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T-Boz, Chilli, Lil Mama & More At "The TLC Story" WRAP PARTY

 photo DSC_5315_zps8f685008.jpg

And that's a WRAP!  KeKe Palmer, Lil Mama & Drew Sidora have officially finished filming the "Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story" biopic airing on VH1 soon.  And the cast and TLC themselves partied it up in ATL to celebrate.  Pics inside...

At a private party at Luxe Lounge in Atlanta last night, co-stars Lil Mama and Drew Sidora celebrated with T-Boz and Chilli (who served as consultants on the project).

KeKe Palmer (who's playing Chilli) had to leave ATL for another project wasn't able to attend.

 photo DSC_5290_zps5fa45f51.jpg  photo DSC_5306_zps1cd302c2.jpg  

But the original members were in attendance and received a big gift...a custom painting by renowned artist and photographer Neal Hamilton.

 photo DSC_5265_zps22de010e.jpg

Director of the biopic, Charles Stone III, was there to celebrate with the crew as well as TLC's manager (above) Bill Diggins.

 photo DSC_5255_zps4e38678b.jpg  photo DSC_5258_zps4e933e1b.jpg

Lil Mama's looking pretty good these days.  That blonde color is a lifesaver.

 photo DSC_5261_zps490748e7.jpg  photo DSC_5268_zps00aa6467.jpg

T Boz and Chilli posed it up together.

 photo DSC_5275_zps389dcbca.jpg

AJ Johnson made her way out to celebrate.


 photo DSC_5320_zps02f286b0.jpg photo DSC_5249_zps8b317311.jpg

The gals grabbed some cake decorated with their names on it.

 photo IMG_1366_zps9389adb9.jpg  photo IMG_1367_zps18cb17ee.jpg

And actress Drew Sidora had some fun as well.  The biopic will air on VH1 soon.

Photographer: Paras Griffin/G Paras Photography 


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Allbeautythings0's picture

Lil Mama looks like the Joker

Lil Mama looks like the Joker from batman, T-Boz got on a wig hat and A.J. Johnson got on cremation no. 5 makeup.

Can't Wait too see this

Can't Wait too see this movie....
REd™'s picture

Lil Mama - just..., no as

Lil Mama - just..., no as T-Boz....NO. A thousand times no!!!!!!!

LiL Mama is playing Left Eye

LiL Mama is playing Left Eye Drew Sidora plays T-boz
shemeiah's picture

Lil Mama does look nice. I'm

Lil Mama does look nice. I'm just not ok with her or Keke being casted. As individual artists I think they are both pretty and talented girls tho.
JJFad's picture



amazing photos! wish i was

amazing photos! wish i was there

Dang!!!!!!!!!!!! T-Boz looks

Dang!!!!!!!!!!!! T-Boz looks like she has Lupus or Yellow Fever........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

@Jesus H. ... ~ Real Talk:

@Jesus H. ... ~ Real Talk: T-Box has sickle cell anemia and also survived a brain tumor some years back.
GetUrLife's picture

…be careful, not everyone

…be careful, not everyone likes Jesus...And the Roman Governor will have you nailed to the Cross, for being an imposter.
rebellious soul's picture

U can tell it's going to be

U can tell it's going to be some garbage. They just started filming a few weeks ago. When VH1 did the MC Hammer story it appeared to have been written, cast and filmed in one week
Somerknight's picture

Most movies only take about 2

Most movies only take about 2 months to shoot. They have been shooting this movie for the last two months. It won't be released until October. So they did a lot.

Ummmm...*side eye* that was

Ummmm...*side eye* that was quick, didn't they JUST start filming? How long is the biopic?

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