
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Dang Clue....Jay is probably

Dang Clue....Jay is probably somewhere shaking his head at you.
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