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SHOTS FIRED: Kordell Stewart Claims Porsha NEGLECTS His SON & Parties Too Much, Porsha Says He Brought Another Woman Home!

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The first shots were fired in the public divorce drama between Kordell and Porsha Stewart with all types of "foul" activity from child neglect and excessive partying to possible infidelity.  Get the deets on the new court filings inside...


Retired NFL-star Kordell Stewart looks like he's ready to tackle soon-to-be ex-wife Porsha Stewart with a set of eye-brow raising allegations that dispel Porsha's "happy housewife" image.

After Porsha threw the first flag on the field, filing documents that Kordell had been locking her out of their marital home AND bringing another women into it, Kordell fired back with his own set of allegations, according to TMZ.

In his documents, Kordell said he only locked up the home for safety reasons and that Porsha stays away for days at a time and sometimes comes home smelling like alcohol.  Not Pastor Porsha!

He goes on to say that Porsha's partying is one of the reasons she's been neglecting his son!  And about that other woman....he claims she's the nanny. SMH.  Now, he wants the judge to deny Porsha any temporary spousal support, claiming she's a "celebrity" who makes her own money!

Hmm.....we'd like to know how Kordell (who's retired) spends his time and why he can't take care of his own child?  And it's very possible that Porsha is gone for days at a time because she's traveling to host parties (like MOST reality tv stars).  If she's not allowed to travel, how is she supposed to make all the money he claims she's raking in?

It looks like this one will be nasty.  It's no wonder that Andy Cohen and BRAVO welcomed Porsha back with open arms.  This may be one of reality tv's nastiest divorces to date. 

Are you TEAM Porsha or TEAM Kordell?




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Kordell is nothing more than

Kordell is nothing more than a A**Hole, Now I can see why he doesn't want Porshua to have a nanny, to keep her in the house under lock and key. Why can't she have both, she needs to stand up for herself and open her mouth, never let any man control you.
blackgirl60's picture

Team Porscha... How the f*&$

Team Porscha... How the f*&$ she supposed to make money if she can't travel... and fool since ur retired, take care of your own son! He is going to lose this one #retard. There is a way he could have amicably dealt with his desire to divorce... she always put his ugly behind on a pedestal and this is the way he repays her... #asshole.

Kordell is a twit. So she

Kordell is a twit. So she can't have a nanny for their baby, but he can hire one for his son? Such a hypocrit. If she goes back to his triflin ass......girl, please don't.
JewelryLover's picture

Team Porsha. He's full of

Team Porsha. He's full of sh*t. Not a fan of ANY man who says you have to choose between your career and a child. It's 2013. It may be hard ~ but it's been done many times over. Apparently a career and a child is too much for his b*tch a$$ since now he's backtracked and hired himself a nanny. Country bumpkin.
GetUrLife's picture

I call BS on the nanny. When

I call BS on the nanny. When a woman says her man brought another woman home, she's referring to a stranger....not the freakin nanny!!! And whether he locked the house up or not, why didn't she have a key? Sounds like he had complete control of the household and she's a dummy for going along with it.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

WOW so no Nanny for Porsha

WOW so no Nanny for Porsha but it's ok for him? SMH
msdominance's picture

that nanny comment is going

that nanny comment is going to get spongebob kordell in trouble. keep running your mouth dude...porsha will just subpoena the bravo tapes and take all of your hard earned $$$.
wildlife's picture

So kordell didn't want Porsha

So kordell didn't want Porsha to have a nanny but its ok for him to have one for his son?? Bullcrap that wasn't no damn nanny... It's onething to be divorcing but until things are finalized or at least a separation order is in place neither person should be locking the other out and bringing dates into the home. He is just being coldhearted and dirty. For the time, she's still ur wife have some respect. I can't imagine what she did or if she even did anything to make him treat her so cruel. But I hope she stays strong in this and doesn't allow him to take her out of character and hav public disputes or exchange nasty words. She should let him act like an idiot and embarrass hmslf. She is better off and may not see it now but this is the best thing that can happen for her. Any man who can do this to his wife is not worth being with. She is young & beatiful & can move on easily... She can find a much better man....
JSalsa's picture

I totally agree with you. He

I totally agree with you. He will reap all he has sewn. I truly wish her all the best he world is probably so shaken right now.
msdominance's picture

I taught he said on the show

I taught he said on the show he didn't want her to have a nanny..so how all of a sudden there is a nanny...
Sweetlips7's picture

I believe she throws some

I believe she throws some shade on his son, she is the one who was quoted in an interview saying "Syre is not a part of her story" and she never even acknowledges Kordell has a son in public or on the show unless somebody asks her. Kordell is a bit of a jerk but he does love his son immensely. I think she played the role like she'd be there for him and his son but rapidly switching up and making public comments dismissing the fact that he even has another child other than the one's she was trying to have probably added to the dismay in this relationship.
Nv's picture

NeNe Leakes was on the View a

NeNe Leakes was on the View a few months back and made a very good point. With the majority of the housewives casts, when the shows started, the man was the one with the money so therefore he had all the control. Then overnight these women go from having nothing to making 250k a year without even trying. It's easy to control someone who ain't got S*** because they are not going to return to poverty. But the game changes when I can buy my own big house, Chanel bags and 90k Benz.
Lisa's picture

Smart comment

Smart comment
The ZuluKing's picture

I'm not "#teamkordell" but I

I'm not "#teamkordell" but I do think some of ya'll need to check yourselves. It seems to me that she agreed and wanted to play the role of the happy housewife. If he married her thinking they were going to have a "traditional" marriage, he's within his rights to be over it if she's neglecting the responsibilities they BOTH agreed upon. Would I have agreed to play the dutiful housewife? No. But if I HAD and then shirked the responsibilities I had agreed upon with my husband, it's not unreasonable for him to take a step back. Additionally I hope this is not the way that some of you look at stepchildren -- that's HIS child, why would he expect her to take care of HIS kid? Ummm..when you get married doesn't that child become yours?
Girl's picture

I agree with accepting your

I agree with accepting your husband's child as your own, I just didn't like the way he and many single parents made that statment. A child's birth certificate will tell you who is legally responsible for caring for that child.
Lisa's picture

Lol we replied to each other

Lol we replied to each other at the same time. The time it said I replied is off. Twinsies! haha
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Haha glad to see that someone

Haha glad to see that someone else is trying to think objectively! :-D
Girl's picture

Well Said!

Well Said!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I'm team NEITHER! They're

I'm team NEITHER! They're both two deserving assholes! I'm torn. Part of me wants Porsha to get everything and to rub it in Kordell's old fashion controlling gargoyle pig butt ass face. Another part of me wants her high and mighty "my life is so much better than yours and calling folks irrelevant when she has done NOTHING" ignorant ass to get ABSOLUTELY NADA!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


Girl's picture

sad..you want her to give up

sad..you want her to give up her career and take care of his son? WHere is the mother of the child? Boy please
Marniece's picture

he's the one that needs to

he's the one that needs to grow up take care of your own child are send him back to his own damn mother that's your father and son time bitch!!!
jenn2006's picture

Kordell need to quit it. It

Kordell need to quit it. It is on film that he told Porsha that she did not need need a nanny so he knows darn well he didn't bring a nanny home. Also, that is his son, so she is not responsible to sit around and watch him while he frolicks. How can he say the woman parties when he had a chain around her neck even in front of millions on RHOA? If she was going to events/parties I'm sure they were related to RHOA-Bravo because his mean a** was not having it. He is a massive control freak and an **hole. Anyone that will blind side you with a divorce in front of the world, will say anything.
JJFad's picture

Honesty Porsha was two years

Honesty Porsha was two years in, no kids and no real ties to this horrible controlling troll. She can make a name for herself and she can be the bigger person give him two fingers and keep it moving. All this is truly unnecessary and not worth it. This happening now maybe a blessing in disguise. Yes a marriage has been broken and she is hurt, embarrassed and confused on why her marriage and life has come to this shambles. But she should just move on, not fight it and just be open to accepting the new chapter in her life.
Hiswife32's picture

Wow, this site is ground zero

Wow, this site is ground zero for SPAMMERS, yet I get queued for moderation/approval, SMH.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I know, right?!

I know, right?!
C2C's picture

NEVER!!!!!!! have a kid with

NEVER!!!!!!! have a kid with a bitch named after a car!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

She always has sweat stains

She always has sweat stains about the armpits.
allnatural's picture


C2C's picture

Kordells biatch a$$ ways are

Kordells biatch a$$ ways are coming out big time.
TeaNicole's picture

This is going to be one ugly

This is going to be one ugly ass divorce over a simple 2yr marriage. Sound like both of them need to grow the phuck up & utilize lawyers instead of PR agents. This is a perfect example of they BOTH prepared for the big OVER THE TOP wedding but not life together. Porshia does not act 31 was not ready to marry. Kordell should have ordered his bride overseas from a catalog cause he does not want an equal thinker.
Somerknight's picture

BTW.....Coming home smelling

BTW.....Coming home smelling like alcohol vs coming home smelling like rectum......NOPE, doesn't compare.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LoL... Ikr Porsha shud be

LoL... Ikr Porsha shud be elated to be rid of that fudge packin' egomaniac!
Like Really's picture

Didn't he act a fool on

Didn't he act a fool on Porsha when she mentioned being able to have a career and child and utilizing a nanny? Kordell needs to have a seat.
SassyFace11's picture

What a fugly bastard! Why

What a fugly bastard! Why should she take care of HIS SON? *blank stare* He has the balls of an elephant if he believes that Porsha is responsible for anything that his son does. And since WHEN did he hire a nanny considering he dismissed the fact that she wanted one all season? This is a bunch of BS! Its cheaper to keep her. He has no right to deny her spousal support when he KNEW that they had agreed on NOT signing a prenuptial agreement. He can suck his own dick. How about THAT!
Kiaadestini's picture

This fits all in the line of

This fits all in the line of Kordell being an asshole-selfish person!! Porsha should have fired back to the courts that she feels her sexual health is on the line with all the so call rumors and the factual ATL police report of him being arrested in McCreary Park getting a blow job from another man - I mean if shots are going to be fired go for the gut....
lifeisgood's picture

Guess they're going down the

Guess they're going down the Nene and greg path...only nastier.
Classic87's picture

eally Kordell,u file for

eally Kordell,u file for divorce and want her to stay home and take care of a child that isn't has?dude u def got extra balls,what should she do?stay home and cry?she's heart broken and maybe the partying helps her deal with your selfish ass.Take several seats in the mud somewhere in a 3rd world country and drown in it.
Allbeautythings0's picture

Take care of your own son,

Take care of your own son, you UGLY BASTARD!!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


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