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Magic Johnson GOES OFF On Folks BASHING His Son, Says He'll Support Gay Athletes

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Magic Johnson spoke about the "outing" of his son Earvin Johnson III and how it may impact families struggling with sexuality even encourage some professional athletes to come out of the closet.  Watch Magic offer his support and protection inside....


"I'm a protector.  I'm going to protect my family."  Basketball legend turned mogul Magic Johnson had strong words for folks daring to bash his son EJ, who went public about his sexuality over the weekend in a bold way. 

"It bothers me that they're discriminating against anybody who's gay. I've been in the gay movement for a long time because of HIV and AIDS. I see young men who are black who couldn't come out, who couldn't tell their parents, their neighbors. So now, it's my son."

He continued, 

"This is the year 2013 --- we should stop discriminating against people.  And that's what I'm gonna do with my son. But I'll also support others. This is gonna be good for a lot of black young people."

During a lengthy interview with TMZ, Magic revealed that EJ's public "outing" had been in the works for a while.  "I think he really wanted to be out. But he was torn. ... He just didn't know how." Magic says recently EJ made the decision (with the full support of his family) to step out, 'This is my moment. This is my time. I'm happy to share with the world who I am.'

Since it happened, the family has grown stronger and EJ has been a lot happier.  "This is a good moment for us as a family, and a greater moment for him. Now he's just the bubbly kid we knew again. ... I'm behind him a million percent. This is really wonderful for him."

Magic also expressed to EJ how his decision might contribute to equality and understanding in a much larger way. He told "This is going to be bigger than you. We're not going to see it now. But you are going to have an impact."

Magic hope other families will follow his lead and talk openly with there children.  He revealed they had their first talk when EJ was 12.

 "We've known for a long time that my son EJ was gay," We finally had to sit down and talk about it. I told him, 'Look, I'm gonna love you regardless, just let me know. Are you, or aren't you?' And finally he said, 'Yes, I am.'"

Now, Magic hopes that this might create a road for acceptance and understanding in professional sports.  As owner of the LA Dodgers, he spoke about the possibility of one of his player being gay saying, "You really have to support that person, and help educate the public. If a play ever wants to talk to me about life or coming out, my doors are open."  He added that he'd protect them in any way he could.

"It's unfortunate that we have to go through some of this negative stuff," he continued. "But it's not gonna change me, it's not gonna change my son and the way I love him. If people can't understand it, that's on them."


Towards the end of the interview, Magic revealed that he's had a few conversations with professional athletes about being gay or HIV positive (wonder if he'll ever spill that info), but those individuals don't have the courage to speak openly or publicly for fear of backlash.  Do you think EJ coming out in such a bold way will give others the courage to walk in their truth?


Watch Magic discuss talking about sexuality with EJ's at age 12:


And watch Magic offer support to professional athletes who are in the closet:






I'm glad his family is

I'm glad his family is supportive because I really hate to see people depressed and suicidal because of the lack of love and support....gay or straight.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

regular folks in many

regular folks in many instances cannot come "out" because of legitimate fears: possible loss of employment, discrimination and being disowned by their families. earvin johnson III had absolutely NOTHING to lose by coming "out." he has a famous father and heir to a half of a BILLION dollar fortune. this young man will never ever have to get a job or work in the real world if he so chooses. so yeah...magic's speech is unrealistic at best.
wildlife's picture

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bettyhelen85's picture

Kudos Magic!! I personally

Kudos Magic!! I personally don't agree with homosexuality, but PEOPLE are PEOPLE no matter what their preferences are!! Its not for me to judge, and not for YOU either!! You do the judging and just WATCH how you become judged..... You probably won't like it!!
dunkin57's picture

Ok ok stop throwing it in our

Ok ok stop throwing it in our face. Your son wears dresses...nextttt
cutethatsall56's picture

A professional athlete will

A professional athlete will never admit that he's gay. Maybe after he retires, but definitely not while he's still getting paid.
CheyPie's picture

People need to take care of

People need to take care of their own house and business before throwing stones at anybody else. In other words, People need to STFU!!!!
BigJohn's picture

He has NO CHOICE now b/c his

He has NO CHOICE now b/c his SON is flaming GAY!!!!!! Jesus likes gay guys....they suck cock well......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I hope Every1 gets a chance

I hope Every1 gets a chance to live their truth. EJ is VERY fortunate to have a strong support system.
GetUrLife's picture

its just so sad to me that

its just so sad to me that some ppl are so comfortable with being so ignorant and hateful. religion really got ppl fucked up in the head.
shuga's picture

Honestly I don't think it's

Honestly I don't think it's always about religion. I know plenty of people who are not religious at all who are uncomfortable with homosexuality. I have to admit that even though I know gay people and would never discriminate against anyone, I doubt I'll ever be completely comfortable seeing two men or two women kissing on each other or holding hands in a non-platonic way. It doesn't seem natural to me, but I don't consider myself ignorant or hateful.
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