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Sources close to Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez says the couple are expecting their first child together and they already know if it's a girl or a boy!. Get the deets inside...


46-year-old Halle Berry and her 47-year-old fiance Olivier Martinez are pregnant, according to sources close to the couple.  TMZ reports that Halle is 3 months into her pregnancy and the couple are expecting a baby boy!

You'll recall that the couple recently returned from vacation in Hawaii and got into a nasty scuffle with the paparazzi at LAX.  Now we know why Olivier was so protective over Nahla (age 5) and his expectant fiancee!  

So far, there hasn't been an official confirmation from either Halle or Olivier's representatives.


Halle Berry's rep recently confirmed the good news to PEOPLE, 

“I can confirm that Halle and Olivier are expecting a child. Halle is feeling great. It’s a very exciting time. This happened naturally — everyone is really happy. She always talks about being a mom and she definitely wanted this for a long time."

Congrats to the couple!




46 & Pregnant? Sounds like a

46 & Pregnant? Sounds like a reality show for Lifetime. Seriously, she needs to have a seat because she is without a question, going to have a high risk pregnancy.
Child Please's picture

Congrats to Halle & Olivier,

Congrats to Halle & Olivier, but I Really knew she was Black when her new man beat her baby daddy's a$$ ~ drama Always seems to follow this beautiful woman.
GetUrLife's picture

Congrats to Halle and Oliver.

Congrats to Halle and Oliver. I know Gabriel is mad as hell.. Jerk!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Sigh, another sister with

Sigh, another sister with more than one baby daddy.......
sianna1's picture

Nahla needs a

Nahla needs a sibling....maybe she'll focus on the baby now & stop having hissy fits over the paparazzi........
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PinkyDaGoddess's picture

oh really? I'm queued for

oh really? I'm queued for moderation YBF? O_o truth is truth

OK...Tracee's eye is killing

OK...Tracee's eye is killing me!
And There Ya Go's picture

im certainly happy for them.

im certainly happy for them. olivier seems like he's full of drama too tho so im not surprised. i wish them the best (no shade)
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Congrats to them both :)

Congrats to them both :)
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You are correct, but she

You are correct, but she appears to be further along in her pregnancy. And if she had an amnio she could tell the sex at 10 weeks pregnant (which she is more inclined to have had as she is 35+ years old).
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How do they know the sex of

How do they know the sex of the baby at 3 mos? Most doctors say you can't tell until you are about 16 to 20 weeks along...did they craft this baby in a lab?
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Congrats Halle and Oliver

Congrats Halle and Oliver what a sweet blessing.
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Congratulations. They are

Congratulations. They are going to make a pretty baby (if this is true).
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46 and Pregnant?!!!!!! SMH, I

46 and Pregnant?!!!!!! SMH, I wish them the best.
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