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Ray-J Reminds Kanye (In A Song) He Smashed Kim K. First (Lyrics) + Cassie's "Paradise" Video Trailer

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Oh Ray-J.  This dude is still reminding the world what he gave us.  Nope, not an STD.  But Kim K. Superstar.  Check out lyrics and the cover of Ray's new track "I Hit It First" inside, plus Cassie's new "Paradise" trailer...

Looks like Brandy's brother is up to his old tricks again.  He revealed that he's releasing a new song called "I Hit It First."  It hits iTunes April 9th.  And yes, it's his ode to Kanye West about who smashed his baby moms first and made her famous.

Ray dropped the single's cover art Friday, which is a pic of Kim K. on a beach back in 2008, all blurred out.  And after folks called Ray lame for pulling a thirty move...especially because we ALL know Ray-J wasn't really her first, he tweeted this:

"Lol have some fun! It's not that serious!! #LIVE!!"

Now, a few lyrics have leaked via TMZ.  And Ray apparently felt the need to act like it's a privilege to have smashed Kim K. on camera, making her famous:

She might move on to rappers and ballplayers
But we all know I hit it first.

I had her head going North and her ass going South
But now baby chose to go West

No matter where she goes or who she knows
She still belongs in my bed.

Note to Ray--you were far from the first boo.  But if it helps you sleep at night...

Meanwhile, Ray is the new host of the upcoming season of "Bad Girls Club All Stars" airing on Oxygen this May.  His list of "accomplishments" grow.



Cassie's still trying y'all.  The model babe dropped the trailer for her upcoming video for "Paradise" ft. Wiz Khalifa.  Lots of her celeb friends make cameos for the fun L.A. vid showing a side of Cassie where she's simply chilliln' with her crew.

This will be the second video off her next mixtape of RockaByeBaby, which is set for a 4/11 release.  Check out the trailer for the upcoming vid above. 




Fuck. This useless bitch ray

Fuck. This useless bitch ray j music is bomb
realwoman's picture

Kanye's response to Ray J:

Kanye's response to Ray J: Tell me when he hit that $100 million mark because I did that first. #played

If Kim goes West to far. She

If Kim goes West to far. She might hit Asia.
youbigfruit's picture

What's the big deal? Unless

What's the big deal? Unless you're a virgin or still with your first, somebody hit it before you. Ray-J is a bytch.
Username's picture


realwoman's picture

I be cracking up at all you

I be cracking up at all you Kim defenders. All Ray is simply saying is she became famous for sucking his d*** ; at least he deserves to make a song about it. Kim K is a high profiled hoe who sucked her way to fame lets face it. I like her but that's what it is!
BootyLICIOUSboo's picture

Ray J stop trying to be

Ray J stop trying to be relevant. He's mad because that tape put Kim on the map while he was left him with that lame attempt at a career. Just stick to being Brandy's little brother.
bellastar's picture


realwoman's picture

Really Ray J... Get yo life

Really Ray J... Get yo life
MsPisME's picture

Really Ray J? How sad..

Really Ray J? How sad..

MY NAME IS daron I was hired

MY NAME IS daron I was hired by Kim's publicist but I secretly love Ray J and she told me Ray J dick is bigger then Kane, shhhh don't tell nobody its are little secret
realwoman's picture

i love how Kim publicist

i love how Kim publicist stroll the internet.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

Shouldn't the lyric be "head

Shouldn't the lyric be "head going South, ass to the North" like the "ass up face down" comparison? Not to mention she gave head to his South IJS.
Peace Silas's picture

i also caught the error. the

i also caught the error. the lyrics were transposed in the sentence. apparently ray j didn't give a shit and just released the song "as is."
wildlife's picture

Phuck Ray J......on another

Phuck Ray J......on another note I am so starved for GOOD music. I just want a good entertainment journalist to ask Diddy why Cassie???? We know she can't sing. She is not even on Ashanti or Ciara level of faking it. I just don't get how Diddy went from Faith to Cassie. Is it that hard to find a slim lightskin girl that can sing???? Diddy is the richest mogul in da game so I know he could get the draws without signing her NONtalented ass! The producers of today could care less about the reputation as an artist. U have Dream doing music with Kim Kardashian & others wasting music & time on reality show freaks. People can say whatever they want about Quincy Jones. All his wives & lovers were white but when it came to producing music if you were in the studio with Q, you were more than talented.
Somerknight's picture

you want good music go get

you want good music go get Ray J's new song
realwoman's picture

Wow Ray J...just wow.

Wow Ray J...just wow.
C2C's picture

Honestly I’m not a fan of Kim

Honestly I’m not a fan of Kim nor her family. But to continue to go through her past is unnecessary, rude, and childish. If for so God awful reason this big talentless kid thinks he smashed first he has to be as sharp as a bag of wet hair. I could understand if he took this girls virginity rather it be anal, vaginal or orally. But he didn’t and he thinks he made a statement by being the 125,452,589,001 to hit that. My dude get some standards and stop thinking you’re better than Kanye. You are the past boo, get over it. You didn’t put her on the map. Matter of fact she might have put YOU on the map. No one was checking for you before that tape. Which of course got you the VH1 shows with KIM wannabe’s. I am a big fan of your sister, who’s doing a great job on “The Game” that airs on BET on Tuesday nights at 10pm Eastern time lol.
kimaras31's picture

How Juvenile...these ignorant

How Juvenile...these ignorant Black fools...if anything Kim K gets to sit back and witness Black men salivating over her...she got them, they didn't get her...who is still talking about who?
Reign's picture

Ray-J for President! Fuck

Ray-J for President! Fuck Kanye!

Yeah Ray you hit it first,

Yeah Ray you hit it first, and now she a much bigger celebrity than you LOSER.
Synsation's picture

This guy is nothing like his

This guy is nothing like his sister. what a total prick.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

He shouldnt be proud of

He shouldnt be proud of helping put that plastic, useless bitch on the map. He obviously doesnt have much going on, career wise.
sianna1's picture

Umm.....how old is Raymond???

Umm.....how old is Raymond??? Thats something 18 year old kids worry about........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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