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Fantasia TELLS Cyber BULLIES, "We All Have Skeletons" + Kevin Hart & Duane Martin CONFIRM Robin Thicke's DEPARTURE From "RHOH"

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Fantasia opened up about being bullied on social media in a new interview for her Side Effects Of You disc.  Find out what she said inside and see Kevin Hart and Duane Martin confirm that Robin Thicke is leaving "RHOH."


During a recent interview with Peter Bailey's NightCap, Fantasia revealed that the detractors and critics on social media really hurt her feelings. She said the bullying needs to stop and fans should focus on the artist's music and not their personal lives. 

"I pray that they bring it back to the music. I pray that they bring it back to focus on the gifts, and not the other stuff.  Everybody's human. Nobody's perfect but the man upstairs.  

We all have flaws.  We all have skeletons in our closets.  Everybody just needs to live.  Because you never know when he shall return or you never know when's your last day.  So just live."

Now y'all leave Fanny alone.  Or something.  Fantasia's upcoming cd, Side Effects Of You, is slated for release on April 23rd.


Watch Fantasia's talk about bullying and social media at (7:37):


In other music news.....

"RHOH" star Kevin Hart broke his silence on Hip Hollywood earlier today and confirmed rumors about Robin Thicke's departure from the show. The funnyman shot down gossip that Robin left the show on bad terms or that he was pissy about how he was portrayed on the show.  Kevin simply said Robin wanted to focus on other things.

Duane Martin also shared his thoughts about Robin's departure by comparing him to Bobby Brown and The Five Heartbeat's Eddie Kane Jr. He joked that singers always leave groups....go solo...then they return. He then broke out into a funny impression of Robin singing, "Nights Like This".




I dont think that the show is

I dont think that the show is that funny, but I still watch. Robin Thicke is a fine man. Reminds me so much of his Dad on that show, forgot the name right now. I really do hope that they did not fall out and are still on good terms..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Robin was my favorite...dang.

Robin was my favorite...dang.
Lola's picture

The internet turns people

The internet turns people into bullies without them realizing it. People think it's ok to share their negative opinions about people's missteps that we all make. None of the people hurling stones at Fantasia is perfect and of course we all know we're not perfect. Our business is just not in the streets like celebs. It's not going to get better. She needs to get used to it and if she puts out good music people will buy. N*ggas that get their music from bootleggers are either broke or cheap as hell. They don't do it because they don't like the artist. They do it because the do like the artist, but don't want to pay and are not smart enough to know that if the label doesn't get a return on their investment the artist will be dropped.
Bird's picture

This show is so hilarious and

This show is so hilarious and Robin is so suave that even that is funny. I'll miss him, but I'm sure the guys will continue to do a great job.
Bird's picture

Ya'll trippin....RHOH is

Ya'll trippin....RHOH is funny as hell!!! And Robin played his role well....him turning into Terry Crews when he gets mad LMAO. I don't think the show will be the same b/c you look forward to how much Robin is going to diss Kevin in each episode and vice versa.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I agree. the whole show is

I agree. the whole show is hilarious. for me its like martin---good, clean fun. I was pleasantly surprised that all of them could pull it off.
shuga's picture

Out of all those Mitches ~

Out of all those Mitches ~ Robin Thicke was the one that made me laugh the most!¡ Kevin is Really not that funny.
GetUrLife's picture

Thank you!!! You get to see

Thank you!!! You get to see that he can actually act.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Aint nobody checkin for this

Aint nobody checkin for this stupid show or her stupid azz so who cares.

Nice look for Fantasia. But

Nice look for Fantasia. But oh the Spam......
JewelryLover's picture

I don't know why but fantasia

I don't know why but fantasia is sexy to me. Alot of brothas and sistas be like "that chick ugly". But she's attractive to me, i don't know if its because i like ethnic looking women with thick features or what. Now about Kevin Hart, not to tear the brotha down, but he never been funny to me, NIGGAS IN THE HOOD/COMMUNITY BE LOVINGGG HIS SHIT. But i never got the appeal, the show RHOH is trash . I don't even watch BET but saw it when i was changing a channel. You can't knock the brotha kevin hart's hustle though he every where.
LetsGetIt's picture

u like her submissive little

u like her submissive little girl voice & her dick sucking mouth/lips
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Couldn't have said it better

Couldn't have said it better myself¡! (Shakes tambourine & does the Harlem shake)
GetUrLife's picture

Robin Thicke should have

Robin Thicke should have never signed up for this garbage in the first place. Glad he's off to better horizons.
wildlife's picture

Really YBF...do something all

Really YBF...do something all this spam!
Username's picture

He did the right thing, the

He did the right thing, the show is not good.
TeaNicole's picture

I just had a brilliant

I just had a brilliant thought. Robin Thicke should re-make Nights Like This.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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RHOH is corny and just blame

RHOH is corny and just blame stupid. The script which is written buy Kevin who is corny, is WACK! I wish Kevin would go. It would be better without him.
sexe757's picture

i think the show is funny!

i think the show is funny! and i can not ait till the second season! sad robin is leaving he cracked me up!
BritJackson's picture

I'm glad Robin left that

I'm glad Robin left that show. It's too silly for any adult to enjoy I wish Kevin was funny but he's not I really don't care for that show. Nick better get away from it before it ruins his image.

^^co-sign on EVERYTHING you

^^co-sign on EVERYTHING you said. I can't with this show. Kevin Hart is NOT funny to me. At all! Being loud, over-acting, and stale jokes does not equal comedy. That's bafoonery.
MsKizzy's picture

Fantasia is right when she

Fantasia is right when she says no one is perfect but Him. HOWEVER, she needs to realize that being a celebrity also carries some responsibility and that, like it or not, she's a role model to our young sisters. So if you don't want us to dwell or comment on your personal life, quit putting it out there. All that stuff she did could have been done in private and we'd have only her music to focus on. I love you Tasia, but real is real! On Robin Thicke; who cares! He was boring and brought nothing to the show anyway. I stopped watching a long tme ago.

† Jesus appreciates your

† Jesus appreciates your continued support †
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Thank you, I am going to get

Thank you, I am going to get me some headphones. She was just scorned. I help a somebody like that now she is doing better than me, It feels good.
In God We trust's picture

I can't hear nothing my

I can't hear nothing my headphones is bwoke. Oh! shoot, I'm talking one year old baby talk.-bwoke lol
In God We trust's picture

She's saying that people need

She's saying that people need to focus on the music and not her personal life...... (squints eyes) but didn't she have a reality show out, about her personal life? smh... Sometimes the media can get out of hand with digging in people personal lives, but some of these celebs, I don't feel sorry for, because they think that they can do and say whatever the hell they want, but then when we say what we want, they wanna cry foul. It's like they're saying....Yeah I steal, I lie, I participate in adulterous activity, (but then wanna right women empowerment songs) I make a video for chubby kids to get healthy, but then turn around and promote COLD POP, I constantly release nude photos, I promote weed, knowing that I got bunch of young impressionable followers, but don't yall say nothing, just buy my music and STFU. (in my Kordell Stewart voice) It doesn't work like thaaat.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I never watched the show

I never watched the show because of that cornball -- Robin Thicke. Maybe I'll give it a chance now that BET doesn't have that average white boy on the show.
Child Please's picture

Fanny, you're in the

Fanny, you're in the entertainment business... a business based on pleasing the public and if the public don't like your get down they don't have to support your music... so those that do like your music will just use piracy to get it... and bash you for your actions being you're a public figure... it's not cyber bullying to state facts and opinions, they're not attacking something out of your control... they're attacking your poor choices... your fault for being in the business... and being down with sleeping with other peoples husbands when your fan base is made up of a lot of scorned women that feel like victims because of actions similar to yours... but all publicity is good publicity right?~~~~ I liked Robin on RHOH... :(

bullIES. smh....starting to

bullIES. smh....starting to think Fantasia is the one posting these headlines. lol! but seriously tho, ppl need to stop pulling the Jesus card when its convenient.
shuga's picture

Jesus has no skeletons.

Jesus has no skeletons. Anywho, I'm glad Robin left. The only other option with that Angry Midget was VIOLENCE. The show will SUCK BALLS now that the token white boy with the beautiful ebony wife is GONE!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

someone get this chick a bra,

someone get this chick a bra, a wig, new make up and hell just a face lift and stylist. Geez Fanny.
lola69's picture

Thats right Fantasia!

Thats right Fantasia!
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